GTA Online: How To Make Money This Week. How to get money on gta 5 online glitch

If you hang around the ATMs and wait for people to pick up your cash before you rob them, they’re much more likely to bring a decent share of the rest for your troubles. Usually NPCs have 10-20 GTA $ with them, but as soon as they enter an ATM, this number increases to 30-120 GTA.

GTA Online: How To Make Money This Week

The GTA Online weekly update for the week of the event beginning January 20 is available now and runs until January 27. This week, players can earn tons of cash and free content by performing a few easy tricks. For now, however, here’s how to get some cash quickly in the latest GTA 5 Online Weekly Update.

Twitch Prime Rewards

Lucky Twitch Prime owners get huge discounts on some top cars just for being a GTA Twitch Prime member! If you haven’t linked your Amazon Prime and Twitch accounts yet – do it now!

PS Plus members will receive 400,000,000 a month for the PS4 version of GTA Online until GTA 5 is released on PS5! If you’re not playing on PS, this is a really easy way to get cash – the game costs just $ 12.59.

Head to the northern part of Paleto Bay along the dirt road (as shown in the map below) and you should find a random encounter where two guys were getting ready to kill a girl (the girl is actually the daughter of mafia boss “Sonny).

GTA 5 Story Mode Glitches

Franklin, Trevor, and Michael don’t always have the necessary funds to buy real estate, new cars, or make investments, so these financial glitches can come in handy when money is tight.

Armored Car Exploit

The user reported that if an armored car can be picked up by Michael without firing a shot and then the police are quickly evaded, it is possible to create an endless cash loop. Park your armored car in the garage and save the game. Then blow up the door, leaving the car in the garage. Search the car and come back later. The car will still be there, repaired and topped up with cash.

General picture of the city Gtav.jpg

Investing in Stocks

To quickly get back, save the game, then turn off autosave. Invest all your money in stocks that you think are growing. Go to your hideout, rest without saving (or wait about 45 seconds) and check your wallet to see your profit. Keep checking stocks until it reaches its peak, then sell. The more money you invest, the better your return, and if the stocks are going downhill, just load up your previous savings and you’ll have all the money invested with no repercussions.

Invest in eCola: In the Dib Games movie, the recommended action to invest in is eCola. Taking advantage of this vulnerability, buy stocks on eCola, save the game and disable autosave. Go to the pier and shoot the Sprunk machines. Let the vending machines respawn and shoot them again. Go back to Michael’s house and rest 3-4 times. After the rest, check the stock market and see the profits.

Besides eCola, invest in other stocks such as car insurance or life insurance. You can influence stocks by literally destroying the competition or destroying the company you have invested in. If you are investing in car insurance, buy several cars. If you are investing in life insurance you can guess what you need to do. If you invest in Merryweather you can go to their port warehouse and destroy everything in sight. Whichever stock you choose, just remember to turn off autosave and rest at home a few times and wait for your stocks to build up.

Money Briefcase in the Ocean

Gta5 ocean2.jpg money vulnerability

In the same Dib Games video, there is a glitch that allows you to continuously select a $ 25,000 folder. Head west to the ocean and park at the pier. Sail northwest of the pier and south of the village club. Quicksave in the middle of the ocean then dive in. You will find an underwater tanker with a briefcase. Grab the briefcase, swim back in and perform the quick intervention again. Then reload the quick save and dive back in. You should find the briefcase again.

Money defect in Gta5 ocean3.jpg

Get Quick Money Early in the Game

When you first start out in GTA 5 Story Mode, you don’t have much money at your disposal. Here’s a glitch that can help you get some money quickly.

Ammu-Nation Robbery: There is a way in THE SOLDIER movie to rob the same Ammu-Nation over and over again. Go to the Ammu-Nation in La Mesa and shoot the owner. Use your gun to smash the money and collect money. Exit the store, cross the street and go back inside. Registers will revive and you will be able to take money from them again.

GTA Online Glitches

In addition to the Story Mode glitches, there are also a few GTA Online glitches that can make you quick money. You can fix some of these faults yourself, while others will require the assistance of a colleague. Fortunately, these glitches are fairly easy to initiate and complete.

