Fortnite Crown of RVs, Metal Turtle and Submarine; locations

Fortnite Crown of RVs, Metal Turtle, and Submarine locations Where to dance in the Crown of RVs, Metal Turtle, and Submarine in Fortnite. Finding RV crown, metal turtle and

Fortnite Crown of RVs, Metal Turtle and Submarine locations

Where to dance at the Crown of RVs, Metal Turtle, and Submarine locations in Fortnite.

Finding the crown of RVs, Metal Turtles, and Submarines is the goal of one of Fortnite’s many weekly challenges.

Completing it will give you extra XP, which will help you earn many rewards in Season 7. Please note that you must be a Battle Pass owner to take up this challenge.

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Where to dance on the crown of a camper, metal turtle, and submarine in the Fortnite Season 7 Week 1 Challenge & Find these three locations and use an emote – it’s that simple. New season

Stage one: Dance on top of a crown of RV&’s

Screenshot via Epic Games

In the first stage of this challenge, players must dance on the camper’s crown. You need to go up the hill to the south of the area known as Westworld, which is located in the desert area in the southeast corner of the map.

At the top of this hill, you’ll find an assortment of cars and vehicles that look like a crown. Just use the emote in this area to complete the first stage.

There may be a lot of fresh snow on Fortnite Island, but you’ll need to steer well if …

Dance on top of a Metal Turtle and a Submarine

Here is a map of the other two locations that you must visit to complete this challenge:

The Metal Turtle is located on the eastern side of the map, near the Wailing Forest. It is high on the hill so we recommend you to hop on it.

The submarine is deep in the new iceberg biome, right next to the last “S” in Frosty Flights. It’s placed at the top of a mountain, so you’ll definitely want to drop by that peak as well.

Fortnite Season 7 Weekly challenges

There are many challenges to face before the end of Fortnite Season 7, so here’s how to complete them:

Do you need help with the multi-stage challenge “Dancing on top of the camper’s crown”? We’ve got you in sight! The premiere of season 7 brings a number of new challenges

Fortnite is currently in Chapter 2 of Season 8. This is the eighth season of Chapter 2 that began after Chapter 1 of Season 10. While most players refer to this season as “Season 8,” technically, it’s Season 18.

New weapons in Fortnite Season 8

In addition, the Fortnite Crew Pack kicks off a Midas-related story that will span the next three months. This is the same time that Fortnite Season 8 will take place. This means that the new Fortnite season could be tied to a different Midas plan.

We will be informing you about the start of Fortnite Season 9. For more Fortnite, check out each Alien Artifact location in Season 7 and stay tuned for more news and guides.

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