Grenade Launcher. Where to find grenade launcher in resident evil 3

These rounds are the second easiest to find, but the least powerful during the endgame’s climax, unless they are dealing with specific enemies. The napalm inside ignites on impact, setting the surrounding area on fire – great for splash damage, but not so good for single enemies.


Hk-p Grenade Launcher. A small grenade launcher developed for the needs of the police. It’s loaded with explosives.”
– Subject research – English

Hk-p Grenade Launcher. A small grenade launcher developed for the needs of the police. It’s loaded with acid missiles.”
– Subject research – English

Hk-p Grenade Launcher. A small grenade launcher designed for police use. It’s loaded with fireballs.”
– Subject research – English

“Hk-p Grenade Launcher. A small grenade launcher developed for police use. It is loaded with freezing rounds.”
– Subject research – English

G. Launcher can be found in one of two places:

The first location is the gun locker in the STARS office on the 2nd floor of the police station. If it’s not there, there will be a Magnum instead. The second location is the Substation, where the power plant is located. There you will have to unlock both shutter doors. The lower room will contain a Fuse, and the upper room will contain a Grenade Launcher.

The G. Launcher is a powerful weapon, second only to Magnum in terms of damage. Like grenade launchers in other Resident Evil games, HG. Overall launcher damage will ultimately depend on the type of shells used:


Grenade Launcher Ammo can be found in areas or crafted by mixing certain gunpowder combinations with the Reload Tool. The amount of grenade produced gradually increases from just ten rounds with each creation of a certain type of grenade.

Alternatively, gunpowder can be combined with regular grenade rounds to make up to six flame, acid, or freeze rounds.

The standard and most popular type of ammo, these grenades deal massive area damage to enemies. Hk-p will be equipped by default when it is first detected. This is the easiest ammunition to make thanks to the mixing skill.

(Gunpowder C = 10+ grenades)

Filled with incendiary liquid, these grenades will set enemies and areas on fire. They are slightly rarer and more difficult to create than Burst Rounds. They are able to kill most low-level enemies with one shot.

(Gunpowder A + C = 10+ fire shells) or (Gunpowder A + grenade shells = up to 6 fire shells)

Very powerful acid grenade missiles that will melt the flesh of zombies and bows. Even rarer and more difficult to make than Burst & Flame missiles. Grave Digger is weak against acid projectiles.

(Gunpowder B + C = 10+ acid bullets) or (Gunpowder B + grenade bullets = up to 6 acid bullets)

The rarest of all grenades, Freeze Rounds not only deals a lot of damage to enemies, but also freezes them in place for a few seconds. The nemesis is especially susceptible to Freezing Missiles, although he is still able to walk slowly when frozen. There will be very few Freeze Shells in the game, and loading them by hand requires the most gunpowder.

(Gunpowder C + C = 10+ freeze shells) or (Gunpowder C + grenades = up to 6 freeze shells)

Now you are in the sewers and you will have to face new enemies. Here is a walkthrough of the transition to the next section of Resident Evil 3 Remake.

Where is the grenade launcher in Resident Evil 3 remake?

Resident Evil 3 Remake Grenade Launcher Location map

You will find the grenade launcher in the sewers. When you head south shortly after arriving, you will come to a fork on your way.

If you keep going south through the sewers, you will end up in the office. Inside the office, there is a grenade launcher on a metal cart.

The description of the MGL grenade launcher in the game is:

“A prototype of a semi-automatic grenade launcher capable of firing many types of missiles. It takes a while to reload, but it has a lot of damage.”

Unfortunately, the grenade launcher in the RE3 remake is not like the RE2 remake, in which you can just throw as many shells as you have at your gun. Instead, the MGL has a six-round magazine with a relatively long reload time. Its semi-automatic mechanism is also broken, so Jill has to manually rotate the cylinder after each shot. As a result, the Grenade Launcher can deal massive damage per shot, but leaves you open to attack after each detonation and while reloading.

It is possible that the Grenade Launcher may reappear later if you skip it, as in the Resident Evil 2 remake. However, it is such a necessary weapon that I did not leave it to see if it still is.

