GTA 5: RUNE Kosatka (Submarine HQ)

Everything about the Kosatka (Submarine Headquarters) in GTA 5 and GTA Online including stats, price, top speed, how to get it, Kosatka (submarine headquarters) in real life and more.

The Kosatka (Underwater Quarters) can be purchased in GTA Online from Warstock Cache & Carry for a price of 2,200,000 .

Kosatka in GTA Online is a very large, versatile and heavily armed submarine headquarters. It is driveable and is the basis of The Cayo Perico Heist scheduling operation as a VIP, CEO or MC President.

You can steer this submarine manually or, like the Galaxy Super Yacht, you can quickly travel the Kosatka Submarine with a choice of 12 locations for the price of $ 10,000 (it becomes $ 2,000 upon completion of the Cayo Perico Heist).

You can also request a nearby Kosaka in the Services section of the Interaction Menu. While underwater, Kosatka will only appear on enemy radars or maps if she is nearby and has sonar active.

The Cayo Perico Heist update introduced a new social space to the game. Find out everything you need to know about Submarines in GTA Online here

How Much is the Submarine and Its Customizations?

A photo of the Kosatka submarine in GTA Online.

The most pressing question you have in mind is probably how much the Kosatka submarine costs. Let me just say that the price of this bad boy is quite high. The purchase of a basic submarine costs $ 2.2 million. This purchase can be made after meeting Miguel Midrazo at The Music Locker.

In addition to the basic Kosatka model, you can purchase a number of upgrades. These improvements add various visual changes and useful systems. The adjustments and upgrades you can buy are:

  • Color – 75,000
  • Flag – free.
  • Sonar Station – $ 1,200.00: Use it to find hidden treasures and track other submarines nearby. The hidden treasure is 10 caches that appear underwater every day, each worth $ 7,500.
  • Guided Missiles – $ 1,900,000: Adds guided missiles to a submarine that can be steered from the bridge. These bad boys have a one minute cooldown.
  • Weapon Workshop – $ 350,000: Allows you to customize your weapons and purchase new weapons from inside the submarine.
  • Moon Pool Vehicles – $ 3,360,000: Adds two vehicles for use in the submarine, the Sparrow and the Avista.

If you catch anything listed above you see a total purchase price of $ 9.085 million. This total cost is similar to the cost of a fully defrauded yacht when it was introduced at the time. If you’ve got the cash, you’ll most likely want to buy anything to ensure you have broad access to any upcoming content for this vehicle. Also, note that the subscription has a maintenance fee of $ 150 per day.

In this GTA Online guide, we’ll cover all the details of the Cayo Perico Sub, including its cost, modifications, and features.

GTA Online Cayo Perico Submarine

Like all of the previous community spaces you got in GTA Online, this one too comes at a hefty price tag, and here we’ve covered all the details for getting this new community space and what extras it includes, which will justify its tag power. Let’s move on to the details.

Cost and Customization

The new submarine in GTA Online is called Kosatka, and the first thing you may want to know is cost. This is not an easy or cheap purchase and you may have to break your bank to pay for this one.

The basic Kosatka model costs $ 2.2 million, and if you’ve got the money, it’s not that hard to buy. After the new update, meet Miguel Midrazo at The Music Locker and make the deal.

After purchasing the base model, you can also look for upgrades that will not only increase the visual aesthetics of the submarine, but also have some useful system upgrades.

After purchasing the base model for the first time, you can make various changes, such as:

  • Change the color of a submarine for $ 75,000
  • Add a $ 1.9 million Kosatka guided missile system
  • Add two Moon Pool vehicles for $ 3.36 million
  • Get a $ 1.2 million sonar station to help you find underwater treasures.
  • Add a $ 350,000 Weapon Workshop and you’ll be able to customize and purchase new weapons right from the submarine.

Now if you want it all and a fully personalized Kosatka then you’re looking at a total bill of $ 9,085 million. If you remember previous updates, the Yacht was also introduced at this price when it was first added.

Also, keep in mind that you will have to pay $ 105 a day as the maintenance fee for the submarine.


You can easily dock your submarine at sea anywhere in the Los Santos area and yes, you can also drive it. Not only that, if you have a submarine somewhere far away, you can easily call your location from your mobile phone.

To steer the submarine, head to the control room and sit in the pilot’s seat and you’ll be given the option to fast travel anywhere at sea, or you can pilot the submarine yourself. Remember that if you are using a submarine to travel with fats, it can cost anywhere from $ 2,000 to $ 10,000 per trip.

You can also use the submarine to sleep or dress up, listen to the radio, look through the periscope, use your laptop to surf the web, use the console on the bridge to use your purchased guided missiles.

If you want to enjoy the luxury of a submarine, you can purchase the fully customized version of Kosatka, but the main reason to buy is to access the Cayo Perioc Heist, so if that’s all you want, we recommend that you least buy the lowest version of the submarine.

Also keep in mind that your Kosatka can be destroyed and it will take about 10 missiles to destroy this monster and anyone can destroy it, and if you find yourself in a situation where your submarine is destroyed you can call it back into service.

That’s all you need to know about the newly added Submarine in GTA Online.

The new GTA Online submarine can earn $ 75,000 every day. Here’s how to farm hidden cache treasures in Grand Theft Auto 5.

Of course, with the whopping $ 2.2 million on the submarine, it won’t be for everyone. Many members of this game’s online community will have tons of cash as it has been unavailable for so long, making it a bit more accessible than you might think.

The Sonar system costs $ 1.2 million, and the additional storage feature inside the Kraken Avisa submarine will cost an additional $ 1.54 million.

Upgrades list and prices

  • Color ($ 75,000)
  • Flag (Free)
  • Sonar Station ($ 1,200,000)
  • Guided Missiles ($ 1,900,000)
  • Weapons Workshop (350,000)
  • Moon Pool vehicles: Sparrow ($ 1,815,000) and Kraken Avisa ($ 1,545,000)

Overall it’s quite expensive, but it will make it easier for you to access new money on a daily basis. Definitely.

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