GTA 5: Karin Sultan RS

Everything about the Sultan RS in GTA 5 and GTA Online including stats, price, top speed, how to get it, real life Sultan RS and more.

The Sultan RS can be purchased from GTA Online from Benny’s Original Motor Works for $ 795,000 .

The Sultan RS can be stored in the garage (personal vehicle). Customizable at Benny’s Original Motor Works .

This is a Custom Vehicle that can be obtained by first purchasing the Standard Sultan for $ 12,000 and then upgrading it to that Custom Variant at Benny’s Original Motor Works for a total cost of $ 807,000.

The Sultan RS Classic was recently released to GTA Online players and should definitely consider its appearance. In addition to style, the Sultan RS Classic is also a viable alternative to the Calico GTF.

Five reasons why GTA Online players should consider the Sultan RS Classic

5) It’s based off the Subaru Impreza 22B STI

The Sultan RS Classic takes its inspiration from the Subaru Impreza 22B STI. It is almost identical, it has a blue color scheme. It is worth noting that the Subaru 22B is a very rare vehicle as only a few hundred were sold at high prices. It’s certainly easier to get the Sultan RS Classic from GTA Online.

Sports car enthusiasts would like to have this vehicle in their hands. Unfortunately for the United States, government regulations make it difficult to import.

What makes the Subaru 22B impressive is its design and performance. With that said, the Sultan RS Classic comes closest to owning a Subaru 22B.

4) The vehicles has a decent trade price

Typically GTA Online players can purchase the Sultan RS Classic for $ 1,789,000. Like most vehicles from Los Santos Tuners, it is relatively expensive. However, players do not have to pay the full price. Instead, they can enter into a trade agreement.

The current trade price for the Sultan RS Classic is $ 1,341,750. That said, reputation is very important in GTA Online. Trade prices can be unlocked randomly for every five levels. It may take a while to grind it down as street racing is the best way to increase your rep level.

Interestingly, the difference is $ 447,250, which is a considerable amount. However, the Sultan RS Classic is absolutely worth the money.

3) It boasts great acceleration

Street race winners are addicted to high speeds, and if the vehicle moves too slowly they may never catch up. The good news is that acceleration is a strong point of the Sultan RS Classic.

Sometimes the player is forced to stop. Whether they collide with another vehicle or apply the brakes, they must get back into the race. Acceleration can determine the success rate of a single vehicle.

Broughy1322 conducted several tests of its top speed and found that the Sultan RS Classic can reach speeds of up to 117.50mph. Thanks to the perfect acceleration, it will go from zero to a hundred very quickly. The players will no doubt be on the edge of their seats.

2) The vehicle handles extremely well

It doesn’t matter how fast a sports car is if it lacks drivability. GTA Online players should expect sharp turns in their street races. They need properly serviced vehicles to avoid accidents.

The Sultan RS Classic is very responsive as players can make the tightest turns without a lot of trouble. Given the top speed of the Sultan RS Classic, good handling is essential to winning street races.

GTA Online is about competition between players, both figuratively and literally. Street races are won by a combination of speed, handling and luck. The Sultan RS Classic is one of the best Los Santos tuners.

1) It’s a good alternative to the Calico GTF

The Calico GTF is perhaps one of the best sports cars from Los Santos Tuners. It shows stunning speed, handling and acceleration. However, it costs almost two million dollars. For GTA Online players trying to save several hundred thousand, the Sultan RS Classic is a great alternative.

One of the main advantages of the Sultan RS Classic is the steering system. The Calico GTF may have slight understeer issues, but luckily the Sultan RS Classic is a little better in this regard. GTA Online players don’t have to worry about missing their turns.

The Calico GTF, on the other hand, will come out of tight corners faster. Overall, the Sultan RS Classic is a viable competitor and it won’t hurt GTA Online players to have it in their garage.

