Gotham Knights release date: Batman spinoff game delay and latest news. When does the new batman game come out

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The Batman: Cast, release date, and everything else we know about the movie

The dark knight of DC Comics has a long history in cinema and television and is now set to return to the big screen in Batman, the upcoming feature film directed and written by Matt Reeves, director of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. The movie has a new release date and for the first time we take a look at Batman’s new look, his new Batmobile and other long-awaited elements of the movie.

Batman will be the character’s first solo film since the end of Christopher Nolan’s acclaimed The Dark Knight trilogy, and is slated to hit theaters in March 2022. Robert Pattinson will assume the role of the Dark Knight, and many other famous faces will be played by some of Gotham’s most distinguished citizens.

Here’s everything we know so far about Batman:

  • Title: Batman
  • Release Date: March 4, 2022
  • Cast: Robert Pattinson, Colin Farrell, Jeremy Irons, Zoë Kravitz, Jeffrey Wright
  • Director: Matt Reeves

New set pictures and footage

Thanks to the photos from the set posted on Twitter, we learn about the gloomy Gotham where this Batman story takes place. We see urban degradation, partially demolished buildings and what could be the exterior of the Batcave.

| New photos from The Batman series at Warner Bros. Studios in Great Britain.

Via: @DailyMailCeleb

– Batman Brasil (@TheBatmanBRA) November 24, 2020

Take part in showcasing the magnificent port and port that is part of Gotham Harbor Iceberg Fishing, which is used by the Pinguim operas

– Batman Brasil (@TheBatmanBRA) November 24, 2020

Twitter was in a frenzy in October as a recording of Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz (or their double) made its way through Liverpool, England. Batman also invented it as the Liver Building.

The Batman movie is still in progress! Here are Batman and Catwoman on their bikes. Super fun!

– DR Movie News 📽 (@ DRMovieNews1) October 13, 2020

Just Jared has a collection of new Batman set images so we can take a look at some of the movie’s important characters from scratch. Selina Kyle Zoë Kravitz looks dressed to impress, while Colin Farrell is virtually unrecognizable as Oswald Cobblepot.

Colin Farrell looks unrecognizable as Oswald Cobblepot / Penguin on the set of “Batman” with Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz – see photos from the set!

– (@JustJared) October 12, 2020

Finally, the game has a Metroidvania project. This means that the map is fully open, but you need to unlock certain skills or tools to reach certain places.

Gotham Knights release date

The Gotham Knights release date will be in 2022. The game was originally scheduled to be released in 2021, but a delay was announced on Twitter in March.

“The Knights of Gotham will take off around the world in 2022,” said a photo attached to the tweet. The exact date of 2022 is not given, so this could be any time of the year.

Regarding the reasons for the lag, the tweet adds: “We’re giving the game more time to give players the best possible experience.”

The Gotham Knights release date has been delayed.

The Gotham Knights release date has been delayed.

Is Gotham Knights a sequel to Batman: Arkham Knight?

While WB Montreal has worked on Batman: Arkham Origins and several other ties to the Arkham Rocksteady franchise, it has been confirmed that Gotham Knights is not a sequel to Arkham Knight. And Batman will not appear in Gotham Knights as a playable character as far as we know.

The story of Gotham Knights takes place in a universe of its own, completely separate from the Arkham series of games. Despite the fact that there are similarities between the Arkham Knight ending and the Gotham Knights beginning (both games are based on the idea of ​​getting Batman out of the action), Gotham Knights is something completely different.

Rocksteady, the lead developer of Arkham games, is working on another new game called Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League – this game, unlike Gotham Knights, is considered part of the Arkham canon. Not at all confusing, right?

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| New photos from The Batman series at Warner Bros. Studios in Great Britain. Via: @DailyMailCeleb – Batman Brasil (@TheBatmanBRA) November 24, 2020

Gotham Knights plot, characters and villains


The action takes place 15 years after Batman first took to the streets of Gotham, the Dark Knight is missing and presumed dead.

The city is still under threat from Super Villains, however, so the usually supportive cast of Bat family members: Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, and Red Hood.

Players can play each of the characters (sometimes two at a time, in cooperation mode), having different skills.

Knights of Gotham screenshots photo 1

Batgirl (Barbara Gordon, who was previously Oracle) is most similar to Batman himself, with an array of martial arts skills.

Knights of Gotham screenshots photo 2

Nightwing is the first Robin, Dick Grayson, to use two Escrim sticks to help eliminate enemies.

Screenshot of Gotham Knights 3

Red Hood is also a former Robin, Jason Todd who likes to use weapons and technology more to get his way. His appearance is further evidence that Gotham Knights is not set in the Arkham universe, as Todd proved to be the title Arkham Knight in that timeline.

Knights of Gotham screenshots photo 4

Finally, the newer Robin, Tim Drake, is more focused on stealth than the others.

They’ll have to face several key comic book villains, including Mr Freeze (seen in the gameplay walkthrough below) and, as revealed in the latest trailer, the dark characters of the Court of Owls.

Gothams Knights gameplay

Although Gotham Knights is not set in the Batman Arkham universe, it offers similar gameplay – as evidenced by the tutorial video released during the DC FanDome.

Each playable character will have their own unique style, but the Gotham open world will feature story missions and seemingly side quests – much like Arkham City and Arkham Knight.

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It is also a kind of role-playing player where characters can be promoted and assigned new skills throughout the game.

The biggest addition, however, is the online co-op for two players. While the game will be entirely playable by one player, several players may assume the role of different main characters and play together.