Resident Evil 3 remake grenade round recipes

In the RE3 remake you can get Explosive Powder A and Explosive Powder B. By mixing them, you can make three types of grenades, each with their own strengths and weaknesses:

  • Explosive powder A + Explosive powder A = explosive projectiles
  • Explosive powder A + Explosive powder B = Bullets of fire
  • Explosive powder B + Explosive powder B = acid balls

Note, you cannot produce Mine Rounds. The little stash that you get right before and during the fight against the Clock Tower is all there is in the game.

Smash the box in front of you when you land to get a first aid spray. Get on the scaffolding on the right. Climb the ladder and you’ll land back on the roof .

Resident Evil 3 Remake Nemesis flamethrower boss

When you reach the top of the ladder, Nemesis will grab your head. He now has a flamethrower.

Run through the shutter in front of you while avoiding the zombies. There is a safe room here where you can stock up and catch your breath. Once you’re done, take the stairs .

Ignore the zombies and move on. Sneak past or shoot them to stumble if you have to.

Just run and work your way up until you reach a few boards, hold them and climb.

Continue following the linear path in front of you, jumping over gaps and pressing without stopping.

Finally, you climb the ladders and have one last chance to stock up and save before the boss battle.

It’s a simple fight. Just stand behind the cover and aim at his fuel tank. Shoot the generators it gets close to and run away and change position as it gets closer.

The gun is enough for the fuel tank, but you can also use the grenade launcher to wobble the Nemesis.

When you’re done, you’ll be back on the streets. Keep following the route until you get on the fire truck and on the other side.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Gun Shop Kendo

After leaving, go to the Gun Shop Kendo. Inside you will find a Semi Auto Barrel for a shotgun. Remember that the shotgun takes up two slots if you use it.

Take everything you need and can carry then head from the back to trigger a cutscene with the shop owner. Use a nearby safe room to repack your inventory and save if you wish. Make sure you get the Kendo Gate Key from a nearby one

Go back outside the store and use the key to unlock the gate on the right. You can safely throw away the key later to free up space in your inventory

Deal with the enemy in front of you, turn left and go through the door at the end of the alley. There is another parasite head in this building, so be prepared to deal with it.

If you have a lockpick with you, there’s a crate with explosive projectiles upstairs. Once done, go outside.

Old Nemmy will reappear outside. He will chase you through another linear sequence with a rocket launcher. Just follow the designated path and avoid when the laser pointer is on you.

Finally, you will trigger another cutscene, after which you will climb the scaffolding and climb the ladder to the rooftops, where Carlos will call.

When you run to Toy Uncle, the Nemesis will shoot his mascot, causing it to fall like an Indiana Jones boulder. It will crush you if you don’t escape where you came from and you won’t be safe until it’s gone.

Once you pass, head back to the dungeon where Carlos is waiting. After the cutscene, follow him for, you guessed it, more cutscenes.

Half the fun with Resident Evil 3 comes through the story over and over again – not only to earn better ranks and deal with more difficult difficulties, but also to earn wonderfully powerful weapons after the game.


  • Recovery Coin: Gradually regenerate health while held (4000p)
  • defense Iron Coin: Greatly increases your defense when held (4000p)
  • Assault Coin: Greatly increases attack power when held (4000P)
  • Crafting Companion: Increases the amount of ammo earned during crafting when held (4000p)
  • STARS Field Combat Handbook: When held, physical feats like the perfect dodge become easier to perform (6400p)
  • Lockpick (2800P)
  • Screw knives (2800P)
  • Waist pouch (4800 P)

There are exactly enough challenge points available to buy all unlockable items, so be careful and plan ahead. You won’t want to face more difficult difficulties without at least some of these weapons and survival items. It really feels like Capcom tuned Inferno’s difficulty with these things in mind.

To give myself more freedom and afford the Rocket Launcher sooner rather than later, I would skip unlockable items such as the lockpick, lock cutters, hot dog, and RAI-DEN. Don’t miss the STARS handbook. Trust me!

Resident Evil 3 Jill

Hope we get more costumes. (And DLC Nikolai.)

One final note: You don’t need to unlock the store to start solving challenges. They work backwards. In other words, you can peel them off and all your points will be settled after the game is over.

