GTA Online: Best MC Businesses to Buy. Where to buy motorcycle club in gta 5

As part of the appropriately named “Biker Update”, players in GTA Online can own their own Motorcycle Club (sometimes referred to as the MC Club). We’ll show you how to get it up and running, how best to run it, and what to expect in return.

GTA Online: How To Start Clubhouse Contracts

Club Contracts are a great way to quickly earn RP and cash during downtime (if there is one in GTA Online).

So you’ve mastered the Cayo Perico Heist in GTA Online and are now looking for ways to keep your criminal organization at the top of the Los Santos food chain. Club Contracts are a great way to quickly earn RP and cash during downtime (if there is one in GTA Online). The first thing you will need, however, is a real club.

How to Buy a Club

The first step to accessing contracts is purchasing club real estate. This can be done by purchasing a property using the Maze Bank app on your phone. Once purchased, you will have the option to designate yourself as the president of the motorcycle club, which will open up contracts for you and your crew. Remember, however, that whenever you take on a contract, other players in your session will be able to interfere with your plans. Nothing is ever easy, right?

Club contracts will be displayed on your club’s notice board in random groups of three missions at a time, with some missions requiring multiple players to register for the same motorcycle club.

When you involve players (up to seven others), you can assign four of them roles by clicking Manage MC in the same menu. These roles and what they do are as follows:

GTA Online: How to Buy MC Businesses

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Once you have a club, set a landmark for it and complete the introductory tasks. Eventually you’ll gain access to your office, which is marked with a laptop icon on the minimap. You must become MC president to use a laptop, and you can find out how to become president of a motorcycle club by clicking on the link. Log in to your laptop to start buying MC companies.

GTA Online: Best MC Businesses to Buy

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There are 5 MC companies to buy on The Open Road interface that can be accessed from a laptop in your club. The types of activities are:

  • Document forgery offices
  • Weed farms
  • Counterfeit cash factories
  • Methamphetamine laboratories
  • Cocaine Blocking

You can own one of any type of MC business, and there are different locations in Los Santos. Overall, we recommend purchasing the cheapest option for each MC Business as they are largely located in the Sandy Shores region. In terms of product delivery, this will enable sales to buyers in Los Santos, maximizing profits.

Once you’ve acquired your new MC Business, you’ll have to complete a short setup mission, but once you do, you’ll be able to manage it in your own time. Remember that once you start creating a product there is always the possibility that you will be mugged and if that happens you will have to complete a small mission to protect your product.

As you progress in GTA Online and build your empire, you will be able to purchase Arcade upgrades (See also: Best Games to Buy and How to Start a Diamond Casino Heist) and Terrorbyte, which will allow you to manage your MC businesses remotely, saving a lot of time. However, if you don’t have them yet, you’ll have to manually go to each MC Business to get supplies and sell supplies.

The best MC companies to buy in terms of ROI are cocaine blockers, counterfeit money factories, and methamphetamine labs. You should focus on buying them first. However, you can still make money from forgery offices and weed farms, but the returns are much smaller. It’s also worth remembering that to maximize your profits, you’ll need to purchase upgrades for your MC businesses.

You don’t like the sell mission you get (those Boxville, right?) – just find a new session. You won’t lose any product as long as you still have 1.5+ bars in stock. However, you will have to sacrifice 0.5-1 bars of supplies if you do. But it might be worth it.