Sultan RS GTA Pre-ordered Sultan RS GTA. This is a four-door sports car in GTA 5. If you like rare cars and are looking for it, this article will show you

The Sultan RS GTA remains agile, attractive, fast and easy to drive, and looks like a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI. In some respects, like the taillights, they are inspired by the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI. Other elements such as the bonnet and spoiler of the Korean Mob variant are reminiscent of the Subaru Impreza and the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII. Interestingly, the Karin Sultans have bluish exhaust tips similar to the (supposedly) titanium tips on the Karin Futo GT. The sound of the engine is strikingly reminiscent of the Subaru Impreza WRX.

The Sultan RS is not much different from your prototype (Karin Sultans), but, as with any custom car, you can use the entire arsenal of Benny Original Motorworks mods.

The Sultan RS GTA has better acceleration and slightly more speed than the Karin Sultans. It also has a better brake system. All these improvements allow the Sultan RS to compete with other supercars..

Where to find the Sultan RS in GTA V

In GTA 5 Online, in order to find the Sultan RS car, you need to explore the area around the prison located in Blaine. Players usually find the Sultan of RS in the parking lot of this prison. In other words, this parking lot is in front of the prison entrance.

If you are a fan of rare vehicles in GTA, the Karin Sultan RS is the right choice. You must bear in mind that the position of the car may change from time to time. This very fast and manoeuvrable car is a bit like the Subaru Impreza. You can find him in the parking lot next to the prison.

The Sultan RS in GTA 5 is not so difficult to find. Sometimes the car is gone and you have to visit the parking lot a little later and so on until it shows up there! Be patient.

The Sultan RS is parked in front of the prison. But every now and then the car goes missing. You have to approach the prison several times. If not, we’ll go back a hundred yards again and come back until the car shows up.

Where to modify Sultan GTA

Sultan Classic vs Sultan vs Sultan RS

Where to modify Sultan GTA

Of course, you cannot find a modified version of the Sultan RS in the open world, but you can find the normal Karin Sultan and upgrade to the Sultan RS. There are two locations you can find the Sultan RS. The best thing about these locations is that the car shows up in a group of two or three!

The first place is the prison parking lot, as already mentioned above. Try a few times and if you still cannot see the car, open a new GTA Online session and repeat the process. You will see the car after changing the session and driving a few times.

The second reliable location is the Maze Bank Arena car park. If you don’t see the car, repeat the same process, changing sessions and driving around the stadium to upgrade the cars.

To upgrade your regular Sultan to the Sultan RS, you can go to LS Customs and enable Roll Cage to get the RS version, or go to Benny’s Original Motor Works and upgrade your Sultan RS into GTA for an impressive $ 795,000. If you are going to the LS Customs you have to add all the performance upgrades to make the car a true RS with better acceleration and handling.

Finally, comment that you can keep your Sultan RS in your garage and customize it at Benny’s Original Motor Works.

We hope this post was helpful to the Sultan RS GTA in finding this car that is considered rare. If you are interested in finding rare vehicles in GTA, surely this article about Avenger in GTA 5 is a very useful rocket equipped aircraft completing missions.

Sultan RS The Sultan RS is a highly modified two-door sports coupe variant of the Sultan in Grand Theft Auto IV. Contents The Design Sultan RS is a high-performance two-door coupe


The top speed of the RS is the seventh fastest speed in the lower segment of the high-performance vehicle segment, reaching 199 mph (320 km / h). However, its acceleration is the fastest of any car in the game, and its handling is excellent. The Sultan RS is clearly an asphalt racing sports car, with hard suspension and low profile tires that make it difficult to ride off-road or on wet or uneven surfaces. It lacks ABS, as is usually the case with many ultra-light track cars. The brakes are powerful, allowing the vehicle to come to a halt from maximum speed to a complete halt over very short distances (unlike other sports cars). Another interesting piece of information is that since it is a light car it may have a tendency to tip over when making sharp turns.

The Sultan RS exhaust system is susceptible to the fact that unburned fuel can explode flames from the side pipes when the throttle is raised at high revs, a feature common to only the most powerful cars in the game. The RS is also equipped with a blow-off valve on the turbocharger which causes a wheezing / hissing sound when the throttle is released.

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