Fujifilm is releasing a Nintendo-themed Instax printer

Fujifilm and Nintendo have announced a new collaboration. The camera company is releasing a new Switch-themed version of its Instax Mini Link photo printer, as well as a new app that’s designed to let you edit Switch screenshots and print them out onto Fujifilm’s Polaroid-style Instax film, or add Nintendo characters to your photos.

You can transfer screenshots from your Switch to the new “instax mini Link for Nintendo Switch” app with a QR code. The app contains filters and 59 new frames from games like Super Mario, Animal Crossing, and appropriately enough the upcoming New Pokémon Snap. Here’s how some of the frames look:

The actual printer hardware itself is identical to the existing Instax Mini Link, but it comes in Switch-inspired red and blue trim and there’s a bundle with a frankly adorable Pikachu silicone case.

Fujifilm says the app and the printer will be released on April 30th. The special edition Mini Link will cost $100, while the Pikachu case bundle will sell for $120 later in May. The app will be free to download and will still work with existing Instax Mini Link printers.

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