Friday The 13th developers are making a Texas Chain Saw Massacre game. When was friday the 13th the game made

In addition, there is an achievement related to this Easter egg in the game. To earn money for it, you must kill 666 Advisors – a number just right for such a nefarious character and game.

Friday the 13th: The Game Interview – Brutality by Design

Gun Media and Illfonic talk to us about turning their favorite slasher into a video game.

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For the creators of Friday the 13th: The Game, brutality, blood and gore became a full-time job when they won the rights to the famous horror series. It was their passion for slashers and their unwavering commitment to these genre-defining elements that brought the crowdfunding project to where it is now, and made it clear right from the start that it was beyond dispute.

License to Kill

Friday the 13th: The game’s roots go back to 2014, when Gun Media and Illfonic teams announced the third-person survival game, Slasher Vol. 1: Summer Camp. Their plan was to create a series of video games based on 1980s slashers like The Burning, Sleepaway Camp and, of course, Friday the 13th.

With the support of award-winning special effects creator Tom Savini and famous horror composer Harry Manfredini, the project quickly caught the attention of Sean S. Cunningham, creator of Friday the 13th. Soon after this random encounter, both teams would win the rights and rename their project Friday the 13th: The Game.

How did you get the support of Sean Cunningham, Tom Savini, Tom McLoughlin and Harry Manfredini on Friday the 13th: The Game?

Ronnie Hobbs: To our surprise, Harry, Tom and Kane loved the summer camp idea and jumped on board after being contacted by co-creator Wes Keltner. Even getting answers from them was quite shocking, especially since they joined the project. So you can imagine what it was like for us when Sean approached us offering the thirteenth rights on Friday. We’ve been designing and laying the groundwork for an F13 inspired game over the years, and it turns out that Sean and his team had the same mindset. It was really the perfect storm of events that led us to create this game.

In addition, there is an achievement related to this Easter egg in the game. To earn money for it, you must kill 666 Advisors – a number just right for such a nefarious character and game.

Friday The 13th developers are making a Texas Chain Saw Massacre game

Gun Interactive, the people behind Friday The 13th and Layers Of Fear 2, are creating a new multiplayer horror game based on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Sticking to the naming convention, it’s no wonder it’s called the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It will be based on a movie that was released in 1974, and the trailer that was presented at The Game Awards includes a cute, creepy shot of a leather face.

On the website of the game, this is referred to as “asymmetric horror.” The creators claim that “not only did they recreate locations and characters, we created all time and place in Texas.”

We don’t know much yet other than that it’s multiplayer, but it seems reasonable to expect it to be similar to Friday the 13th – you know, one player takes on the assassin while the rest run amok like a terrified teens.

Gun Interactive is working with Sumo Digital on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. There is no release window yet, but check out this page if you want to know more. They have a blog post on sound design and how they “authentically” reproduce Texas.

We stayed up late to cover the news of PC gaming during the marketing craze: click our The Game Awards tag for everything or skip to each trailer at The Game Awards 2021.

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It shouldn’t be too hard to complete, especially if you’re on a mission to kill Jason, which requires quite a bit of beating. And it turns out that the baseball bat is one of your main tools in this difficult endeavor.

The Story

The story of the game refers to Friday’s thirteenth series of films, in which an adult Jason Vorhees, who drowned in the lake as a young boy, decides to kill all the camp tutors who return to Camp Crystal Lake. Spoiler alert: he’s seeking revenge for beheading his mother, Pamela, whose severed head and sweater are kept in Jason’s neglected hut.


Friday the 13th: The Game (2021) – PC gameplay

On Friday the 13th: The Game, players can guarantee an interactive experience that will test their unique survival skills. Players can also expect a ton of bloody violence as the chance to see their fellow advisers die one by one is possible at the hands of Jason. There are seven playable maps in the game, ranging from Packanack Lodge to Higgins Haven, all of which are quirky.

Players can escape the map they’re on by repairing the boat or car, running away with the police, allowing the 20-minute time limit to expire, or simply killing Jason with the help of Tommy Jarvis. One essential feature that the game does not include is the ability to create and style your own character, which has received a lot of criticism. Instead, players choose their desired advisor from a diverse, ready-made roster.

You recently shared a video that gave us a sneak peak of Pamela’s tapes. Can you tell us what inspired you to add them to the game and what role they will play?

Celebrate Friday the 13th with Jason’s Greatest Games

celebrate Friday the 13th by checking out some of Jason Voorhees’ best performances in the games.

It’s that time of the year again. There is a chill in the air, the hair on the back of the neck stands at attention. Something bad is afoot. No, it’s not Halloween – it’s Friday the 13th. This is the only time of the year where we celebrate the greatest slasher of all time, Jason Voorhees, looking back at some of the best video games based on the Friday the Thirteenth franchise. While the list is fairly short, there are a few (sorry for the pun) killer titles you’ll definitely want to pick and play right now leading up to Halloween. Sit back, relax and check out some of the best experiences you can have with or with Mr. Voorhees.

