Fortnite Tame a Boar Locations and Guide For Week 2 Challenges. Where is the pig in fortnite

To complete this challenge and visit the Wooden Rabbit, Stone Pig, and Metal Llama, you need to visit three different locations and structures on the Fortnite map. Fortunately, we’ve included the locations of these areas on the map below, as well as some additional instructions to help you locate them all.

Fortnite – Wildlife locations: Chickens, frogs and how to tame wolves and boars explained

Wildlife was introduced to Fortnite at the beginning of Chapter 2 of Season 6 and, as the name suggests, it eventually brings animals to the island. Raptors have made their way to the island as well, making them the first dinosaur race to appear in Fortnite.

We saw an introduction to fishing at the beginning of Chapter 2, but now you can hunt boar, chickens, frogs, and wolves for crafting items. You can even tame wolves and boars to be your animal companion during the match!

You can find wildlife all over the island, but some creatures like frogs prefer specific locations, so be prepared to hunt!

Gameplay during a Fortnite Zero Crisis live event

Wildlife and wildlife locations in Fortnite explained

Wildlife refers to the four animals that can now be found wandering around the Fortnite map – wild boar, chickens, frogs, and wolves.


Wild boars are one of the animals that can be found on the island.

Hunting and killing these animals will allow you to create new items such as the hunter’s cloak or upgrade your weapons during the match. You can also tame both wild boars and wolves to give yourself some support.

Wildlife can show up on the Fortnite map, and because they have the ability to roam, they may not always be in the same place during every match. Still, if you are looking for a pet, we suggest going to a forest area such as Weeping Woods or one of the many unnamed forest areas found throughout the island.


You can meet lonely animals around the island.

Some animals, such as chickens and frogs, are more likely to show up in specific areas, such as chicken farms, so these locations are worth visiting if you are looking for that particular animal.

If you are going hunting, we recommend that you make sure the in-game sound effects are set to 100% as each animal has a specific sound that you will be able to hear when they are around – whether you can see it or not.


Make sure the sound effect setting is turned on.

The above map from compiled data on the most common locations of wolves, predators, boars, chickens and frogs. There’s no guarantee they’ll be there, but it’s a good starting point.

How to tame a boar in Fortnite

There are two methods of taming a boar in Fortnite as soon as you find them. The one we’re most inclined towards is creating a Hunter’s Cloak first, as the tool allows you to get close to the beast without being attacked. To create a hunter’s cloak, you need two animal bones and one piece of meat. You can get both of these items by killing one of the boars you meet from the pack. As soon as you get the ingredients, find a safe spot and create one by opening your inventory and scrolling to the crafting menu.

fortnite tame cloak of boar hunters

After putting on the cape, you can approach any wild animal and tame it without fuss.

gameplay with a tamed boar in fortnite

If you prefer not to use the crafting system, you can also tame the boars by throwing the eaten fruit or vegetables at them. If you can interact with them for a few seconds while eating, you will have the opportunity to tame them. However, if they finish their snack, you may be attacked first. This method is slightly more of a risk and is not so final, but it is effective nonetheless. You only need to tame one boar in this challenge, so just pick the version you like and do it once for easy xp.

Fortnite Week 2 Challenges

Taming a boar is just one of eight new challenges coming to Fortnite on Tuesday. The rest of the quests are fairly arc-centered, except for the one purpose of getting literature samples from specific named locations. Here’s a complete list of challenges for those who haven’t seen it in the game yet.

  • Create a Mechanical Arc, Mechanical Explosive Arc and Mechanical Shockwave Arc
  • Tame a boar
  • Deal damage with a mechanical weapon
  • Deal explosive damage to enemies
  • Ride on various zip lines
  • Get literature samples from Pleasant Park, Lazy Lake, or Retail Row
  • Take a headshot with a bow
  • Deal damage with bows [Legendary Quest]

That’s all you need to know about taming a boar in Fortnite.

Fortnite is available now for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Switch, PC, and Android.

Did you tame a boar in Fortnite? What do you think of Season 6 so far? Tell us in the comments section!

Players wishing to complete all of the Fortnite Season 8 Week 6 Challenges will need to visit the Wooden Rabbit, Stone Pig, and Metal Llama as one of their requirements. It can be a little tricky to find these structures, but we have the information you need to get it done quickly. Here’s what you need to know.