Renovating Your Clubhouse

When you buy your club, you can choose from several cosmetic or functional upgrades that change the look of your club. You can also add these renovations later by going back to the Maze Bank Foreclosures page and selecting a club you already own. The following renovations and what is associated with them are:

  • Mural (Free – $ 150,000): A cosmetic option that allows you to install a variety of paintings on the club’s interior walls depending on the building. The default images are free, but the rest are getting more and more expensive. It does not contain taste and subtlety.
  • Style (Free – $ 400,000): Another cosmetic choice that allows you to change the interior of a building, usually towards a more modern and contemporary. The default free look looks a bit shabby, but maybe that’s what you like.
  • Club Emblem (Free – $ 62,000): Players can choose from ten crests to display for their Club. If you have a custom Crew Emblem, you can put it on for free.
  • Club Name (Free – $ 50,000): Here you can choose the name of your MC club as well as the font and color in which it is displayed. Choosing it when setting up a club is free, but remember to choose the same one you’re happy with it – a later change costs 50,000.
  • Gun Cabinet ($ 320,000): Optional club safe that lets you store weapons you don’t want or are currently using. This means that when you are in a firefight, jumping over the weapon for the one you want, you won’t have to click on all the early firearms you grew out of.
  • Custom Bike Shop ($ 530,000): The MC Club can store ten bikes by default, but this upgrade allows them to be customized and repainted just like the Los Santos Customs open world store. Remember that reworking bikes still costs money so it won’t be a free bespoke job if you buy a bike shop.

Starting and Managing Your MC Club

Once you have your clubhouse, it should be marked on the map with a simple representation of the house with an attached garage. You can enter it like any other building by going to the blue circle by the door. While inside, check the laptop in the office (also marked on your minimap) and use it to register as president of your club. At this point, you’ll be able to make managerial decisions from the interaction menu (hold down the Trackpad / View button on your controller), inviting other players to join and starting MC club-specific missions that allow you to earn both money and reputation. You can even challenge other clubs to deathmatch and skirmishes.

Firms come in five different varieties of illegal, with the more expensive ones offering higher payouts. | Joel Franey / USGamer, Rockstar North / Rockstar Games

To start their own motorcycle club, players will need to purchase a club headquarters from the Maze Bank Foreclosures website, which acts as the hub for all club-related businesses and missions.

Cocaine Lockup

Overall, cocaine arrest is the most profitable business, with the methamphetam lab taking second place. In fact, the only difference between the different companies is location, so by purchasing the cheapest one, you won’t be at any significant disadvantage. The cheapest cocaine block is located on the Alamo Sea and costs $ 975,000. By comparison, the most expensive is in Morningwood and costs 400,852,500.

For more detailed information on how different companies measure each other, check out this guide.

LJT / Long John Teabag

Now, before we proceed, you’ve probably encountered complaints about one “LJT” in various GTA Online communities. This “LJT” short for Long John Teabag is the operator of the Open Road and is possibly Lester Crest’s alter ego. If you jump into the biker business of your choice, be prepared to receive lots of phone calls from him. Very. He will nag you if you run your business well, he will harass you if you don’t, and even if you get rid of your businesses.

The LJT has become so disruptive to some players that it was cited as the root cause of some kind of raid to introduce a feature that allows players to completely block incoming calls from NPCs. He’ll call you so damn often that most players are thrilled about it.

However, if you can handle it all, the cocaine business has a lucrative future. Sure, you can try out any other type of business when upgrading later, but there is no difference in gameplay, just weird factors like how much consumables you will need, how often you will sell, and what profit I will make.

When you involve players (up to seven others), you can assign four of them roles by clicking Manage MC in the same menu. These roles and what they do are as follows:

Cruise around or break the speed limit

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Riders of all lanes will have plenty of opportunities to earn extra cash this week. Occasional bikers can take part in the Hasta La Vista Adversary Mode, where a truck tries to trample city bikers for three times the cash and XP. At the other end of the spectrum, all motorcycle races pay out Double Cash and XP, regardless of how players place.

For those who see bikes as less a means of transport and more a lifestyle, owners of Motorcycle Clubs can also buy extra money from selling them illegally. Completing missions to sell forged documents, counterfeit cash, or sell weeds will give you double the cash by September 22nd. To encourage these dirty deeds, players will be able to supply their businesses for half the cost as well.

