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Whether it’s Chernorus, Livonia, Namalsk or anything else, if you want to play with your friends, you will most likely have to realize that you are not going to show up next to each other. You will probably spawn somewhere near Kamenka and your buddy will show up in Zaliv Guba (Yes, I know).

Note: This page is for the standalone version of DayZ; for mod information, see Mod: Navigating.

Navigation is always an important ability to traverse the world in which you live without getting lost hopelessly. Knowing where you are now and how to get where you want to go is key to surviving in an unfamiliar area. There are many ways to find your position or direction that can help you safely find your way to your destination. While some may be easier than others, mastering them all means you’ll never really get lost in the wilds no matter how far you stray off the path.

Tools for Navigating

There are several devices with which you can determine your position and / or direction, which makes navigation much easier.

  • Binoculars – Useful for scouting your surroundings much better than what is possible with the naked eye. Using binoculars may allow you to spot a landmark you may have missed otherwise.
  • Compass – Perhaps the most important tool of all, because even if you start to know where you are, going in the wrong direction won’t help you.
  • Map – The map helps you locate your position relative to other famous places.
  • Rangefinder – Not immediately considered a navigation tool, this item can help you determine the distance between you and another nearby location or object.

Brutal. Uncompromising. Hardcore. These are the words most often used to describe DayZ, Bohemia Interactive’s open world zombie survival simulator. Already downloaded more than two million times via Steam PC gaming, this is a game that makes everything difficult for the player, and death is permanent.

Step 1: Spawning

It’s kinda nice here.

So you’ve been reborn – now what? Look around and see if there are any unique locations – it could be anything, a house, an oddly shaped piece of land, a lighthouse, etc.

If you have been spawned in the middle of nowhere, try to run in a straight line until you find a unique object / location (again – lake, house, lighthouse etc).

Step 2: Finding the unique object or location

Island and a cigarette.

Found a lighthouse overlooking an island somewhere on the coast – that’s great – now you should open your map (it could be a map from iZurvive, it doesn’t have to be an in-game map).

Coast – Lighthouse – Island, 3 locations worth paying attention to on your map!

Found a lighthouse overlooking an island somewhere on the coast – that’s great – now you should open your map (it could be a map from iZurvive, it doesn’t have to be an in-game map).

DayZ Chernarus Toxic Zones

There are two static Toxic zones in Chernarus where you’ll find the best high tier loot. One of them can be found in the Rifa shipwreck, where you will see a cargo ship that has landed on the beach on the northeastern shoreline. The second permanent location of the Toxic Zone is the Pavlovo Military Base in the southwestern part of the map. Both are represented by red circles in the map below and have a radius of around 100 / 150m.

Orange circles represent many different possible locations where dynamic toxic zones can appear randomly. As mentioned before, 3/6 normally appears on the map within 75 yards.

Normally, artillery fire will occur before a new dynamic toxic zone appears, with a toxic cloud – within a radius of approximately 75 meters – settling over where the artillery lands.

How to Get Rid of Sicknesses and Health Issues in DAYZ

There are different solutions to the problem depending on the type of disease. It’s important to understand that all pills have some effect on all diseases in the game.

However, each pill also has a clear purpose, so it is important to know what to take depending on the illness of the survivor.

Here is a list of things that can affect your character’s health and how you can heal them.

1. How to Get Rid of Cholera/Water Sickness in DAYZ

Drinking contaminated water is the leading cause of cholera. It can also happen if you eat or drink your hands with blood.

Symptoms include vomiting, dehydration, and blurred vision. The treatment for this is the tetracycline pills.

It is the most common disease in DAYZ, so it is very important to clean water containers with chlorine tablets.

It is very important that you start treating cholera quickly as this can make you slow and very vulnerable. Visual impairment can also prevent you from performing some tasks and activities.

Prevention is often the best medicine as it’s not always easy to find pills. Here are a few things to avoid if you don’t want to get the heck out of DAYZ.

  1. Drinking directly from streams, lakes or ponds.
  2. Drinking from any water source with bloody hands.
  3. Drinking water from canteens or bottles used by cholera survivors.
  4. Drinking water from newly inoculated bottles or canteens.

Prevention is very important to keep in mind as any new water recipient recovering has a 50% chance of contracting the pathogen.

2. How to Get Rid of Influenza in DAYZ

People often catch the flu virus because they are over-exposed to rain. You can also catch it if you stay in cold temperatures for too long or if another survivor infects you.

Tetracycline tablets treat the flu and prevent it from spreading to other survivors.

3. How to Get Rid of a Cold in DAYZ

Now let’s talk about the most common disease in the game – the common cold or just a cold.