How to tame Wolves in Fortnite

Fortnite Wolves

Wolves are dangerous, but they make powerful allies.

Wolves are by far the most exciting addition to Season 6. They are deadly, so they will cause a lot of trouble for players. But if you manage to tame them, they will be a powerful ally in defeating your opponents.

Here’s how to tame a wolf in Fortnite:

  1. Explore the wilderness of the Island until you find the Wolves.
  2. Eliminate one of them to get some “meat” that you can collect.
  3. Throw this meat near the Wolf and then hide.
  4. As soon as the meat distracts the Wolf, you can safely approach him.
  5. Press and hold the command button to “tame” the wolf.

The wolves will stay on your side until they are eliminated, and they will attack anyone who gets in your way. However, they will be easily distracted by the meat on the Island.

Where to find Wolves in Fortnite

Wolves seem to be the most difficult wild animal to find right now, and they don’t seem to be tied to any particular location on the season 6 map right now. You’ll have to hunt a bit to find them.

They’ll show up in a variety of wild spots around the island, but if you’re looking for a place to start, they sometimes show up northwest of Boney Burbs’s new POI location, so it’s worth landing there.

How to tame Raptors in Fortnite

Fortnite Raptor locations

Fearsome Raptors appeared in Fortnite.

Raptors is the newest wild addition to Fortnite Season 6. These deadly prehistoric creatures hatched from eggs found on the island in Update v16.10, and now it looks like they’ll stay here.

Here’s how to tame a Raptor in Fortnite:

  1. Eliminate a wild animal to get some meat.
  2. Find a Raptor wandering around the island.
  3. Throw the meat near the Raptor, then run and hide.
  4. When Raptor is distracted, quickly approach him safely.
  5. Hold down the command button to tame a Raptor.

Unfortunately, you cannot drive the Raptor, which was initially hoped by many players. However, it will remain on your side as a powerful ally to help defeat your opponents, so it’s worth trying for yourself.

Where to find Raptors in Fortnite

Like all wild animals, Raptors can appear in different places, so at first you may have trouble finding them. When you do, they’ll make a squeak to signal their friends, so you can get more than you expected!

However, it seems that Raptors spawn near their hatched eggs. The places they have been sighted so far are Stealthy Stronghold, Boney Burbs, and west of Misty Meadows, so these areas are well worth a visit.

Above is a map showing the location this knife is pointing to. You can just go down to the very top of the location and grab the most important Battle Star, but it’s also a good idea to take a short look at the surroundings – that is, unless someone is shooting at you, in which case eliminate him before basking in the majesty of the sculptures.

Fortnite: How to Tame a Boar or Wolf

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6 added some original elements to the Battle Royale map. These new items include new challenges, crafting, and wild animals to tame while playing. We’ve already covered weapon crafting in Fortnite, but if you want to tame a boar or hunt with a wolf, check out our guide below for how to do it. If you’re wondering how to tame predators, we also have a guide for that.

Boars are usually hostile on contact. You won’t be able to befriend them by walking up and caressing them – at least not at first. What you want to do is grab some vegetables like corn, apples, and cabbage before you approach one of these animals.

Next, throw out a few vegetables and wait for the boar (s) to wander. They will give off a translucent glow to indicate they are interested in food. Once they chew, you have a chance to tame them. Just walk up and press the key / key to interact.

Make sure you have enough vegetables before trying this. Wild boars eat very quickly, and after having eaten all their food, they become hostile again. Throwing a handful of food on the ground in one place is the best way to tame your pet the first time.

How to Tame Wolves in Fortnite

Wolves are tamed in a similar way, except that they prefer meat to vegetables. To get some meat, you need to hunt down a few animals – wolves or other – and collect the meat they dropped. But be careful: trying to tame a wolf after killing its pack can be difficult. It’s not that you can’t tame them, but that they are more likely to give up meat and attack you if they see that you are actively killing their relatives.

When it comes to locating a wolf or boar, you’ll want to stick to the more primal areas of the map; more Boney Burbs or Weeping Woods and less Pleasant Park or Sweaty Sands. Wolves roam the forests in these areas. Boars are doing just as well, but (seemingly) to a lesser extent.