Friday the 13th (NES)

Jason waits for the camp counselor to fire her.

source: Nintendo

Perhaps the most famous game involving Jason is Friday the 13th on the Nintendo Entertainment System, the original that started it all – at least on consoles other than the Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, and ZX Spectrum. This entry did not allow you to play as a masked killer, but instead as six different advisers at Camp Crystal Lake. Your goal is to find a weapon that will stop Jason from sneaking around and taking the lives of the kids in the camp – and you too. Jason, in his weird purple jumpsuit, sneaks with blue skin and a matching mask, wielding a gun to eliminate you in no time. It can be hard to get away from him, but it’s satisfying to knock him down once and for all.

Friday the 13th: The Game

Jason turns to the camp tutor in search of blood.

source: Broń Media

Asynchronous Multiplayer may have been the best choice anyone could have made to create a great, functional game based on the Friday the 13th franchise.This cross-platform build is obviously much more complex than the NES game, but it still comes down to you, Advisor Camp, vs. Jason. Its 1v7 configuration allows one player to control the killer and the others to take care of the camp advisers. Victory is achieved when you can escape by car or boat, call the police to Jason (which is fun in itself), or live long enough to force Tommy Jarvis to fight Jason. Its content may no longer be updated given the fact that the developers Gun Media and Illfonic no longer have access to the license, but they did a great job creating the title.

Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

No, Jason isn't

source: Nintendo

You may not think that Friday the 13th and puzzles go hand in hand, but in fact they can work together quite well, as Friday the 13th shows: Killer Puzzle. This title, which portrays Jason and the other characters as cute miniature versions of themselves, allows you to become Mr. Voorhees again as you take the lives of your victims by solving various isometric puzzles. It’s as sweet as it is deadly to the poor victims, but you’ll have a blast figuring out how to get to them and ruin their day.

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The graphics especially shine when it comes to the actual acts of violence and murder that Jason commits against the scrambled advisers. Thanks to this, his sadistic killings appear first-hand. Whether she’s using a spear to slice through a victim’s spine or a fist to crush her head, it’s truly a graphic sight.

Jason Goes to Hell

On Friday the 13th, you will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of styles by Jason Voorhees. One of the most grotesque choices is the “naked brain” look from the ninth movie in the series, Jason Goes to Hell.

In addition, there is an achievement related to this Easter egg in the game. To earn money for it, you must kill 666 Advisors – a number just right for such a nefarious character and game.

Tommy Jarvis

Tommy is a special character that only appears in the game as a replacement for another player who escaped or died. The original Tommy Jarvis first appeared as a teenager in the movies (Parts 4, 5 and 6).

Plays a vital role in the process of killing Jason both in the game and in the movies. His stats are better than that of any other character in the game, making him fast and strong enough to deal with Jason once and for all.

Have you encountered an overwhelming amount of reactions to the brutality and brutality in your game? I remember the reply to the Pax West trailer which highlighted the different kill sequences of Jason. Has this ever been your big worry? What do you think about censorship in video games?

Memories of Murder

I am saddened that the game will not receive any updates and limited support from now on, but I will continue to jump from time to time to see what the player base looks like. There is still nothing like the experience provided by Friday the 13th: The Game and many of my fondest gaming memories of the latest generation of games come from it.

Some of my favorite memories:

  • Watching as a teammate sets up a bear trap while he is being followed by Jason, he is chased over and over again, goes into his own trap, and dies.
  • The ability to use the dance emote to signal my teammates that I need something only when my mic isn’t working
  • Finding out that Jason can swim like Michael Phelps and is not kind to people fleeing the boat
  • Watching a friend jump out the window to get away from Jason .. and fall to his death because they were on the second floor of the house
  • As Jason, hiding behind an adviser, when they run into the house, lock and lock the door, I am the only one who has already entered the house.
  • Accidentally run over by a car about 78 hapless advisers (hit detection can be a bit clunky).

There are too many other memorable moments to mention, but needless to say, I have had a great time playing this game for the last three years. It’s the perfect tribute to one of my favorite movie series, and no two games are exactly alike. Updates and support may be gone, but as long as there are passionates like me, Friday the 13th: The Game will be as hard to kill as Jason himself.

For a game with a particular 80s set, the graphics are definitely on their own feet. You can admire the appearance of blood spatter and weapons breaking through the organs. In addition, the game pays tribute to the authenticity of the film series with the help of map design and virtual cabins.

Friday the 13th 1.24 Changelogs

  • Fixed the window collision block that is created when the advisor climbs or jumps through the window
  • Several exploits and exploit locations were addressed


  • Fixed an issue that caused Bear Traps to get stuck in the hands of the Advisor
  • Fixed an issue where Advisors would sometimes get stuck when entering through the window



  • Friday the 13th game patch 1.24 fixed a bug where the northwest exit was not working properly as a getaway vehicle
  • Vehicles
  • Fixed an issue where vehicles would not function properly when Jason was standing directly behind the vehicle


  • On Friday the 13th, update 1.24 lowered the volume of Part 5 of Jason’s music

Previously, the major update 1.23 was released. Check your game update and download the latest version 1.24 on Friday 13.24 for your consoles and PCs.

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