Graphics card availability likely won t improve until late 2022 — here s why. When will graphics card prices drop

However, I am not sure if we will see a new version of DLSS next year. Nvidia quietly released DLSS 2.3 not too long ago, and it seems these iterative updates will be on par over the next year. Nvidia has a definite advantage in the DLSS field based on our testing, and I imagine Nvidia will keep riding this wave for as long as possible.

Why Are Graphics Cards So Expensive Right Now?

You’ve probably noticed now how expensive graphics cards are. But why? Here are the reasons for the high prices.

It’s hard to get hold of a new graphics card at the moment. Whether you are looking for a new generation or legacy card, all cards on the market today are overpriced and with limited availability.

In short: the current demand for graphics cards far exceeds the total available supply. How did this happen? Why is supply not keeping up with demand?

In this article, we’ll look at the reasons why graphics cards are so expensive these days. Many of these factors are obvious. On the other hand, others may surprise you.

The Global Chip Shortage

Why are GPUs so expensive? Economics, my dear Watson. Supply, demand, and resource allocation determine how available or expensive a good or service is, especially with what the general public sees and has access to.

We are currently facing a global chip shortage that could go on indefinitely. We use semiconductor chips in everything from computers to airplanes; producers all over the world have had to cut or limit production due to scarcity.

This applies not only to graphics cards, but also to other sectors, including laptops, phones, and video game consoles.

Whether it’s for work or entertainment, many people are looking for electronic devices such as computers, smartphones or tablets. This drastically increased the demand for graphics cards, which is why graphics cards are so expensive these days.

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According to Microsoft, Windows 11 is rolling out twice as fast as Windows 10 via upgrade offers. In addition, the Windows 11 upgrade offer is entering the final stage of availability, which Microsoft did not anticipate until mid-2022.

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