That said, if you want to tame a few wild boars quickly, we recommend going to the Colossal Crops. Not only will you find a group of wild boars in the pen on the west side of the farm-like area, you will also find plenty of crops. If you plan your approach well, you should be able to tame a lot of wild boar in a matter of minutes.

Once tamed, both wolves and boars will follow you wherever you go. They will also attack nearby hired NPC-like enemies that roam the map. They can get stuck in obstacles (stay away from water) and sometimes get lost. Still, being able to make friends with animals this way is rather fun. Who wouldn’t be able to get help from a friend now?

For more information, check out our Fortnite review and learn how to unlock all of Agent Jonesy’s styles with our anomie guide.

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Now is your time to strike, but not by force. Instead, approach the animal while it is distracted by the food, and when prompted, press the button to tame the animal. Make sure to do this quickly as the taming process will be interrupted when the pet has finished its meal.

Fortnite wooden rabbit, stone pig, and metal llama location guide

Please note that this page is for a challenge that is no longer active in Fortnite. For a full list of currently active challenges, visit our Fortnite Week 6 Challenges page.

This guide will include a map showing all the locations of the Wooden Rabbit, Stone Pig, and Metal Llama on the Fortnite map. You need to get close to them, so for each of them we will also give you detailed instructions on where to go.

Three giant animal locations in Fortnite.

Click to enlarge the map.

Wooden rabbit, Stone pig, and Metal llama locations

Above is a map showing the location this knife is pointing to. You can just go down to the very top of the location and grab the most important Battle Star, but it’s also a good idea to take a short look at the surroundings – that is, unless someone is shooting at you, in which case eliminate him before basking in the majesty of the sculptures.

Where to find the animals

But of course the circles on the map only tell half the story. Here are five more detailed locations and the best ways to get to them quickly. I recommend that you play Team Rumble LTM for this challenge as it gives you a bit more freedom in case someone kills you before reaching each location.

The wooden rabbit near the snobbish shores.

Wooden Rabbit

North of Snobby Shores in Grid Reference A4, a wooden rabbit sits on a cliff overlooking the western ocean. There is a small slope there which you can use to get there, if you didn’t land here from the combat bus just try not to get off the edge.

Stone Pig

Stone Pig is also on the coast, but this time on the southern tip. Go to Lucky Landing and climb the cliff east of it. You will see a rather primitively generated stone pig facing towards the tower.

Metal Llama

You probably know this metal beast well, but the llama is located north and west of Junk Junction. It also faces the cliff edge and is the most northerly and westernmost. Considering how far it is, I would highly recommend landing here right from the start so you don’t risk dying from the storm.

This concludes our animal locations guide, but there are many more challenges to tackle in Season 8. You can find out where the highest points are on the map in our Fortnite top tier location guide, or what the knife indicates on the treasure map loading screen in our knife location guide on the Fortnite Treasure Map loading screen.

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When players first jump into Season 6, one of the biggest changes they’ll notice – aside from weapon crafting and new map locations – is that animals like Wolves and Boars now roam the wilderness of the Island.

Wooden rabbit’s location

To find the wooden rabbit you need to look at the map north of Snobby Shores. It’s a massive structure which means it will be hard to miss. Jump off the combat bus and make your way here landing next to it to complete this part of the challenge.

To complete the second part of this challenge and find the stone pig, you’ll need to travel to the desert area around Lucky Landing. There is a hill here where you can find this huge stone pig just waiting to be discovered.

Metal llama location

It’s finally time to complete this challenge for good. To find the third component, the metal llama, head north of Junk Junction. It shouldn’t be hard to spot it from the air, so make sure you land close enough to release it.

After visiting all three of these locations, you’ll complete the challenge to visit Fortnite’s Wood Rabbit, Stone Pig, and Metal Llama. Now all you need to do is grab your favorite emote and celebrate by earning some Battle Stars.

Now that you’ve completed the challenge and visited the Wooden Rabbit, Stone Pig, and Metal Lama, be sure to return to our Fortnite guides for extra help with this week’s Challenges. Also, make sure to follow Shacknews on Twitter to stay up to date with all of our content and strategy guides.

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