GTA 5 & GTA Online Vehicles Database: All Cars & Vehicles List. Where to sell warstock vehicles gta 5

The immensely popular online mode in Grand Theft Auto will reset before Christmas, and not only will snow fall to the floor, but also tons of new money to be made.

Best GTA Online vehicles for PvP, missions, and more

If you want to move with class or crush the competition, you need the best GTA Online vehicles to help you achieve your goal.

There is more to the best vehicles than just pure power. Some let you fly or go underwater and others have built-in weapon features to beat the competition as fair racing is boring anyway.

We’ve picked out some of the best choices for Missions, PvP, and Racing to help get you started.

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Best GTA Online vehicles for missions

Missions come in many different forms, but all require cars to get you to your destination and back, both quickly and without too much damage.


The insurgent is a brutally armored truck and a machine monster.

It is slow, but the armor protects it from the most serious attacks of other vehicles. With the Insurgent, you’ll also deal a lot of damage. This lightly armored SUV can annihilate other armored vehicles such as Kuruma and offers better range when using weapons inside.

It is essentially an all-in-one vehicle suitable for almost any mission.

How to get an Insurgent in GTA Online

Complete the raid on Human Labs, then purchase an Insurgent from Warstock Cache & Carry for 675,000.


If the aesthetics of the 80s wasn’t enough, did we mention that Deluxo can fly?

Deluxo’s greatest strength is that it pays tribute to Back to the Future, which is really all it has to do.

While not the fastest choice for racing, using it in missions cuts boredom and time as you can fly over buildings and reach your goals quickly.

The Oppressor Mk 2 does this as well, although we decided to keep it for later.

How to get Deluxo in GTA Online

You can buy Deluxo from Warstock Cache & Carry for a whopping $ 4,721,500.

These include cheats for creating Comet and Rapid GT sports cars, PCJ 600 and Sanchez motorcycles, Buzzard Attack Chopper helicopter, BMX and many more.

GTA 5 & GTA Online Vehicles Classes

In Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online, vehicles are divided into more than 20 classes. Besides boats, motorbikes, bicycles, planes and helicopters, all GTA 5 cars are divided into different classes such as supercars, sports cars, sedans, coupes, muscle cars and many more.

The game also features many other vehicles such as SUVs, vans, ATVs, military vehicles, and with the latest DLC updates, GTA Online vehicles also include various tanks, flying motorcycles, jetpacks and Open-Wheel (Formula 1) cars. Many of the GTA 5 special vehicles also have additional features, as in GTA Online you can get all kinds of combat vehicles, armored vehicles, electric vehicles, tuning cars, large command centers and much more.

GTA Online vehicle classes are very important to racing as most racing modes are limited to certain classes or types of vehicles. You can find a full list of GTA 5 cars here on this page and filter them by class, and you can also check out our guide to the best and fastest GTA 5 vehicles in each class.

GTA 5 Vehicles Differences between Story Mode & GTA Online

In this GTA 5 vehicle database you can find the complete list of cars and vehicles featured in both Story Mode and GTA Online, from the entire history of Grand Theft Auto V for all platforms (PC, PS5, PS4, PS3, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Xbox 360).

These include the latest new vehicles added to GTA Online with the “Contract” update, the “Los Santos Tuners” cars, and all the best and fastest cars in the GTA 5 Online update to January 2022.

However, not all vehicles are available in every edition of the game: the single player mode in GTA 5 and the original PS3 / 360 versions stopped receiving new vehicles after the “Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2” update on July 8, 2015. All new GTA 5 cars and vehicles released in subsequent updates were only available in GTA Online and only on PS4 / XB1 / PC.

You can use the “Game Edition” and “Platforms” filters to narrow down the vehicle database and only display vehicles that appear in GTA 5, GTA Online Story Mode, or certain platforms. You can also check the list of the fastest cars in GTA 5 story mode by highest speed.

The only limitation of car codes to GTA 5 is that you need enough space, vehicles cannot be spawned indoors or in restricted areas. There are also no cheats for flying cars in GTA 5.

How to Become Dealership Businessman in GTA 5 Online?

Become a professional businessman selling vehicles. The player must complete the mission and keep 28-32 vehicles in the warehouse in any case. To import vehicles, the player will initially have to get to one of the computers in the president’s office, stock up on loads of vehicles, at this point he will end the in-game mission. In the mission, the player should take the acquired vehicle and safely transfer it to the distribution center.

