Gotham Knights release date: Batman spinoff game delay and latest news. When is the new batman game coming out

Now, more than six years later, the fifth game of similar gameplay is headed our way – Gotham Knights. And while it’s technically not set in the Arkham universe, it has similar themes and gameplay.

Gotham Knights release date: Batman spinoff game delay and latest news

With Batman and Commissioner Gordon dead, the Knights of Gotham must rise.

robin gotham knights

With the release date of Gotham Knights on the horizon, we’re slowly learning more about what Warner Bros. Montreal’s Batman spin-off has to offer.

And with The Game Awards 2021 scheduled to begin tonight (December 9, 2021), more Gotham Knights updates may be on the way.

Of course, there is little clue as to what upcoming games to expect at the show, but there has been a lot of speculation about potential appearances.

Set in the open world of Gotham City, the game will put players in the capes and hoods of the extended Bat family like never before. The story begins when Batman and Bruce Wayne are dead; Now Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl and the Red Hood must protect Gotham City and save the street from the dark.

Without further ado, here’s everything we know so far about the game, starting with that release date delay.

Gotham Knights release date

The Gotham Knights release date will be in 2022. The game was originally scheduled to be released in 2021, but a delay was announced on Twitter in March.

“The Knights of Gotham will take off around the world in 2022,” said a photo attached to the tweet. The exact date of 2022 is not given, so this could be any time of the year.

Regarding the reasons for the lag, the tweet adds: “We’re giving the game more time to give players the best possible experience.”

The Gotham Knights release date has been delayed.

The Gotham Knights release date has been delayed.

Барбара отлично обучена различным боевым стилям, таким как кикбоксинг, капоэйра и джиу-джитсу. Её фирменное оружие – это тонфа. Барбара также проявляет большое мастерство, когда дело доходит до взлома i декодирования компьюте.

Gotham Knights trailers

The trailer for the world premiere was released as part of the first DC FanDome in August 2021.

In it you will see a new cast of playable characters – with Batman presumed dead. Repeatedly guiding also gives you an interesting jump-in-and-out co-op.

A second trailer was shown at the second DC Fandom in October 2022.

It presents the main villains of the song – Court of Owls. The Penguin (Oswald Cobblepot) also includes.

Gotham Knights plot, characters and villains


The action takes place 15 years after Batman first took to the streets of Gotham, the Dark Knight is missing and presumed dead.

The city is still under threat from Super Villains, however, so the usually supportive cast of Bat family members: Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, and Red Hood.

Players can play each of the characters (sometimes two at a time, in cooperation mode), having different skills.

Knights of Gotham screenshots photo 1

Batgirl (Barbara Gordon, who was previously Oracle) is most similar to Batman himself, with an array of martial arts skills.

Knights of Gotham screenshots photo 2

Nightwing is the first Robin, Dick Grayson, to use two Escrim sticks to help eliminate enemies.

Screenshot of Gotham Knights 3

Red Hood is also a former Robin, Jason Todd who likes to use weapons and technology more to get his way. His appearance is further evidence that Gotham Knights is not set in the Arkham universe, as Todd proved to be the title Arkham Knight in that timeline.

Knights of Gotham screenshots photo 4

Finally, the newer Robin, Tim Drake, is more focused on stealth than the others.

They’ll have to face several key comic book villains, including Mr Freeze (seen in the gameplay walkthrough below) and, as revealed in the latest trailer, the dark characters of the Court of Owls.

The Batcycle will be the vehicle of choice as you tear your way through Gotham and look for a new enemy style in the Batman games – these bandits and thugs will level up just like you, meaning you’ll rarely encounter an easy fight.


Тим Дрейк, может быть, самый младший at Бэт-семье, но он and самый умный, а также является непрененененененененененен. Тим искренне верит в миссию Бэтмена, а его мотивация исходит не только из того факта, что он пережил личную потерю, а из того, что Готэм-Сити действительно нужен в герой. Бэтмен был наставником высочайшего класса, олицетворявшим тип человека, которым Тим надется стать.