If you are thinking of fighting the Nightmare and Inferno, defense coins are highly recommended. In a turn of events that were as embarrassing as frustrating, I was killed by the first zombie in the game – for example, before you even get to the item box and throw away RE3. Inferno is so ruthless.

I’ve survived the S-rank Nightmare series, and I’m absolutely scared of the ultimate Nemesis form on Inferno.

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Make sure you play in assisted or standard modes to keep the zombies a lot less spongy. You want them to go down fast and hard even when using a handgun as those kills are the most frustratingly boring.

3. Flame Rounds

These rounds are the second easiest to find, but the least powerful during the endgame’s climax, unless they are dealing with specific enemies. The napalm inside ignites on impact, setting the surrounding area on fire – great for splash damage, but not so good for single enemies.

What are fire projectiles good for:

  • Large groups of “smaller” enemies, such as walkers. It can also stack cars and electric / explosive boxes can explode on contact.
  • Especially used in version 1 of Nemesis, during a specific rooftop scene that deals serious damage to him with flames. Later, Evolved Nemesis does not appear to have the same weakness, and it is not recommended to use these rounds for this.
  • You can also set yourself on fire from splash damage, so be careful to stay out of the chaos.

Flame Round Details:

  • Red in color and definitely visible from a distance.
  • The second most common round that can be found at the beginning of Carlos’ game. However, keep in mind that this gun is only for Jill, unless it is bought in the store.
  • It can often be perceived as weaker due to the wide beam effect. In addition, it takes time for enemies to burn to death, while other rounds remove them much faster.

How to get fireballs:

2. Acid Rounds

Acid missiles are definitely ammo that you can carry with you throughout the game. Although the hardest thing is to create. The capsule, when fired, breaks on impact, immersing the area in acid. Please be careful!

What Acid Discs Are Good For:

  • Particularly tough enemies, such as mutant walkers in laboratories. They’re hard to kill at first – and seemingly only acid projectiles will actually make them fall and stay. Remember to aim for your knees!
  • Large groups of enemies like fireballs, but they also deal splash damage to make sure you’re far away before you fire.
  • Unlike fireballs, they seem to have no effect whatsoever on the electric or explosive boxes that are littered in Racoon City.

Acid Round Details:

  • Acid Rounds are bright yellow and are definitely not to be confused with other ammunition.
  • The second most powerful grenade launcher ammo, but also the most difficult to find. Many people only have them during gameplay because they created them.
  • Using a crafting companion (which can be bought in the store) is a great way to increase the amount of ammo you craft during your session. But it is expensive and so are the ammunition you want to produce.

How to get sour rounds:

There are 58 records (one of which is earned by capturing everything else) that serve as in-game challenges across all runs and save. I won’t be rejecting them all – again many of them correspond to trophies / achievements – but I will mention a few to illustrate why the substation is well suited for grinding.

Gun Shop Kendo

Resident Evil 3 Kendo weapon shop

Go to the gun shop. Image: Capcom by Polygon

At the weapon shop, take Explosive B, Green Herb, Semi-Automatic Barrel (Shotgun) and Explosive A from the front of the store. If you’re running out of inventory space, remember that you can combine items when you pick them up – for example, A and B explosives.

Go back and take the gun ammo and gunpowder. After another cutscene, grab the Kendo’s Gate Key. On the right side you will find a chest for items and a typewriter.

Service Alley

Go straight ahead, use the Kendo’s Gate Key to unlock the gate on the right (west). You can safely throw the key out of your inventory.

Deal with two zombies and take the Red Herb.

Resident Evil 3 Downtown Demolition site Charlie Doll house

This Charlie doll is in the house as soon as you walk in. Photo: Capcom via Polygon

Follow the alley to the left and jump through the door. Once inside, shoot the Charlie doll on the shelf in front of you.

In the next room, deal with the zombies and then go upstairs. Jump into the bedroom and read the Raccoon Times Reader column on the bed for a teaser. Block it, select the chest and take the explosive missiles inside.

Go back downstairs and exit through the front door.

Objective: Escape the creature

Guess who’s back! Run into the alley and head down to avoid the nemesis rockets. Don’t slow down for zombies and even if Nemesis is right behind you. Just keep running and use the avoid button freely.