Glitching and Most Wanted

According to the movie SuperXee, there is a way to make money without doing anything. With this glitch, you’ll want to find a colleague to help you out as well as CEO status. This one is quite easy and requires very little effort to be successful. You’ll want to locate the tug in the port south of Los Santos. Enter the place where it is stored and jump on board. Go to the left of the boat and jump and you will break down inside the boat. Call the CEO server and select the Most Wanted Challenge. Start when you’re ready. Being in a tug will protect you from the police who are looking for you. If you live for 10 minutes, you will earn between $ 42,000 and $ 50,000.

Gta5 money fault boat1.jpg

Gta5 boat2.jpg money fault

In the LaazrGaming movie, there is a way to complete the Executive Search challenge by jumping to hideouts. As with the Most Wanted challenge, once you initiate an Executive Search, you can hide in specific locations that will protect you from other players trying to find you. In some of these places you may want to have a ray gun handy as you will be shooting at the floor and jumping into these damaged areas.

You can also restart your trial period multiple times if you make a mistake or make a mistake. When you’re done, if you don’t mind grinding, participating in this time trial again will pay you anywhere between $ 1,000 and $ 4,000.

GTA V Treasure Glitch Location


You will be looking for treasures with scuba gear and looking for a very specific location. There is a crashed passenger plane in the northern part of the map. Using the video below, you can judge the approximate location of a crashed passenger plane under water. Using the scuba gear will give you enough time to explore the underwater crash site and prepare to continually scavenge for treasure without gasping for breath.


Once you reach your destination, dive in and pick up the suitcase. Use the video below which should be fairly easy to find. You will want to keep an eye on the glowing treasure at the bottom of the sea. Note, however, there are many little things at this crash site. We also found a bazooka and a machine gun there, but we are looking for cash in a suitcase. Try to let your character hang in the place where the suitcase is after picking it up. I mean exactly as if you picked it up the first time. After picking up the suitcase for the first time, switch characters and then quickly switch back. You will find that the suitcase is back there. You can do it over and over again.

For more GTA cheat codes, check out our Grand Theft Auto V cheat page for more videos, codes, and tips.

GTA V Infinite Cash Glitch


Update: This cash glitch can also be done with two players as there are many treasure locations in San Andreas. This is a bit more difficult as you will have to target your characters to the suitcase locations separately. But every time you switch characters you get money.

You can see it in the video below, in the new location we moved Franklin to. Franklin picks up the case for $ 25,000 in the latter location, and when we return to Trevor, he banks another $ 12,000. Putting two characters in place will speed up the process.

He has two degrees in media. He can draw, sketch and is a bit good at graphics and animation. She can also write, and best of all, make instant noodles in 1 minute and 59 seconds. He is currently exploring the world of Teyvat. Other times, she enjoys reading books, watching anime, and going for long walks to the refrigerator and back.

Easy $100,000 Mission

This mission has an equal chance of activation for all three heroes.

In any case, when you are playing (especially as Franklin and he is freely circling your house), a blue marker may appear near Little Bighorn Avenue, which is located in the southeast part of the city, in the Rancho district.

If so, check what happens as it might be a kid named Gray Nicholson telling you his bike has been stolen.

If so, take it back from him, because he’ll text you later saying he’s a millionaire and he’ll give you 100,000!

Infinite Store Robberies

Here’s a way to keep robbing Ammu-nation stores. This works because the Ammu-nation cashier will recover very quickly!

  1. Go to any open store.
  2. Shoot the clerk from the door with a silenced pistol to avoid detection.
  3. Empty the cash registers that can be opened with a melee attack or a pistol (again silenced).
  4. Get out of the store and walk about three car lengths (you will know the correct distance if you keep doing this.).
  5. Turn around and re-enter the store – you’ll find your money is reborn!
  6. Grab the cash, go out and repeat.

He has two degrees in media. He can draw, sketch and is a bit good at graphics and animation. She can also write, and best of all, make instant noodles in 1 minute and 59 seconds. He is currently exploring the world of Teyvat. Other times, she enjoys reading books, watching anime, and going for long walks to the refrigerator and back.

How to Make Money Fast in GTA Online – Using Money Glitch 2022

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