Genshin Impact Fishing | How to Fish, all fishing spots, fishing bait, and respawn; times

Our Genshin Impact fishing guide has all the fishing spots, baits and ways to catch regular and ornamental fish.

Genshin Impact Fishing | How to Fish, all fishing spots, fishing bait, and respawn times

Fishing Genshin Impact is finally here, making miHoYo’s vast open world experience finally a true RPG.

It is a vast system with fisheries scattered all over the world. However, you will need to go fishing a bit to unlock more advanced bait.

How to get a fishing rod in Genshin Impact

The fishing system is only available to those of Adventure rank 30 or above. You also need to complete the first question about the world of Serenitea Pot, which will be opened before Inazuma’s prologue. End this if you haven’t already.

After downloading the Genshin 2.1 update, go to Mondstadt and talk to Katheryne at the Adventurers’ Guild. This starts a short quest which is basically a fishing tutorial. Follow the instructions and talk to Nanuck to learn the basics. He will also give you a basic fishing rod and some basic bait.

You can collect additional fishing rods by topic for each region by talking to a representative of the country’s Fishing Association and exchanging specific fish for a new rod.

How to fish in Genshin Impact

With fishing rod and bait in hand, find a fishery and cast in. If you use the correct bait, one or two fish will approach the bait.

Use the fishing button to keep the meter in the yellow box until you catch a fish. Staying out of the box for too long will eventually break the line.

All Genshin Impact Fishing Bait types and what they attract

Genshin has four varieties of bait, each of which is suitable for a different type of fish. You can make it after getting the bait recipe from any fishing association.

How to make fruit paste bait in Genshin Impact

  • Crystal fish
  • Aizen Medaka
  • Medak glaze
  • dawn Catcher
  • Medaka
  • Medaka with sweet flowers

How to make Redrot Bait in Genshin Impact

  • Akai Maou
  • Lunged stickelback
  • Snowstrider
  • Venomous Spine Fish
  • Betta

How To Make False Worm Bait In Genshin Impact

  • Persistent Scalars
  • Violet Shirakodai
  • Brown Shirakodai
  • Tea-colored shirakodai
  • Raimei Skalary

How to make an artificial fly bait in the Genshin Impact

All Genshin Impact fishing spots

There are over 20 fishing spots all over Teyvat. At the moment, they don’t seem to be specific to common fish and ornamental fish, so you have an equal chance that they will when you get close to the site.

Technically, you can scare fish away if you start fighting nearby, but it takes a lot to scare them. I fought a group of Hilichurls right next to the heaving spot and the fish only escaped because I accidentally electrocuted the water.

If you scare them away, you can teleport and come back to force a respawn.

genshin Impact Fisheries – Mondstadt

There is to be a third location in front of the city, but it has not been revived for me.

genshin Impact Fisheries – Liyue

Some have found an undulating spot in the pool on Mount Aocang, though that hasn’t revived for me either.

genshin Impact Fisheries – Inazuma

The place east of Tatarasuna is hard to beat as it is swarming with Cryo Slimes and the Electro Abyss mage. The flood of attacks scares fish away easily, so it’s best to swim here, deal with enemies, teleport back to the island to the west, and then sail out there again.

When do fish respawn in Genshin Impact

It’s still a bit early to tell when fish spawn after being caught, but the usual 24 hour reset time seems to be the general rule.

That’s all you need to know about Genshin Impact Fishing. If you are still working at Inazuma, we have detailed guides on all the biggest tasks, including Holy Sakura Purification and Tatar Tales. If you’re missing Sakura Bloom for your fishing bait, we’ve got you there too.

You can boil them, exchange them for prizes or breed them in a pond

How to get the Genshin Impact fishing rod

To get the Genshin Impact Rod, you must be Adventure Rank 30 or higher, complete the Ritou Escape Plan, and unlock the Serenitea Pot.

The Exploding Population quest will lead you to Nantuck on the shores of Cider Lake, where you will learn to fish.

There is also a specialized fishing rod for each region that is more effective in that region. These specialized rods can be purchased from the Angling Association in every region.

How to fish with Genshin Impact and find every fishery The new Genshin Impact Fishing Update means there is now more to than just catching them. There are places for fishing

Exploding population quest walkthrough

First of all, you should activate the navigation through the tasks in your Journal (in the “World Missions” tab). Your first stop is Mondstadt where you will talk to Katheryne at the Adventurers’ Guild. Then talk to the NPC just outside the gate and then head to the fishing pond north of Springvale (facing Mondstadt). Here you will have to catch your first fish.

Then, go to the fishing spot north of Starfell Valley to catch the “fancy” fish. This particular type of fish can be recognized by its nervousness (normal fish just stay in the water). Once you do that, the only task left is to return to the NPC location on the outskirts of Mondstadt and complete the dialogue. Congratulations, you’ve unlocked the Genshin Impact Fishing feature!

In the new update 2.1 Genshin Impact there is a new fishing game that is very different from the way you fish so far.

Fishing Controls for PS4 and PS5

  • Go to the fishing spot and press Square when prompted to catch fish.
  • Players can then use the X to select the rod they want to use and the triangle to select the bait
  • To cast the line, press and hold R2 while moving the target to where the fish are.
  • When it catches the bait, players must hit R2 again.
  • Holding R2 will fill the voltage meter. Releasing it will loosen the voltage meter. Keep the tension gauge in line with the moving box.
  • Players can then press X to exit the fishing mini-game or continue fishing by pressing R2 to cast again.

Genshin Impact introduced a brand new fishing system in Update 2.1. Players will need to download the update if they want to fish in the game.

More fishing details

You can get The Catch by listing the x number of certain fish at the Inazuma Fishing Association near the waypoint (3rd photo) ✨

– 케이 ✧ (@yeovbi_) September 1, 2021

Genshin Impact players can do many things with their fish. One of the biggest rewards for fishing is donating the fish to a fishing association in each region in exchange for amazing items such as new lures and fishing rods. It is also the only way to get the mighty 4-star polearm, The Catch, along with its enhanced materials.

Growing ornamental fish in a Serenitea pot (Image via Genshin Impact)

The Serenitea pot also has a new feature that includes a fishing system where players can breed their favorite ornamental fish.

Ornamental fish are unique varieties of fish that can be found in the fisheries. These fish can be bred in a pool of sapphire grace and even exhibited to friends.

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