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While it’s not impossible to get a 4 * weapon in this banner, it’s more unlikely as any 4 * item has a 50% chance of being one of the three featured 4 * characters. It’s impossible to get a 5 * weapon in a banner with a limited character, making it the best place to spend your wishes if you’re just looking for a character.

How to get new characters in Genshin Impact: All possible ways listed

The characters are without a doubt the most important part of Genshin Impact. The creators are constantly releasing new characters with their distinctive weapons, and the hype with each new unit is always growing.

However, getting a character in Genshin Impact isn’t as easy as it sounds (at least for F2P and low spend).

Here are all the possible methods by which players can get new characters in the game.


wishes are the main source of acquiring new characters in Genshin Impact. Players can combine or learn fates with 160 Primogems. These tickets can then be used on character wish banners with a limited duration or standard banners.

Players are guaranteed to receive a four-star / five-star unit for every 10 wishes, and five-star units are also distributed based on pity and soft pity systems.

patches 1.2, 1.4, 1.6 and 2.1 gave us exclusive free 4 * weapons that we could easily take to upgrade 5. So you can confidently expect that players will continue to get free 4 * characters every other patch, with easy-to-upgrade exclusive 4 * weapons in the patches in between.

How to Unlock Characters

To get characters in Genshin Impact, you will need to earn the currency with which you buy the wishes from the individual banners. Each of these banners can be found in the character menu, and depending on which one you buy from, they will give you different chances of getting each character in the game. Some of them will be time-limited and will require a different currency, while others will also give you a chance to get weapons.

Knowing Fate is technically a beginner to intermediate currency that will be used to buy wishes from beginner and standard banners. There will always be a banner you can use to buy this currency. Limited-time banners will use Entwined Fates and will sometimes give you a chance to acquire limited characters or give you a higher percentage to acquire a specific character. For example, at the time of the game’s launch, there is the banner of the highly sought-after character Venti.

You can choose to roll over if you want, which can be useful for getting a powerful character or a five-star. However, do this at your own risk, as there have been rumors that it will be a prohibited crime.

Here’s a good detailed look at the Gachi system that is involved in the Genshin Impact:

It seems best to use all your familiar lottery tickets on the beginner banners. You can buy a maximum of 20 of them, but when you buy the twentieth, you will get the guaranteed Noel character. Once that’s done, you should just purchase the standard banners for now. They also give you the opportunity to get powerful weapons.

You will receive free Intertwined Fates when the game launches, and you can also buy them with Primog collected as you level up!

Free Barbara Character

Promotion of the Genshin Impact Barbara character event

The good news for F2P (free) players is that you can get Barbara for free if you manage to reach Adventure rank 20 before the release of version 1.1. While it’s not a crazy level requirement, it will take you a long time to reach it. You’ll want to start earning these levels early, here’s a guide on how to make it faster:

Barbara is a Hydro character that is a water type. If you are an F2P player, you will not be able to access one of them at the start of the game. She is quite a strong healer so will be a valuable addition to your party.

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It’s safe to assume that more characters will be appearing as free rewards in the upcoming events of Genshin Impact. In banners, players can expect Arataki Itto and Gorou in patch 2.3, and Shenhe and Yun Jin in 2.4.

Genshin Impact limited-time event characters

Characters from limited-time events

The limited-time Genshin Impact events are also giving away free characters

MiHoYo also allows players to get free Genshin Impact characters during limited-time events, so be sure to keep an eye out for these special gifts. Events invariably require players to complete various tasks and take part in seasonal activities

Previous limited-time events rewarded the following 4-star characters:

  • Barbara
  • Fischl
  • Xiangling
  • Chongyun
  • Ningguang
  • Xinjan
  • Diona
  • Beidou
  • Aloj

Whether or not these characters will appear in future time-limited events remains to be seen, but for now, any free Genshin Impact character can be obtained without spending any money.

So there you have it, every free Genshin Impact character you can unlock. Make sure you check out our Genshin Impact page for all the latest leaks and information.

There are over 20 different characters in the game at the moment. Some are unlocked through game progress, while others are obtained through the Gacha system. With enough time and effort you can unlock all u003cemu003eGenshin Impactu003c / emu003e characters. However, it will take some time.

Pick your favorite banner

The Genshin Impact gacha system is broken down into banners which essentially allow players to choose a pool of items and characters to play for. The game usually has three banners at any one time (plus a banner for new players), each of which gives you a chance to acquire different items.

Before you decide on a wish banner, you need to know that not all characters can be obtained at any given time. While four-star characters are usually available on every banner, five-star Genshin Impact characters are broken into two camps: limited characters and standard characters. Limited characters are only available in the character event wish banner and are typically only available for 3 weeks. In addition to Traveler, the current list of standard five-star characters includes Jean, Qiqi, Mona, Diluc, and Keqing. All other five-star characters (Eula, Hu Tao, Xiao, Ganyu, Albedo, Zhongli, Tartaglia, Klee, and Venti) are only available when listed in the Character Event Wishes banner.

Character Event Wish — Intertwined Fate

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