There are two ways to get rid of colds in DAYZ: tetracycline tablets and natural fight against colds.

Keeping a survivor warm can help heal the infection, but the process takes much longer than the much simpler alternative to eating tetracycline tablets.

Colds are only common during the winter season. To create ideal conditions for infection, both rain and cold are needed.

Pro Tip: You can fight colds faster if you combine a tetracycline pill with a multivitamin pill. The latter slightly enhances the effect.

4. How to Get Rid of Salmonella in DAYZ

Salmonella is a disease that you can catch by eating raw or uncooked meat. Like hell, it manifests itself as vomiting.

To cure salmonella, you need to take charcoal tablets.

5. How to Get Rid of Chemical Poisoning in DAYZ

Chemila poisoning is a disease that affects survivors who consume one of three things; alcohol tinctures, gasoline and disinfectant sprays.

Additional FAQs

Why Can’t I Get Rid of Sickness in DAYZ?

There are several reasons why you cannot get rid of the disease and get back on track.

The survivor’s immune system may be too weak. It’s also possible that you haven’t received the right treatment for your specific condition.

Each DAYZ disease requires special treatment. Taking the wrong pill may still have a positive effect, but is unlikely to help you get rid of the disease.

A disease like brain disease is something that cannot be cured until the survivor has died and is reborn. No pill or medical device in the game will help you fix it.

Another reason some players can’t get rid of the disease is because they keep making the same mistakes. Taking a cholera pill, but drinking contaminated water, may make it impossible to heal.

If you have a cold but are in a cold and rainy environment, antibiotics may not help.

Diseases in DAYZ leave at different rates. You may have something that takes longer to fight. Being around other infected survivors provides constant exposure to any number of diseases. You may end up treating one thing, but right after that, you will go down to another.

Some in-game symptoms do not indicate a disease. For example, vomiting may occur after a survivor overeats. You probably can’t get rid of the disease either, because you don’t have the disease, but only a common symptom.

Can DAYZ Cure Sickness?

Yes, all but two diseases can be cured with DAYZ. Everything is curable except for brain disease and the hemolytic reaction.

These two diseases have no in-game healing, so the only solution is respawn.

How Does DAYZ Alone Get Infected?

Survivors have two ways to get infected in DAYZ. This can happen when you eat, drink, or wear something that contains various pathogens.

It can also occur if you stay around other infected survivors. For example, sneezing can spread the flu and a cold.

At the moment, there are two ways to play DayZ that we recommend if you want to try out the new maps – PlaywithSix and DayZCommander.

Thirst and hunger

In the game, you will eat a lot of canned food, unless you are looking for fresh things. Canina berries are red and restore hunger and health, but in very small increments. Photo: Bohemia Interactive

Feeding and hydrating your body is an important part of surviving on DayZ. It’s easy to forget about it when exploring, avoiding other players, or hunting weapons. When your hydration level drops to zero, you will start to lose blood and health, and eventually you will die. The same goes for your hunger. Consuming dry food such as cereals or rice not only doesn’t drink, it also makes you thirsty. The best way to stay hydrated is to find a water pump. Most cities have this system and you can click it multiple times with the middle button to fill your belly with water. Not too much or you will throw up and your hunger and thirst will be reset. Alternatively, try canned drinks or water from fresh springs such as streams and ponds.

When it comes to food, you can eat anything from canned beans to powdered milk, but don’t eat any rotten fruit or you’ll get food poisoning. If this happens, use charcoal tablets to calm your stomach. Berries are a new addition to the standalone DayZ and can be harvested from bushes in the wild by clicking next to them with the middle button, although their nutritional value is low. Whatever you do, don’t eat blue sambucus berries. They are poisonous and cause disease.


You’ll find out you’ve injured yourself when cartoon-like streams of blood spray from your body and color drips off the screen. Now a first aid kit or bandage is being sought. A fall can also cause bleeding as well as breaking your legs. You need an auto morphine injector to get it back to health. Photo: Bohemia Interactive

If a zombie hits you or another player shoots or hits you with a melee weapon, you likely start bleeding. You need a bandage to stop the flow, but if you don’t have one, remove the T-shirt, right-click to tear it into rags, and then use the rags to patch the wound. If you are close to dying, the world around you will become almost completely monochrome and you will have to get a blood transfusion from another player.

To create a blood bag, you will need the following items: a blood bag kit, an intravenous infusion starter kit, a blood test kit, and someone from which to collect blood. It could be either a friend who volunteered to donate blood, or you kidnapped someone with handcuffs if you’re particularly cruel. The blood test kit is important because if you receive a transfusion from someone with the wrong blood group, you will pass out and eventually die. Please use the test kit beforehand to make sure you are compatible. Drag the pieces together to create a blood bag, then the donor will have to “use” it on the player to start the procedure. The saline bags that show up as loot also work, but only restore half of what the blood bag does.