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis Rocket Launcher

Don’t try to destroy Nemesis. Just run. Image: Capcom by Polygon

When you reach the front of the subway’s energy substation, the Nemesis will be in front of you. It will fire three rockets and it will take a few seconds to reload. Avoid the first three shots and run to the west end of the parking lot. Avoid a few more shots if you must. When you are successful, a short cinematic will play (well, “success”).

Smash the crate in front of you when you land for the first aid spray. Get on the scaffolding on the right. Climb the ladder and you’ll land back on the roof.

Use the sidewalk to get to the donut shop area and then take the stairs.

It seems the reader column was right. Quickturn and run back down the stairs. Cut at the bottom left.

Sneak past Charlie’s head as quickly as possible and go up the stairs. At the top, turn right and head to the alley opposite Toy Uncle. If you are really fast, you can avoid fighting the Nemesis here.

If you’re not fast enough, hit him with the hand grenade – he will drop a supply chest with some fireballs.

You won’t destroy the Nemesis. Your only goal on the street is to avoid Nemesis’ rockets and blows and reach the alley leading to the subway station.

After the cutscene, follow Carlos to the platform. Watch cutscenes as everything goes perfectly on the way out of town. (Spoiler: No.)

Now go back and take the battery with you. Cross the walkway in front of the room. Go down the ladder and use the Battery Pack on the door there.

How to Unlock the Infinite Rocket Launcher

Make sure you play in assisted or standard modes to keep the zombies a lot less spongy. You want them to go down fast and hard even when using a handgun as those kills are the most frustratingly boring.

Make sure you kill Jill as many guns as possible when you start the game, use the gun only if possible for all basic zombie kills. You can easily kill around 30 zombies before you even control Carlos for the first time in RPD

After switching to Carlos, make sure you have accumulated as many Pistol bullets as possible and get as many Pistol kills as possible while killing is easy. You can easily achieve another 20 zombie kills in RPD, and Carlos will place a total of around 50-60 pistol kills out of 200 before even reaching the hospital. Don’t forget to grab the mount for the assault rifle scope in the white box in the office area across from the armory.

When you start playing as Carlos the second time in the hospital area, make sure you use flashbangs to sneak past the Hunter Beta and avoid shooting at them or using hand grenades at all costs. Make sure to grab the handle located in the courtyard (jump out through the first window you see on the second floor to access it) and use combinations 9 on the left, 3 on the right on the safe in the waiting room on the second floor to access Assault rifle magazine expansion… with all these improvements, your life will be much easier.

There are three hand grenades in the hospital, so keep grabbing them. You’ll need them to kill Hunter Beta during the Horde Fever section with Carlos, as well as save one to collect 2,000 kills. You can find a hand grenade in a locker somewhere in the hospital as well as 2 in the supply box behind the door of the operating room on the first floor, which is locked with Dr. Bards. Be sure to load up your assault rifle ammo as well, but you get a lot when chasing the horde, so you should be fine with around 300 AR rounds.

After you give Jill the Vaccine hard, save your game on a typewriter in the recovery room and exit through the double doors to take part in the horde battle.

Unlock Infinite Rocket Launcher Video Guide

The Infinite Rocket Launcher cannot be purchased until you complete the game on any difficulty level, no matter which.

Using any cheats doesn’t lower your rank, so it’s important to get the former to make your life easier in order to get other kinds of kills. This will allow you to wade through the game until you get another weapon like shotgun, magnum, and grenade launcher, and just use that weapon to wipe away the rest of your points and buy other gadgets.

To afford the Infinite Launcher you need 62,400 points.

This guide gives you a total of 63,200 points, here’s the breakdown:

80 enemies with a pistol: 1200
200 enemies with a pistol: 5200

200 enemies with an assault rifle = 3,400
400 enemies with an assault rifle = 8,400

400 enemies = 5200
800 enemies = 8200
1100 enemies = 10,400
1400 enemies = 10,600
2,000 enemies = 11,000

In addition to completing the game and completing other objectives throughout the game, you can easily collect enough to buy an improved dodge book (which I highly recommend buying)

Enjoy it anyway. The save reload method can be used to kill other weapons as well, ideally the part where Jill has to find all 3 fuses as you are battling a lot of enemies in the lab and they are all easily killed with stronger guns like Shotgun, Magnum and G. Launcher too this do.

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