GTA 5; s Lamar roasts Franklin scene gets perfect real-life recreation by the original; actors

The scene where Lamar bakes Franklin in GTA 5 has become iconic.

GTA 5’s Lamar roasts Franklin scene gets perfect real-life recreation by the original actors

The scene where Lamar bakes Franklin in GTA 5 has become iconic.

Perhaps because of the YouTube algorithm, or for some other vague reason, one of the early scenes in GTA 5 history turned into a meme. Technically, it was around the game’s release in 2013, but has only recently come back into the mainstream.

If you’ve played this game, you probably remember the point where Lamar started frying Franklin and Franklin was unable to answer.

Since then, there have been countless other versions of the moment, sometimes with iconic characters from wider pop culture, and other times with simple models swapping with some of the other characters from the game.

But now we’ve come full circle because the actors who originally played these characters have come back to play it in real life. This recreation not only captures the tone and atmosphere of the original, but the actors are able to recreate the same camera angles, match each shot, and even mimic the GTA 5 animation in their movements.

Below you can see the work of Slink Johnson (Lamar), Solo Fonteno (Franklin) and PlayStation Haven. Be warned though, the scene is NSFW due to the use of the language.

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GTA 5 traps players in a few tough situations, but none matches the dilemma faced by fans when they have to stab one of their best friends in the back.

What happens when GTA 5 players decide not to stab their best friends in the back?


There are three main characters in GTA 5: Trevor, Franklin and Michael. Playing as Franklin, players will encounter two sadistic villains: Steve Haines, a corrupt FBI agent, and Devin Weston, a billionaire.

Steve Haines orders the player to kill Trevor. Devin Weston, on the other hand, wants Michael dead. Both options are equally overwhelming for GTA 5 players.

If Franklin kills Trevor, he will lose his closest friend and his mentor’s hard-earned trust. If Franklin kills Michael, he will lose his father figure and the trust of his best friend. There has never been a greater dilemma.

Option C, generally known as the Third Way, allows Franklin to join forces with his partners in crime and kill the bad guys. This is perhaps the best option in GTA 5 Story Mode.

Option A: Kill Trevor

In Something Sensible, Franklin asks Trevor to meet him in the oilfield where he can systematically murder his best friend. When Franklin draws his gun, Trevor will run away and the former will chase him.

The two will land in the oilfield again, where Trevor will run into Michael and knock him down. At this point, Franklin will have two options: kill Trevor or let his mentor do it.

When the player decides to turn on Trevor, they will lose Michael’s trust, all Trevor-related assets and side missions in GTA 5.

Option B: Kill Michael

GTA 5 players rarely go for Option B as most of their success in the dungeon Franklin owes to Michael, who treated him like family. Killing him is more than brutal. It is melancholic, sad and overwhelming.

However, if Franklin kills Trevor instead of his mentor, Michael will become suspicious and run away to save his life. The chase will lead the two criminals to the top of the tower, where they both engage in a painful exchange of words.

Franklin will push his mentor off the edge but grab him at the last minute, wondering if there’s still time to step back. Either way, Michael will fall off the shelf and die.

A billion dollars – this is how much “Grand Theft Auto 5”, the biggest (so far) video game premiere of 2013, was raised in the first three days of sale. Is it

Michael De Santa: Witness Protection Has Perks

Proof Crime Pays: Grand Theft Auto 5 Homes with a total value of $ 26 million

Michael did it – well, at least for the apartment. While his family life may be a disaster, there are likely many people who would agree with the family drama to live in his palatial apartment in Los Santos’ upscale Rockford Hills neighborhood.

I had far greater, more deadly problems than Michael’s turbulent home life. It came in the form of a gang of thugs with orders to neutralize me if I even set foot in Los Santos.

So I had to be creative. I tracked down the helicopter and hovered over Michael’s house taking pictures. Using Michael’s car parked in the driveway, I was able to figure out the scale. His car is based on an Audi A6, so I used the length of a real car to measure the house. Then, based on my photographic memory of the interior from so much fun, I realized how much of it was really living space. Final Size: 13,741 square feet.

As I said before, Michael’s home is in Rockford Hills, which is located in Beverly Hills, California. So the next step was to price luxury homes of similar size in a real city and average their cost per square meter. That was $ 1,319 per square foot. Multiplying that by the square area, I got $ 18,124,379. But I wasn’t finished.

You see, Michael’s house has two particularly nice amenities that I had to include in the price: a large swimming pool and a tennis court. After searching the Internet for estimates of how much they cost to install and what value they add, I added $ 20,000 to the pool and $ 30,000 to the tennis court. That’s a total property value of $ 18,174,379.

Grand Theft Auto V actors Franklin and Lamar recreated the hilarious baking scene from the game in real life. It’s been almost eight years since GTA V hit store shelves. However, in 2020, it sold over a million copies. Rockstar Games has created a masterpiece that is constantly played to death and;

Grand Theft Auto V’s Franklin And Lamar Actors Recreate Roast Scene In Real Life

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