Fortnite Season 10: Welcome to Pandora challenges. Where is pandora in fortnite

When we asked Twitter which skins they hated the most, a large number of responses included Surf Witch. It seems this skin is hated because it is used by “sweats” and also because of its colorless design.

Fortnite Season 10: Welcome to Pandora challenges

The Fortnite x Mayhem crossover is now available in Fortnite, and new challenges await in the Pandora’s Rift Zone.

The Borderlands 3 Mayhem x Fortnite crossover has started and from now until September 10, a new set of challenges await you.

The Pandora’s Rift Zone can be found in an oasis near Paradise Palms, and the rules are slightly different for this new area. Your shields will instantly fill to 100% upon entering the area, and you’ll find tons of shotguns and pistols all around.

The crates have also been redesigned to look like the large yellow Borderlands series crates. In these chests you will be able to find cash that you will have to collect for one of the challenges.

Fortnite Season 10: Welcome to Pandora challenges

If you complete all six challenges, you’ll be rewarded with a Mayhem pack.

  • Collect cash from chests and enemies in Pandora (0/10)
  • Eliminate your opponents in Pandora (0/3)
  • Search chests in Pandora (0/7)
  • Find Claptrap’s missing eye and return it to him (0/2)
  • Earn shields in Pandora (0/500)
  • Search for different vault symbols (0/3)

Dynamo is currently the most hated skin in Fortnite. If you post a clip while wearing a Dynamo skin, you will surely see that most of your responses consist of something like “Dynamo, possibly.”

Where are the Vault symbols?

august 28 was also the release date of the v10.20 patch, which included activating the Rift Beacon and creating a new zone around the Truck ‘N’ Oasis rest area in the desert biome.

Players will be able to locate all five symbols in the new Rift Zone. Each individual location is marked below.

IMG: Dexerto

There are three logos placed close together which means players can get the majority in one short journey.

Once all symbols have been located and the match completed, players will be awarded the Vault Hunter banner.

What are the rest of the challenges?

The Welcome to Pandora Challenge Set has a total of six challenges with seven rewards.

The full list of challenges is:

  • Collect cash from 10 chests and enemies in Pandora
  • Eliminate 3 enemies in Pandora
  • Search 7 chests in Pandora
  • Find the missing Claptrap eye and return it to him
  • Earn 500 Shields in Pandora
  • Search for 3 different vault symbols

Make sure to hop into the game and complete the challenges before they close on September 9! Players will not be able to purchase these items in the Item Store.

All Platforms

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In an oasis near Paradise Palms, the Rift Beacon has created the Pandora Rift Zone.

  • Part of the Fortnite X Mayhem collaboration.
  • This rift zone closely resembles the planet Pandora. However, it is more than just a model; even the rules of the planet apply!

In the Rift Zone, players will start spawning a shield 4 seconds after taking no damage.

Skewed city

  • Passable paths have been added that connect the city with the surrounding hills.

This is to improve the late game circle experience that takes place in Tilted City.

Turbo Build time between successive deployments has been reverted from 0.05 seconds to 0.15 seconds.

  • This is to level the ping opportunities with the turtles.
  • The first construction placement using Turbo Build remains the same.

A moving storm

  • Safe zones will no longer slide when shrinking in later phases of the match.
  • Note: This change does not affect Arena and Tournament playlists.
  • This change was made on August 23.

Bug fixes

  • Entering the Tilted City rift zone while using BRUTE no longer causes the screen filter to remain and no building effect when exiting the rift zone.
  • Breaking from BRUTE no longer causes players to enter an unintended Knocked Down state where they can walk / run and cannot be revived.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Horde members from attacking players with BRUTAL
  • Dealing BRUTE damage no longer counts towards the damage threshold of the Storm Tide.
  • Players inside indestructible buildings can no longer be damaged by the Scrap Rift.
  • Destroying an ammo crate or container by destroying the object on which it is placed will open it.

Art and Animation

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused the left arm of the catalyst to clip through multiple backpacks in the lobby when idle.
  • The Y0ND3R outfit and EQ graphics are now correctly animated on PlayStation 4.
  • Entering BRUTA in the Tilted City Rift zone and then leaving the Rift Zone while in BRUTA no longer causes the player’s outfit to no longer be able to revert to the equipped outfit.

We’re not entirely sure why Dynamo has the status of the most hated skin in Fortnite. Perhaps this is because Dynamo has very sweaty skin that is not hard to get hold of. Unlike Crystal and Aura, many players find Dynamo just bad skin, and it’s incredibly sweaty.