Utes doesn’t have much. It’s an amazingly small map (5120 x 5120m) with a small airport and only two small towns. It’s more of a PvP map: it gets each player to the same spot pretty quickly, and there’s only one military respawn point that humans can fight for.

Getting started

Even though technically these are DayZ “mods”, half of the work you have to do to engage in these new and exciting environments has already been done by installing DayZ in the first place. A lot of technical work is actually done on the server side.

At the moment, there are two ways to play DayZ that we recommend if you want to try out the new maps – PlaywithSix and DayZCommander.

In DayZCommander, the update and fix interface will let you know when new maps become available and it’s very easy to install it, then it will filter the server list by map name.

Installing Takastan and Fallujah shouldn’t take that long – but Lingor (being the oldest of the “new” maps) is over 600MB. Check the interface for updates and patches regularly: Commander is not good at informing you of available updates.

DayZ Utes, the fourth new map, no download at all, just find the server it’s running on with any DayZ launcher.

PlaywithSix does a similar job. After downloading and installing, just click on the “Mods not selected” box and you will be presented with a list of all DayZ mods.

DayZ Lingor and Takistan are separate downloads for DayZ: we recommend that you install both. At the time of writing, Fallujah wasn’t supported by PlaywithSix .. but considering it’s not great, you don’t miss much.

One final note: If you’ve previously used SixLauncher (a precursor to PlaywithSix) to play DayZ, it’s a bit harder to get other maps to work. My advice is to just ditch it for Commander or Play. I have all three installed at the moment, and while they don’t seem to clash, they may be taking up more space than needed.

Now that you’ve got the easy bit out of the way, it’s time to go travelling. Are you all packed? Bandage? Check. Flashlight? Check. Let’s get cracking…

Lingor Island is the “oldest” of the new DayZ maps, and therefore the most developed. It is a tropical island, slightly smaller than Chernorus (10 × 10 instead of 14 × 12). That said, it has a greater concentration of villages and cities, and a greater concentration of loot, especially the military.

Like Chernorus, you spawn on the coast. Unlike Chernarus, you can spawn anywhere: north, south, east or west. A common spawning ground is the village of Chupinka in the southeast or the town of Medlina (or other nearby towns) in the southwest.

Lingor is a decent map mainly focused on PvP. You can enter almost any building you encounter, and most of them will spawn loot. Obtaining weapons and equipment is much easier than in Chernarus, so clean “survival” in terms of food and water is no longer a problem. There are also many more vehicles, especially boats.

If you are looking for PvP action, head towards the southern airport and the neighboring city of Calamar.

  • In the North, in addition to the equally attractive North Airport, there is a road to a multi-valued military base.
  • There are many vehicles on the Northeast Island, but to get there you have to cross a very long bridge.
  • Search for hotels. This new building type features several levels, each with 6 rooms where you can check your loot. They are great places to hide and wait, and great sniper positions.
  • There is another new type of building which we have called the “El Presidente Palace”. This makes some particularly fun recent clashes against hordes of zombies.
  • Here’s a handy Lingor Loot map.

Due to the extreme nature of these areas, players are strongly advised to avoid them unless they are equipped with the appropriate NBC suit for traversing the clouds of toxic gas.


DayZ maps list - - Your source for MMOs and MMORPGs

Trinity is a small Mediterranean-style map with dense forests and two airports. Many villages are scattered across the map, mingling with military bases established all over the island. Trinity was originally developed for Operation Flashpoint and ported to ArmA 2.

Pros: Lots of villages to explore, great forests to hide in.

Cons: Smaller map, few servers.

DayZ maps list - - Your source for MMOs and MMORPGs

Originally used as a bootcamp map in ArmA II, Utes is a tiny 5 × 5 island with only two cities, a few military bases, and a centrally located airport. Being the smallest map available, Utes has become primarily a PvP focused map. Loot is often snapped up quickly, making every life a desperate struggle for gear before embarking on the inevitable deathmatch.

Pros: Small map with lots of PvP action.

Cons: Loot often appears empty, not for PvE players.


DayZ maps list - - Your source for MMOs and MMORPGs

Zargabad is another city-based map, but much smaller than Fallujah. Like Utes, this is another map that is more for deathmatch-style PvP gameplay and is not intended for PvE focused players. With a large city in the center of the map and military bases on the outskirts – Zargabad is home to many close combat battles.

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