To ship the vehicle, the player will again need to go back to the CEO’s office, open the computer, go to the Ad-Hawk Autos website and purchase the highest-range vehicle. The way to get the most extreme benefits from your vehicle warehouse is to sell top-shelf vehicles and hire experts who know the value of your warehouse. This will benefit the player of $ 80,000 per vehicle, without any harm caused by the vehicle being transported to the distribution center.

How many Vehicles you need to start a dealership business in GTA Online?

The Vehicle Distribution Center in GTA Online can have up to 40 vehicles simultaneously, and another approach to extending the benefits is to ensure that there are no fewer than 20 vehicles in stock. Less than 20 vehicles will provoke a player to sell only high-end vehicles, which will cause serious misfortune for all unsold mid-range vehicles.

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Technically, there’s no reason to pay millions more for the Grotti Itali RSX beyond flex. After all, it’s marginally slower than the Ocelot. But it looks damn cool.

Enus Deity

The Enus Deity is a four-door sedan that can be found at Legendary Motorsport for £ 400,845,000.

The Dewbauchee Champion Vehicle in GTA Online

Champion is expensive but looks great.

This coupe costs a staggering 3,500,995,000 from Legendary Motorsport.

New GTA Online property: The Agency

gta online agency from franklin

The Agency is coming to GTA Online.

With the GTA Online Contract update, a new property will appear called The Agency with a clue in the name as players will be able to take on new contracts.

In an official blog post, Rockstar described the new business opportunity. They said, “Welcome to F. Clinton and Partner, the new ‘Celebrity Solutions Agency’ targeting Vinewood’s elite who need solutions to society’s problems.

“Franklin needs two things: a reliable partner and an important, famous customer. Through your long-standing relationship with LS – and newcomer cannabis entrepreneur – Lamar Davis, who connects, you can become a partner to help Franklin take the business to the next level.”

If you want to do business with Franklin and Lamar Davis, the December 15th Winter Update is up your street.

The agency can be upgraded with an armory, accommodation and car repair shop.

So there you have it – everything you need to know about vehicles, weapons, and properties in the Contract Update in GTA Online.

Are you looking for tips and tricks to help you in Los Santos? Check out our guides and news:

Technically, there’s no reason to pay millions more for the Grotti Itali RSX beyond flex. After all, it’s marginally slower than the Ocelot. But it looks damn cool.


Maximum Units & Maximum Profits

The maximum capacity of the bunker is 100. When sold, delivery vehicles are able to handle 25 units each, which means 1-25 units will require one vehicle, 26-50 units will require two, 51-76 three, and 76-100 units four.

While it would be technically feasible to deliver one vehicle, go backwards, deliver a second, and repeat until you have delivered all four, there are usually timers on the sell mission that would make it impossible to solo. In addition, enemy NPCs have tracking delivery vehicles (not you or other player characters), so when delivering one car, the others are likely to be destroyed, resulting in huge net losses.

There is no advantage in delivering more units at once, so if you’re playing solo we’d suggest sticking to a lot of 25, but we’ll cover playing solo in more detail later.

Selling units of a product will yield different amounts of profit depending on where you are selling, check the table below for details. In Blaine County, you’ll be selling for GTA $ 5,000 per unit without upgrades and GTA $ 7,000 per unit with full upgrades, while in Los Santos these numbers rise to GTA $ 7,500 and GTA 10,500 respectively.

Blaine County Selling Prices

Units sold Price (not updated) Price (all updates)
25 125,000 175,000
50 250,000 350,000
75 375,000 525,000
100 500,000 700,000

Sales prices in Los Santos

Units sold Price (not updated) Price (all updates)
25 187,500 262,000
50 375,000 524,000
75 562 500 786,000
100 750,000 400,048,000

Do You Need A Group For Gunrunning?

If you’re asking if Gunrunning is profitable solo, the answer is yes, but you’ll have to invest more time and money.

While in the long run, buying stocks is a better option than stealing them, it may not always be profitable. However, the supply missions were designed specifically with multiple players in mind. They are all difficult solo and some are downright impossible. As a solo player, you will have to buy supplies 100% of the time.

