Fortnite RV Park; Motel Locations: Where the RV Park; Motel Are for Overtime Challenge

Wondering where to find the RV Park and Motel in Fortnite for the Overtime challenge of searching crates and ammo crates? Here are the locations of the campsite and motel

Fortnite RV Park & Motel Locations: Where the RV Park & Motel Are for Overtime Challenge

Fortnite Challenges & Overtime have just arrived in the game, giving players the opportunity to earn a Free Season 8 Battle Pass. One of the first few overtime challenges puts players in front of the quest “Search crates and ammo crates at a Rampart Park and Motel.” Here’s where the RV Park and Motel locations in Fortnite are located.

As stated in the title of the challenge, you can search seven crates or ammo crates that you need in the camping park or motel. Accordingly, we have detailed their location below, including screenshots and a useful map.

RV Park and Motel Locations on Fortnite&’s Map

You’ll see in the map below that we’ve made our way around the campsite and motel locations in Fortnite quite terribly freehand. The motel is upstairs west of Lazy Links, while RV Park is east of Retail Row.

where to find a motel and a motorhome in Fortnite

If you’re still trying to keep track of these locations in Fortnite, fear not, below we have grid coordinates and in-game screenshots for each of them.

Where the RV Park Is in Fortnite – I5/ I6

RV Park isn’t all that hard to find when you know where you need to go. Just head towards Retail Row and then continue east.

Where is the RV Park location in Fortnite

There is a large red barn in Fortnite & Camping Park and there are many motorhomes parked around small gazebos and the like. There aren’t many crates here, except for a few in the barn, but there are quite a few ammo crates here that are perfect for this challenge.

Where the Motel Location Is – D2

Fortnite & ‘s Motel is located in D2, west of Lazy Links. You’ll want to make sure you land your guns here first before embarking on your journey as there may be quite a few people around.

Fortnite motel location

This is all you need to know about where the Fortnite RV Park is located as well as where the Motel is located. For more tips, tricks, and guides for the current season, check out our Fortnite Season 7 Guide wiki.

We even have guides on how to get coins quickly and easily in Creative, also for another overtime challenge!

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FORTNITE Overtime Challenges are now available. Here are guides on how to complete RV Park, Motel, and Battle Pass Creative Coin quests.

Fortnite Overtime: RV park, motel and Creative coins challenge guide

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Fortnite offer FREE Battle Pass with Overtime Challenges

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Fortnite Overtime Challenges are available with update 7.40.

The first Fortnite Overtime Challenges are ready to play, and Battle Royale players will receive a Free Season 8 Battle Pass after completing 13 of them.

The most eye-catching Fortnite Overtime challenges to date have been the RV park, motel, and creative coin quests.

Collect coins on featured Creative Islands and Battle Royale players will hunt 15 Fortnite Coins.

When searching for ammo crates or crates at a motel or campground, Fortnite players will attempt to open seven ammo crates or crates.

Completing one of these Fortnite Overtime Challenges will reward 500XP players.

If you’re struggling with the latest Fortnite Overtime challenges, don’t worry, has you covered.

Here’s how you can solve the challenges of Fortnite RV Park, Motel, and Creative Coins.

Overtime in Fortnite

Fortnite Overtime – A guide to the RV park, motel, and creative coins (Image: EPIC GAMES)


For starters, you’ll need to know the locations on the map of the campground and motel – the two oldest locations in Fortnite Battle Royale.

The Fortnite Motel is located near the Lonely Lodge, in square I5 ​​of the Battle Royale map.

Everything you need for Fortnite’s Fortnite Saturday Fortnite, which is Fortnite Season 9 of Fortnite Season # 14: Found in a campground

As you can see, this is another Fortbyte involved in their full season. Now that we’re halfway through the work, we should really start to see how they fit into the overall theme of Season 9, and even if it’s a Season 10 clue.

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