Fortnite Payphones – how to get quests from a payphone

You can accept missions from the pay phone to unlock new challenges

Fortnite Payphones – how to get quests from a payphone

Fortnite payphones

Fortnite payphones offer a different way to accept Fortnite quests, without having to track NPCs offering them personally. If you hear a bell ringing, you’re likely close to one of these orange units, and if you answer a call you’ll connect to several Fortnite characters from which you can choose to complete their questline without seeing them first. From humble beginnings, Fortnite payphones have now appeared all over the island, so we know all the details of where to find them and how to use them to collect new challenges.

As with all new Fortnite Seasons, there are brand new challenges to get stuck in – one of which is “Accept a Pay Phone Job”.

Fortnite: Accept a Quest from a Pay Phone – All Pay Phone Locations

The new season is called “Invasion” for this very reason, as the world of Fortnite is inhabited by alien creatures and alien characters – such as Rick and Morty.

As with all new Fortnite Seasons, there are a host of brand new challenges to get stuck in – one of which is “Accept a Job from a Pay Phone”.

Here’s how to complete this epic mission and find all Pay Phone locations on the map.

Story Trailer For Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7

What is the Quest and Rewards?

This one is simple, players will just have to accept the mission from one of the in-game payphones that are on the map.

This way you will reward players with a nice sum of 30,000 XP!

They came without warning, their intentions unclear. But now it is clear that war has come on the Island.

So, How Do You Accept a Quest from a Pay Phone and What Are All The Pay Phone Locations?

Below you will find an image of the Season 7 map, marked in red all locations where you can accept the vending machine mission and complete the Epic Quest from Rick Sanchez.

Just go to one of the payphones marked on the map, interact with it and complete the task assigned to you.

This epic mission consists of 3 stages, complete all 3 stages to get all the rewards!

There are also many other challenges and quests to complete in the latest season of Fortnite. Check out the link below for the full guide to Season 7’s Legendary Quest.

Your time to download Fortnite Mobile may be limited, but is your phone compatible? Here are all Fortnite compatible Android phones!

Fortnite Android minimum specs

Fortnite minimum spec

Far from the flagship chipset and tons of RAM, Fortnite Mobile for Android has relatively modest requirements. Here are the minimum specs your phone / tablet will need to play Fortnite on Android:

  • Operating system: Android 8.0 Oreo or newer (64-bit)
  • RAM: 4 GB or more
  • GPU: Adreno 530 or above, Mali-G71 MP20, Mali-G72 MP12 or above
  • 3 GB of free memory on board

This guide will show you how to download and install the Android version of Fortnite. Remember that the game has been removed from the Google Play Store, so you won’t find it there.

Another Challenge Week is coming as the Season 8, Week 8 Challenges are available to both Free and Paid Battle Pass holders. One of the paid Fortnite Battle Passes

1. Dynamo

Dynamo is – by far – the most hated skin in Fortnite. If you post a clip while wearing a Dynamo skin, you will surely see that most of your responses consist of something like “Dynamo, possibly.”

We’re not entirely sure why Dynamo has the status of the most hated skin in Fortnite. Perhaps this is because the Dynamo is very sweaty skin that is not that hard to get hold of. Unlike Crystal and Aura, many players find Dynamo just bad skin, and it’s incredibly sweaty.

Regardless of the reason, wearing a Dynamo skin puts a target on your back. If you hit an island in Dynamo you’d better be as good as the skin suggests.

Epic games

Does this list mean you shouldn’t wear these skins in Fortnite? Absolutely not. In fact, many players like to play the role of antagonist in all kinds of games. It might be fun. Wear whatever you want – these are just some of the skins that are currently being targeted by the community. We are sure that will change in the future. Wear what you want and have fun!

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