That said, there’s a soloist friendly aspect here. Selling more units will not give you a percentage bonus like President Chests. This means that if you sell 100 units at once or 25 units four times, you will get the same profit. Selling 1-25 units only has one delivery vehicle, meaning 25 is the optimal number of units to sell solo, just complete the missions multiple times to get the same profit.

Weaponized Vehicles

Weapons added 6 new armed vehicles to the game, some of which are new and others are militarized versions of existing vehicles. You can get acquainted with these vehicles without having to spend any money through the Mobile Operations Missions, which we will expand further when we touch the Mobile Operations Center below. Armed vehicles can be purchased without first having a bunker, if you wish, via Warstock Cache & Carry.

    • Armed Tampa (retail price $ 2,108,050 / GTA 1,585,000) – This version of the fan-favorite muscle car adds a lot of armor and quite a lot of weapons to the vehicle. After all, this armor doesn’t stack too much, and full upgrades only offer the same protection as other regular armored vehicles, plus a little extra protection against explosions from frontal attacks. But where an armed Tampa shines, there is an offense. You should definitely upgrade the turret for double miniguns, as this will allow you to aim, unlike the permanent single-turret variant. In addition to the Proximity Mine Throwing feature, front missiles and rear mortars can be added, making it the most heavily armed vehicle in GTA Online. However, you must remember that it is quite fragile, and you can store an armed Tampa in your garage.
    • Effective against pedestrians and unarmored cars. But here comes the issue of aiming, since the gun cannot point downwards. Of course, if both the turret operator and the rider are skilled, it can still rip the Hydra apart before getting a good shot to kill the operator. The half-track can be stored in the garage.
    • Oppressor (trade price GTA 3,524,500 / GTA 2,600,000) – this has to be the coolest addition to the game that this DLC has brought. The Oppressor is a flying jet bike. There is no armor, but good luck with anything other than another Oppressor to actually hit you. You should definitely upgrade missile machine guns as the latter target and deal massive damage. This thing is a fantastic Hydra deterrent and will handle just about anything else – absolutely worth the asking price. The Oppressor can be stored in the garage or MC club house
    • IFV (trade price GTA $ 3,092,250 / 2,325,000) – The IFV is another vehicle that, while being aircraft oriented, is the most effective against ground vehicles. The default tank turret deals more damage of the two configurations, but has a much lower rate of fire, meaning the SAM turret generally deals better damage. That said, the APC is not very well armored even after the upgrade, meaning airborne missiles will likely kill it before the attack plane kills it. Not to mention the SAM turret cannot aim steeply upwards. Proximity mines are also available for this vehicle. APC can be stored in the garage.

    This is where vehicle distribution centers emerge. They are a goldmine for novices and masters alike in GTA Online. They open several entrances to business openings, attract customers from all over the GTA Online world.


    Terrorbyte vs. MOC in GTA 5: Which Utility Vehicle is Better

    Terrorbyte vs. MOC in GTA 5: Which Utility Vehicle Is Better 6

    Top speed: 88.55 mph / 142.43 km / h.

    Available for purchase from: Warstock.

    Paywall: Requires purchase of a bunker.

    The Mobile Operations Center, or MOC for short, is a utility vehicle that was added as part of the 2017 Armament update. It is stored and adjusted in a bunker. MOC has similar armor stats to Terrorbyte, taking up to 34 RPGs or 70 homing missiles. It has 3 different recesses. The control bay is used to launch missions to unlock trade prices for armed vehicles. Weapons workshop niche can be used to modify and upgrade weapons.

    The best feature of the MOC, however, is the specialized car repair shop. It can be used to convert armed vehicles to their custom or MK II variants. Vehicles can also be stored in the MOC and transported elsewhere. MOC handling is poor due to its large size.

    Various vehicles can be purchased via the Internet. To browse the offers, open a web browser on your mobile phone and select the Travel and Transportation bar.

    Boat store

    Boat Store - Online Stores - Basics - GTA 5 Guide

    Dock Tease deals with watercrafts. Here you can go yacht, motorboat or jet ski. If you are fed up with the traffic jams in Los Santos or you are scared of heights, visit this shop and buy yourself a boat to enjoy the views of the calm sea.

    Bicycle store

    Bicycle shop - Online stores - Basics - GTA 5 guide

    If you want to exercise a little and improve your endurance, be sure to visit the Pedal and Metal website. This store specializes in the sale of both casual and sports bikes. You can buy a BMX from as little as $ 800 – the equivalent of a robbery for one store.

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