Combat has been tailored specifically for co-op play. An interview published by GameMe in January 2021 made it clear that while Arkham players will find the familiar gameplay flow, the system is mostly redesigned: “We’ve completely redesigned the combat system to work well in co-op,” Fleur Marty of Montreal told WB Games. “Sure, we’re still a rowdy, and some mechanics will be no strangers to people who have played and enjoyed the Arkham franchise, but in many ways it’s very different.”

The Gotham Knights release date will be in 2022. The game was originally scheduled to be released in 2021, but a delay was announced on Twitter in March.


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We share a summary of the four titles of the saga. It will help you understand what you are missing. For example, Mark Hammill may be missing as the voice of the Joker in the first two games .

Playable Heroes in Gotham Knights

Nightwing (Dick Grayson)

dick grayson comics dc

Nightwing was once a Robin who first appeared in Detective Comics # 38 (April 1940). Dick Grayson was the original Robin, the one everyone thinks of when they think of a Gotham boy wonder. Now an adult, he has become Nightwing’s acrobatic ranger.

Robin (Tim Drake)

tim Drake comics DC

Tim Drake is the third person to be Robin and made his debut in Batman # 436 (August 1989). Of the midfielders, he is by far the best and brightest detective. He became Robin after he found out who Batman was because “Batman Needs Robin”.

Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)

barbara gordon comics dc

Barbara Gordon is the daughter of Commissioner Gordon. She is also the most iconic character known as Vigilante Batgirl. She was featured in Detective Comics # 359 (January 1967). In some stories, she is paralyzed from the waist down after being shot by the Joker. In these timelines, uses the Oracle Watchdog name instead.

Red Hood (Jason Todd)

jason todd comics dc

Jason Todd is the second Robin to debut in Batman # 357 (March 1983). For a long time he was the Robin everyone overlooked. He was unpopular with readers, leading to the Joker being beaten to death in the short story “Death in the Family” due to the result of a telephone poll to determine his fate.

In a recent but iconic 2006 story called Batman: Under the Hood, Jason Todd was resurrected as a murderous anti-hero who blamed Batman for not killing the Joker in revenge for his death. As part of his new pro-murder show, he argued with Batman several times until he decided to repent and change his behavior. Jason started using rubber balls and rejoined the Bat-Family in Batman Incorporated’.

In it you will see a new cast of playable characters – with Batman presumed dead. Repeatedly guiding also gives you an interesting jump-in-and-out co-op.

Batman: Arkham Origins – 2013

batman arkham origins

Arkham Origins features several villains. They are Black Mask, Anarchy, Enigma, Killer Croc, Deathstroke, Copperhead, Deadshot, Firefly, and Shiva.

Batman: Arkham Origins debuted on the Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in 2013. Warner Bros. Games Montreal made the game with various new features. In addition to changing the studio, Warner also changed the game’s writer and some of the voice-over actors. In particular, Mark Hammil did not participate as Joker.

The new storyline is a prequel to Arkham Asylum. The game follows the younger Batman hunting Black Mask along with some of the deadliest killers in the world.

The gameplay is similar to the previous one. Batman uses a combination of stealth, gadgets, and fluid combat to explore and defeat enemies. The game includes new devices, tools and skills, as well as some familiar items.

The game also introduces a fast travel system. Batman can use his plane to travel to other parts of the world. However, there are installations that Batman needs to take down before using the plane in certain areas.

In addition, the game brings back the detective mode and has new skills. For example, it can rewind time and fast forward to recreate crime scenes. Batman can see the crimes in the Batcomputer to discover more clues. Similarly, Batman can enter his Batjaskini, the center of the game. This is where players can trade, upgrade, and customize gear and gadgets.

Finally, the game includes various game modes and a multiplayer mode. Multiplayer is a battle between the heroes (Batman and Robin) and the villains (Joker and Bane).

Despite its many additions, critics and fans often feel that Origins is not as good as Asylum or Arkham City. For example, the first two games are over 90 points on Metacritic, while Origins has 74 points (PC version).

Some of the things fans didn’t like were the combat mechanics to make the game easier, the exaggerated detective mode, and the revamped mechanics.

The gameplay is similar to the previous one. Batman uses a combination of stealth, gadgets, and fluid combat to explore and defeat enemies. The game includes new devices, tools and skills, as well as some familiar items.

Batman Arkham Legacy Gameplay – playable Bat-family, open-world

Batman Arkham Legacy - release date, story, all rumors about the new Batman game

Of course, we haven’t seen the game yet, so we can’t make any guarantees about the gameplay, but we can make some guesses about the different elements. For starters, it will probably play much like the previous Batman Arkham games – WB Montreal will not change such a successful formula, although hopefully it will speed it up a bit. It will definitely be an open world, as this job posting on the WB Montreal website shows, as does Arkham Knight.

The biggest difference is that it seems the crime-fighting bat family will play a bigger role. While Batman will almost certainly be the main character, other characters such as Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing etc will also be playable. While these are just rumors, they are the strongest.

Batman Arkham Legacy Story – Court of Owls and Ra’s Al Ghul

Batman Arkham Legacy - release date, story, all rumors about the new Batman game

We don’t really know anything about the history of the new Batman game – and a lot of it depends on whether it’s played before Batman Arkham Asylum (like Origins) or after Arkham Knight. Regardless, for a long time the strongest rumor has been that the Owl Court – an ominous organization made up of Gotham’s most influential people – will be antagonists, and Court creator Scott Snyder apparently endorses it.

We can get some information from the four symbols in the game. One seems to show an owl’s head to the side, confirming a previous rumor – but the clearest symbol is the Demon’s Head, the symbol of Ra’s Al Ghul and the Killer League. It is entirely possible that these four symbols refer to factions trying to carve Gotham City – and remove Batman, if “Capture the Knight” has any meaning.

We hope to find out more at the Video Game Awards next month! Stay tuned, same time for bats, same website for bats.

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