It’s still all about the cars

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Gamers who prefer their tune-up engines to rear-wheel riding still have a few things to look forward to this week. The GTA Online test track is filled this week with the Annis ZR350, Vapid Dominator GTT, and Karin Calico GTF for players to try out before purchasing. Those looking to purchase a new wheel set can also get their hands on the Dinka Jester RR by taking the top three spot in the GTA Online street racing series for five consecutive days.

First of all, remember that you cannot be the CEO and President of the MC (Motorcycle Club) in GTA 5 Online at the same time. So, to register as MC president, you must resign from your position as CEO.


These are the exact numbers you get for running them. Utilities per day (= 48 minutes real time) are not included in the hourly profit calculation. The supply capacity for all companies is 20 * 5 bar, the upgrades have no effect on it.

Falsification of documents

Storage capacity (pcs): 60

  • Utilities fee: 1.500
  • 5 minutes to earn 1,000. Stock up to 90,000 for remote sales at 18,000 per hour
  • Utilities fee: 3.000
  • 1 delivery unit is used every 1.5 minutes.
  • 3 minutes to earn 1,400. Stock up to 126,000 for remote sale at 42,000 per hour

Storage capacity (pcs): 80

  • Utilities fee: 2,400
  • 6 minutes to earn 1,500. Stock up to 180,000 for remote sale at 22,500 per hour
  • Utilities fee: 4,800
  • 1 piece of consumables is used every 2 minutes
  • 4 minutes to earn 2,100. Stock up to 252,000 for remote sale for 47,250 per hour

Counterfeit money factory

Storage capacity (pcs): 40

  • Utilities fee: 3.000
  • 12 minutes to earn 3,500. Stock up to 210,000 for remote sale at £ 26,250 per hour
  • Utilities fee: 6,000
  • 1 unit of consumables is used every 1 minute 36 seconds (1.6m)
  • 8 minutes to earn 4,900. Stock up to 294,000 for remote sales at 55.125 per hour

Methamphetamine Laboratory

Storage capacity (pcs): 20

  • Utilities fee: 3,600
  • 30 minutes to earn 8,500. Stock up to 255,000 for remote sale at 25,500 per hour
  • Utilities fee: 7,200
  • 1 delivery unit is used every 1.5 minutes
  • 18 minutes to earn 11,900. Up to 357,000 inventory for remote sale for 59,500 per hour

Stop cocaine

Storage capacity (pcs): 10

  • Utilities fee: 4.500
  • 50 minutes to earn 20,000 and stock up to 300,000 for remote sales at 36,000 per hour
  • Utilities fee: 9.000
  • 1 unit of consumables is used every 1 minute 12 seconds (1.2m)
  • 30 minutes to earn 28,000. Stock up to 420,000 for remote sale at 84,000 per hour

Frequently asked question: Which location should I choose?

Answer: sandy shores. It has the shortest sales missions in town – the main reason. Why is it better to sell in the city? Suppose a jet arrives. In LS you have plenty of tall buildings, garages and all kinds of other structures at your disposal. What do you have in the desert? Trees and cacti.

Last question: are they more profitable than I / E stuff?

Long answer: maybe, only if you have all upgraded. As a result, you will be doing MUCH more deliveries and sales and you will ALWAYS have to rely on your friends to sell. And do not forget that the total cost of them is more than 12-16 million, fully upgraded (stocks 4-8 million). While your access to I / E stuff starts at 2.5 million, with no upgrades whatsoever.

Supply Missions

The Tequila-la-la mission – although the other missions are quite simple, this one deserves special attention. Much nerve was lost before this easy discovery.

The easiest way is to find a bike (maybe an NPC if you’re lucky), place 1-2 bricks on the C4 on it and drive straight inside. Of course, you will have to kamikaze there and blow up the explosives, most likely you will kill more than 4 enemies, which is already good (your supplies will be intact). You can repeat it, but after the first explosion it becomes much easier. A better alternative is to stand at the front door and attack enemies 1v1 so you don’t have a lot of bikers around you.

There are lots of truck delivery missions out there, and they are all steal guess what.

