Genshin Impact specs – can my PC, PlayStation, or mobile run Genshin; Impact

What specs do you need to run Genshin Impact on PC, Android and PS4?

Genshin Impact specs – can my PC, PlayStation, or mobile run Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact is no small game. In fact, it’s pretty damn chunky, and your device can struggle with it if it’s older. We have prepared a short summary of the recommended and required game specifications. Can Genshin Impact run on your PC or mobile phone?

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Genshin Impact Story

Genshin Impact is an MMORPG game developed by Mihoyo. When the Genshin Impact story begins, you will see a world called Teyvat. An evil female creature will appear that will capture two siblings, one will be your main character. If you choose a male you will be pushed away and your sister will be trapped in a red box created by a female being.

If you choose a woman as the main character, your brother will be imprisoned by her. Then you basically start after 2 years with a fairy guide named Paikamon to help you when you save her from drowning. Then your story will be about finding your siblings who have been captured by a female being.

Want to know the requirements for playing Genshin Impact on PC and Mobile? Find out here as well as learn how to download the game

How to download Genshin Impact

To start playing Genshin Impact on PC, just go to the official website of the game to download it. Check out the tutorial below:

1. The first step is to enter the official website of the game;

2. Then click on the “medal” in the middle of the screen;

Photo: Mihoyo / Reprodukcja

3. After the animation, select the platform on which you want to run the game, in this case the computer, in the lower menu. Then wait for the 100MB download to complete to install and run the game.

requirements for the impact of genshin

Photo: Mihoyo / Reprodukcja

For a mobile phone, it can be downloaded directly from the official iPhone and Android stores.

Here’s the Genshin Impact 1.3 file size and how to pre-install it now.

How To Pre-Install The 1.3 Update On PS4 And PS5 For Genshin Impact

Unfortunately, PlayStation players will still have to wait for Update 1.3, whether they’re on PS4 or PS5. PlayStation is still a special case in Genshin Impact, so there is no cross-save feature. But you will still be able to play the 1.3 update, you just have to wait for PSN to release it.

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