Gta 5 All Locations For Spaceship Parts

GTA 5 All Spaceship Parts Locations This page is for GTA 5 Map of All Spaceship Parts, Includes Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V) 3 in 1 Collection Guide (Stunt Jumps, Letter Scraps, GTA 5 Spaceship

Gta 5 All Locations For Spaceship Parts

This page is about the map of all parts of the spaceship for GTA 5, includes the Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V) 3 in 1 collector’s guide (stunt jumps, scraps of letters, spaceship Map of the locations of GTA 5 spacecraft parts and a video guide. Over 1000 photos about GTA V Listed, Location Map & Spaceships Spaceship parts are collectibles in Grand Theft Auto V. Spaceship parts are scattered all over San Andreas Spaceship parts are small, glowing objects that are usually well hidden in buildings, crevices , rooftops or underwater, the article includes Collectibles: Spaceship Parts Guide for Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5). It includes the location of the scrap letter and some of the various activities in Grand Theft Auto V. After you have located all 50 spaceship parts, give them to Omega for unlock Space Docker. Locations GTA 5 Spaceship Parts: Complete Beyond The Stars and obtain the Space Docker. Now head north to the Alamo Sea. This Part it’s in the water so you’ll have to dive. Follow our map ii n-game map from a close-up screenshot to find the exact place. Gta 5 Spacecraft Parts 1 10 Gta 5 Spacecraft Parts Locations Complete Beyond the Stars and earn the Space Docker Gamesradar. Spoiler Here SA High definition map spaceship parts for printing More fun with it Gta V Secrets Gta 5 Online Xbox Gta.

Where to find all the locations of the spaceship parts in GTA 5 and the reward for the spaceship parts explained.

How the Far Out mission and spaceship parts work in GTA 5

Far Out becomes available right after completing Michael’s Fame or Shame mission, where a question mark will appear in the eastern part of Sandy Shore.

There, Franklin meets Omega, an alien who believes parts of a broken spaceship are scattered all over Los Santos. To complete the Strangers and Freaks side mission, you need to find all 50 spaceship parts.


While some of these parts are simple, others take more effort to assemble. As a helpful clue, as you approach the spaceship part, you may hear a low humming noise that gets louder as you approach.

Note – you don’t need to use Franklin to find all the parts, because both Trevor and Michael can help you collect these items.


When finished, return to Omega to receive your reward for spaceship parts – explained in full at the end of this page.

A mysterious UFO has appeared in the sky above GTA Online, here’s where you can have a close encounter

Where to see the GTA Online UFO event – Stage 2

The first location in the second part of the UFO event in GTA Online is the satellite relay station south of Sandy Shores as shown in the screenshot above.

Approach this area by vehicle or on foot and you will see a flying saucer in the sky.

As with the first 6 skirmishes, you can see UFOs in GTA Online Free Play between 10:00 PM and 3:00 AM in-game.

The second stage of the daily UFO event is broadcast live. The location today is close to Sandy Shores Airport.

The UFO will appear in and around Blaine County in the next few days and appear to be approaching the city.

This next batch of locations is gradually moving south of the previous set, getting closer to the city of Los Santos.

You can see all the UFO event locations in the embedded YouTube video from GTA Series Video below, which is based on their original work with the help of trusted Twitter leaks.

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If you cannot or do not want to watch the video, the disqualification is as follows.

  • At the satellite relay station south of Sandy Shores
  • Above the UFO crash site from the Gunrunners update next to Fort Zancudo
  • In the Cabin in the Great Chaparral area in the center of the map
  • Above the Patriots’ House next to the Redwood Lights Track
  • A farm next to a large curve in Baytree Canyon Road in Great Chaparral
  • Around the Palmer-Taylor Power Plant on the east coast of the island map

GTA Online UFO Event Stage 1

For a close encounter with the GTA Online genre, head to the headland in the northwest of the map, west of Mount Chiliad, next to Paleto Forest, and south of Paleto Bay.

Your potential abduction can only occur at night, when the UFO shows up between 10:00 PM and 3:00 AM in the game.

When you get to the right point on the map, walk to the beach and look at the sky. You will be able to see the UFO for a while before it disappears.

If you want to see it again, just leave the area and come back for it to respawn.

According to YouTuber Mr GTA Online, the location of the UFO will change throughout the event, appearing at different locations along San Andreas North Shore on different days.

For a full map of where the UFO is to spawn, see the end of their embedded video below:

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If for some reason you are unable to watch a video, the locations are as follows:

  • Directly on the northern shore of the island, to the right of Paleto Bay, above the wrecked UFO submerged on Saturday
  • At the top of Chiliad Mountain on Sunday
  • Near the lighthouse on the east coast of the island east of Grapeseed on Monday
  • At the Altruist Camp radio tower in the Chiliad State Mountain Wilderness area west of the map, on Tuesday
  • Over the Alien Camp on the eastern side of Sandy Shores southeast of the Alamo Sea on Wednesday

There has been much speculation as to why Rockstar added such a mysterious and fleeting event to GTA Online. Could this be a clue for some future event, something more Halloween related, or even a clue for parts of the next heist?

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june 1, 2015

More mods by Hanneswasco:

More mods in scripts category:

Additional vehicle generator

nuclear waste 6e8ccf26

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Teleporter for various collectibles

  • Epsilon Treaties
  • Epsilon vehicles
  • For sale signs
  • Hidden packages
  • Notes with lists
  • Mosaics of monkeys
  • Nuclear waste
  • Peyote
  • Spaceship parts
  • Stunt jumping
  • Pieces of a submarine
  • Under the bridges

Place CollectableController.asi and collectable_controller.ini in your GTAV directory, which also has ScriptHookV.
More information about ScriptHookV:

Control keys
You can edit the keys for the menu in the collectable_collector.ini file using the symbolic constant name you can find on this page:

The default keys are:
F5 to open / close
Num 5 to enter
Num 0 or go back to go back
Num 8 up
Num 2 for the bottom

Save the coordinates to a file
When the WRITE_COORDS setting in collectable_collector.ini is set to 1, you can save your current location to the coordinate.txt file in the GTA V directory.
This can be done with a key, which can also be changed in the .ini file. The default is F7.
This feature can be useful if you want to help me add new collectibles.

Change the colors of the pulses
In the collectable_collector.ini file you can change the color values ​​of different collectibles.

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