Fortnite Vault Symbols locations: Welcome to Pandora Borderlands challenge Guide

Search for different vault symbols is a new Fortnite challenge in the Welcome to Pandora challenges, which were introduced to the game as part of the Borderlands-themed event. This guide should help you find vault symbol locations on the map.


Epic and 2K unveiled a collaboration today that brings a bit more chaos to the game.

The Borderlands X Fortnite events introduced a whole new area to the map in the form of a new Rift Zone that represents the cel-shad glory of the famous cosmic world of Borderlands.

As part of the ongoing event (set to end on September 7), players can take part in new challenges to earn special cosmetics and more.

What are the Fortnite Borderlands challenges? As always, there are many different challenges you can participate in to unlock more items, and you can find our guide to one of the challenges below.

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Search different Vault Symbols – Fortnite x Mayhem

To complete this challenge, you must find at least 3 Vault Symbols in the new Pandora’s Rift Zone. There is no point in looking anywhere else on the map – this challenge will only be available for completion in the Pandora’s Rift Zone.

You can find Vault symbols here – there are five of them, but you only need to discover three to complete the challenge.

• Northeast bandit camp
• Southwest Oasis
• Midday welcome sign
• A hut near the dinosaurs
• southern bandit camp

You can see the map below, courtesy of

You can find the full list of challenges below:

  • Collect cash from chests and enemies in Pandora (10)
  • Eliminate your opponents in Pandora (3)
  • Search chests in Pandora (7)
  • Find the missing Claptrap eye and return it to him
  • Obtain shields in Pandora (500)
  • Search for different vault symbols (3)

If you complete all of the new Welcome to Pandora Challenges, you’ll receive two Sprays, 1500 XP, a Banner, and a Paint, which you can view below.

The Borderlands X Fortnite events introduced a whole new area to the map in the form of a new Rift Zone that represents the cel-shad glory of the famous cosmic world of Borderlands.

Claptrap Location

The man / robot / dumpster itself can be found on the other side of Pandora, near the big sign so good luck getting through the entire location unscathed.

Approach Claptrap and hold down the interaction button to restore his eye, which will magically appear on his face, and the challenge will be completed. Spray is your reward.

Find Claptrap in the G9 on the Fortnite Grid.

Find Claptrap’s Missing Eye & Return It To Him Video Guide

This was a fairly unexpected twist as it was nowhere to be found in the game’s files prior to its unexpected release this morning. This is the second R-rated property to work with Fortnite after John Wick, which is unusual for a game with a dominant young player base.

These challenges, along with the rest of Borderlands content, will be available until September 10.

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the world of Borderlands has come to Fortnite. The latest patch adds a small piece of Pandora, a planet from Borderlands, to the Fortnite map. The patch also adds a new item called Shield Bubble, and makes a major change to the way most players build.

Find Claptrap’s Missing Eye

The challenge requires players to make two journeys on the Fortnite map. The first expedition is to find Claptrap’s missing eye, and the next one is to bring it to him.

To find the Fortnite eye, you’ll need to travel to the South of the Desert. There are several buildings in the area where you need to go to the two story metal building near the water tower. Clap’s Eye is in front of the TV. There is a meter counter on the screen so you can see how close to your eye you are. After you collect Claptrap’s eye, you can deliver it to him.

Locations of Claptrap in Fortnite

To find Claptrap after finding his eye, you need to deliver it to him. Here is the location of Claptrap in Fortnite:

1). Claptrap is located in front of the Welcome To Pandora sign. Exact location: G-9

The missing eye in Fortnite Claptrap


Video of Locations

Here is a video guide that will show you where to find the missing eye and where the claptrap location is:

FN Challenges

After completing this Pandora challenge along with all of the Fortnite vault symbol locations, you may want to take a look at other challenges such as those from the last weeks below. Here’s the complete list of all Season 10 challenges to date:

  1. stop signs
  2. Durrr Burger head and dinosaur locations
  3. lost spray cans
  4. gas stations
  5. Location of the spray fountain, junkyard crane and vending machines
  6. All Fortnite chest locations in containers with windows
  7. A billboard with the inscription Fortnite Graffiti
  8. Car and truck locations
  9. Cube monuments sites
  10. Green mushrooms
  11. Secret locations of the battle stars in Season 10
  12. All locations of found items in Fortnite Glitched
  13. 30-second chest challenge

Working with Borderlands is exciting for both players in every game as it allows players to try and discover the other game. If Fortnite has been able to work with Borderlands, then there will be other games that Fortnite will work with in the future. This is exciting for players who can explore different games. Good luck everyone and enjoy the Fortnite Claptrap challenge!

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