Превосходный боец, вооружённый своим складным посохом и мастерски владеющий искусством скрытности, Тим также обладает приличным опытом в области комбинированной психологической войны и поведенческих наук – всё это позволяет ему выполнять любые миссии.


Few who moет сравниться with арбарой Гордон по силе воли and решительности. Барбара всегда была человеком действия. По её мнению, никогда не стоит отступать. Её отец был одним из самых известных комиссаров полиции Готэм-Сити, что оказало на неё огромное на неё огромное на. Джим Гордон отдал свою жизнь за Готэм, и теперь она очет быть уверена, что было не напрасно. После сражения, в результате которого Барбара оказалась в инвалидном кресле, она стала Орацкулторм. Пройдя интенсивную подготовку и реабилитацию, она оправилась от ран and вернулась к активаку и реациюли

Барбара отлично обучена различным боевым стилям, таким как кикбоксинг, капоэйра и джиу-джитсу. Её фирменное оружие – это тонфа. Барбара также проявляет большое мастерство, когда дело доходит до взлома i декодирования компьюте.

The story of Gotham Knights takes place in its own universe, completely separate from the Arkham series of games. Despite the fact that there are similarities between the Arkham Knight ending and the Gotham Knights beginning (both games are based on the idea of ​​getting Batman out of the action), Gotham Knights is something completely different.

Is Gotham Knights a sequel to Arkham Knight?

No it isn’t – while Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is part of the Arkham-verse, Gotham Knights is the beginning of a new chapter in DC gaming.

Warner Bros has compiled a comprehensive guide showing the gameplay we can expect from Gotham Knights.

Gameplay walkthrough

While this snippet is only featured in Batgirl, we do have clear insight into what she can do, how the fights unfold, and information about the vehicles you’ll be using. Importantly, you will be able to play as all Knights who, in turn, have their own unique characteristics.

  • Little Red Riding Hood: combat and weapons specialist.
  • Robin: Stealth specialist.
  • Batgirl: Hacking specialist.
  • Nightwing: an acrobatics specialist.

Despite having four playable characters, you will only be able to play co-op with two players.

Gotham Knights platforms

Batgirl standing at the clock tower in Gotham Knights

Batgirl meets Mr. Freeze is the epic battle we’ve all been waiting for

Gotham Knights will be released on PC, Xbox One and Series X | S as well as Playstation 4 and 5.

Details on cross-platform and cross-generation play are yet to be confirmed, but we’ll keep you updated on any relevant news.

That’s all we know about Gotham Knights so far, but we’ll update this page as we get closer to launch.

As a result, Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing and Red Hood will star in Gotham Knights, focusing on teamwork as well as RPG elements as players advance their Bat family members.

What are the rumors about Batman Arkham: Court of Owls?


Rumor has it that the Court of Owls game started out as the canceled Batman Arkham game with Damian Wayne rather than Bruce. It’s a shame it didn’t, but we’ve got some nice concept art to remember. Maybe some of them will still be used in the new game?

If rumors are to be believed, more than one game could be made behind closed doors at Warner Bros. Could it be that the Damien Wayne-centric game is still being developed with the Court of Owls? Perhaps.

We’ll keep you updated on all things Batman Arkham: Court of Owls here.

Its crushing combo-based combat and fun exploratory navigation combine to make for a stunning mix of gameplay. This was followed by two more and more perfect tours, Arkham City and Arkham Knight, each of which extended the scope of the series. The quadrillogy was filled with a prequel game, Arkham Origins.

Batman Arkham Legacy Announcement Date

The reveal of another Batman Arkham game was teased in September of Batman Day, and the above tweet made it official on September 23. Everyone assumed this double teasing would mean the official announcement would come soon – but it hadn’t happened yet. The most likely disclosure date is December 13, the Video Game Awards – which previously hosted the announcements of both Batman Arkham City and Origins, so it’s just over a month left.

Batman Arkham Legacy - release date, story, all rumors about the new Batman game

If the announcement date of Batman Arkham Legacy is unknown, it’s even less likely that we’ll know about the release date right now. However, we can guess. The next generation of consoles is due out on Holiday 2020, and many of 2020’s biggest games were announced long ago – it seems extremely unlikely that the new Batman Arkham game will come before PS5 or Xbox Scarlett, but it could be cross-generational.

