GTA Online fastest bikes – the top motorcycles tested to reveal which is the quickest ride

The best bikes are put to the test to determine the fastest bikes in GTA Online.

GTA Online fastest bikes – the top motorcycles tested to reveal which is the quickest ride

GTA Online's fastest bikes - the best bikes tested for the fastest ride

Choosing the fastest motorcycle in GTA Online among all the bikes in the game is not easy. There are a few statistics to consider, and your riding style can influence top runners in many different ways. Making sure you have at least one of the best GTA Online bikes will make your life easier in the races or two-wheeled challenges that you must complete in GTA Online. If you’re looking for one of the fastest cycling options in GTA Online, we can help you consider things like top speed, acceleration, handling and more to guide you in choosing which is right for you. There is also a price to consider. If you didn’t save a ton of GTA $, the question may arise, what is the fastest bike selection in GTA Online that you can afford? Regardless of your budget, let’s set a few candidates and see what you fancy.

As with our guide to the fastest cars in GTA Online, we will be referring to the extensive research conducted by GTA Vehicle expert Broughy to determine which of the fastest bikes in GTA Online. Not only are we highlighting the top five riders by top speed, we’ll also look at the top five lap times, both of which use custom Broughy tracks for accurate results. You can see the results and methodology in full for more information on the process and how these numbers were achieved.

How to complete the Quest of the Day in GTA Online. Better to play at the LSIA airfield or the Sandy Shores Airfield airfield using the Pegassi Bati 801 or the Pegassi Bati 801RR.

Perform a Wheelie

You need a motorcycle or bicycle. The Pegassi Bati 801 or the Pegassi Bati 801RR fit perfectly as they are very easy to ride on one wheel.

Better to do this at the LSIA landing field or the Sandy Shores Airfield landing field. Position the motorcycle at the beginning of the screed so that the end can be reached without using the handlebars.

Then rotate the left stick backwards or press the left control on the keyboard and drive at full throttle towards the end of the runway. In this case, you can easily perform a wheel ride. This daily goal will be completed when the motorcycle’s front wheel touches the ground.

If You Don&’t Have a Suitable Bike

In this case, go to the pause menu, select “Online”, “Bounties”, “Play Action”, “Rockstar Created”, “Races”, “Up”.

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