Two of them require additional attention: “Scare the guy” – in the indicated place you will find 3 people, one of which CANNOT die. With that said, you have to beat him – only use your fist and melee weapon, don’t hit him too fast either. The truck’s location will be revealed when the bar on the screen is full, it’s usually not too far away.

Trackify’s mission – seemingly one of the longest. However, there is a trick for this: focus on your phone before launching the app. A crack on the screen that doesn’t show up immediately will ALWAYS be the truck you are looking for (usually 2-3 pulses appear right after starting the app, the last one comes when the arrow passes its direction).

The rest of the truck missions are general – kill and steal. Just avoid the explosion near the vehicle and it’s fine.

Bike delivery missions, one of which is general.

In the second – Cop Bike one, you have to get and maintain the desired level until the motorcycle appears. I strongly advise you to find a good shooting spot, such as the old fire tower in Paleto Bay. After the bike shows up, you may die to lose your stars immediately or go towards the bike.

Armored truck mission

In LS you can find up to 2 trucks carrying supplies, the rest are baits. You can do it the stupid way and shoot each door, or you can do it smart and peek through the little windows. Don’t shoot the truck if you can see there’s nothing in the back – it’s that simple.

Almost the same as armored trucks, but you don’t know for sure which biker has supplies. Simply knocking them down (X + LMB or RMB on a bike) is an option, but I suggest using a helium with missiles (or a Valkyrie front gun if you’re playing with someone else) to shoot them down. The supplies will not be destroyed if the motorcycle is hit by 1 or even 2 rockets, and you will not get the desired level.

Mission in chests

Lots of chests to be found in a safe place, 4 guards in total. Use a silenced weapon and one headshot before starting with the crates. Needless to say, guards can be alerted by projectiles that pass or hitting objects in their vicinity.

The transaction went wrong

In one case, you will be surrounded by FIB, when you get there, kill and steal. In the second, the dealer is shot by the sniper as soon as you approach him. Find cover immediately or rely on quick hands and kill the shooter.

Bank robbery – factory counterfeit only

Not quite a robbery, just walk over to the small Fleec bank and take the supplies located near the vault door. Being there with 2 guards with pistols will not cause much trouble.

Notes for All Missions

  • The amount of supplies in each mission increases with the number of members in your club, but it does not exceed 6 bags or 2 vehicles.
  • Each bag provides approximately .75-1 bar of Supply, each vehicle provides 2.
  • For the supply with bags, it is strongly recommended to have a helicopter. The 6-seat Annihilator frequently spawns at all heliports if you have multiple prospects.

You can invite players after registering as MC President on the club’s laptop by opening the interaction menu (hold down Trackpad / View button) and selecting President MC, then selecting Find Lead. This will allow you to invite both players on the server and friends on your friends list.

Register as a VIP in GTA 5

In GTA 5, registering as a VIP requires significantly less cash compared to becoming the CEO. This is because you don’t have to buy an office to become a VIP; all you need is $ 50,000 in your bank account and you’re good to go.

So, if you’ve managed to manage so much cash, follow these steps to sign up as VIP:

  • Open the in-game interaction menu.
  • Select “SecuroServ” from the menu. (You may see VIP option instead of SecuroServ if you haven’t purchased an executive office)
  • There you can register as a VIP.

That’s it; now you can go back to the interaction menu and access various VIP tasks.

Register as an MC President in GTA 5

First of all, remember that you cannot be the CEO and President of the MC (Motorcycle Club) in GTA 5 Online at the same time. So, to register as MC president, you must resign from your position as CEO.

You then need to purchase the club by visiting the Maze Bank Foreclosures website from your in-game phone. That’s it; now launch the interaction menu and scroll down to find the Motorcycle Club option. Finally, click on “Set up a motorcycle club” to get started.

This is how you register as CEO, VIP or MC President in GTA 5 Online. Registering for one of these positions can help you earn millions in the game. So it’s best if you start now without wasting any more time.

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