It’s also important to note that Marvel’s Avengers will debut in May, so it’s doubtful Warner Bros would want to compete directly with that – and certainly not in the summer, as there were actually some major games released back then. So we’re staying before May (if so why hasn’t it been announced yet?) Or August / September / October, in which case they might as well wait for the next generation releases. So wait a minute.

Batman Arkham Legacy Gameplay – playable Bat-family, open-world

Batman Arkham Legacy - release date, story, all rumors about the new Batman game

Of course, we haven’t seen the game yet, so we can’t make any guarantees about the gameplay, but we can make some guesses about the different elements. For starters, it will probably play much like the previous Batman Arkham games – WB Montreal will not change such a successful formula, although hopefully it will speed it up a bit. It will definitely be an open world, as this job posting on the WB Montreal website shows, as does Arkham Knight.

The biggest difference is that it seems the crime-fighting bat family will play a bigger role. While Batman will almost certainly be the main character, other characters such as Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing etc will also be playable. While these are just rumors, they are the strongest.

Рыцари Готэма – это игра соткрым миром в жанре экшен-РПГ, действие которой разворачивается на оживлениты Патрулируйте самостоятельно или с одним из других героев пять различных районов Готэма и пресекайны пресеканы.

Gotham Knights Game Release Date

Gotham Knights has no set release date, but has been pushed back to 2022 by publisher WB Games as it needed more development time. We’re expected to hear an update to the design, and perhaps even get a real and solid release date at DC FanDome 2021 on October 16, 2021.

court of Owls dc comics

The Court of Owls made its debut in New 52 Batman (2011-2016) and was created by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. They were Batman’s new major enemies for several years in the DC comics The New 52, ​​and have since appeared in adaptations such as the Fox series Gotham and the animated film Batman vs. Robin.

The Court of Owls has been ubiquitous in Gotham for centuries and has had ancestral ties to both the Wayne and Grayson families. They used their enormous fortunes to influence both Gotham City’s architecture and political decisions for their own purposes. They hated Batman, believing they were the only saviors the people of Gotham needed.

The Court of Owls was able to provide its members with superhuman resilience and an exceptionally long life. They also showed that they are able to bring members of the court back to life many times. The folks in the DC Universe don’t believe the Court of Owls exists and until they attacked Batman he couldn’t find any evidence that they were more than fiction.

Playable Heroes in Gotham Knights

Nightwing (Dick Grayson)

dick grayson comics dc

Nightwing was once a Robin who first appeared in Detective Comics # 38 (April 1940). Dick Grayson was the original Robin, the one everyone thinks of when they think of a Gotham boy wonder. Now an adult, he has become Nightwing’s acrobatic ranger.

Robin (Tim Drake)

tim Drake comics DC

Tim Drake is the third person to be Robin and made his debut in Batman # 436 (August 1989). Of the midfielders, he is by far the best and brightest detective. He became Robin after he found out who Batman was because “Batman Needs Robin”.

Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)

barbara gordon comics dc

Barbara Gordon is the daughter of Commissioner Gordon. She is also the most iconic character known as Vigilante Batgirl. She was featured in Detective Comics # 359 (January 1967). In some stories, she is paralyzed from the waist down after being shot by the Joker. In these timelines, uses the Oracle Watchdog name instead.

Red Hood (Jason Todd)

jason todd comics dc

Jason Todd is the second Robin to debut in Batman # 357 (March 1983). For a long time he was the Robin everyone overlooked. He was unpopular with readers, leading to the Joker being beaten to death in the short story “Death in the Family” due to the result of a telephone poll to determine his fate.

In a recent but iconic 2006 story called “Batman: Under the Hood”, Jason Todd was resurrected as a murderous anti-hero who blamed Batman for not killing the Joker in revenge for his death. As part of his new pro-murder show, he argued with Batman several times until he decided to repent and change his behavior. Jason started using rubber balls and rejoined the Bat-Family in Batman Incorporated’.

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