GTA Online Signal Jammers – where to find and destroy all 50 signal jammers to unlock the hacker

Destroy all 50 of these GTA Online Signal Disruptors and unlock Avi Schwartzman for your Diamond Casino Heist support crew.

GTA Online Signal Jammers – where to find and destroy all 50 signal jammers to unlock the hacker

GTA Online signal jammers

GTA Online Signal Jammers are another collectible that you need to track down in Los Santos and not only that, but since they are high up on buildings, you really need to destroy them instead of collecting in the usual sense. Each of these crates that you disable by damaging them rewards you with both a cash bonus and an RP, however the ultimate goal here is to secure the services of a crew member who can really help increase your score on the Diamond Casino Heist. To achieve this goal, you’ll need to eliminate all 50 of these tiny beacons, and while they’re fairly simple, you may notice their flashing lights if you hunt in GTA Online at night or listen for the sounds they make when you get close.

GTA Online jamming devices are often located high up on billboards or on the sides of buildings, so when you are in the right place you usually have to look up to see them. Taking a sniper rifle with you or piloting a flying vehicle with a weapon attached should help to damage the unit enough to disable it from action. If you want to remove them all, read on and we’ll show you where to find all 50 GTA Online jamming devices.

The new GTA Online update has added 50 Signal Disruptors hidden in the map. But where are the signal jammer locations? What is your reward for finding them all? How do you unlock Avi Schwartzman?

GTA 5 Online Signal Jammer locations Map: ALL 50 Signal Jammers and where to find them?

The new GTA Online update has added 50 Signal Disruptors hidden in the map. But where are the signal jammer locations? What is your reward for finding them all? How do you unlock Avi Schwartzman?

While fans may desperately need the new GTA 6 game, GTA 5 is still introducing new content with another huge GTA Online update released this week bringing the Diamond Casino Heist DLC to the game.

Despite a deluge of new content on release, including new GTA Online cars, missions, clothing, and more, Rockstar has also added some secret missions for players to undertake.

At Diamond Casino & Resort, players were first tasked with finding hidden playing cards, then collectibles with figurines, and finally peyote plants.

However, with the release of the Diamond Casino Heist DLC, players will be able to complete two new missions in GTA Online.

One of the missions is to track down Los Santos Slasher, a serial killer spreading hell all over the city. We’ll get to that soon, but for now, this page is here to help you locate all 50 signal jammers across town.

Below you will find a map showing all 50 signal jamming locations and everything you might need to know to complete this final mission.

We will also explain why you should collect these signal jammers and how they will help you in your casino robbery.

How to start the Signal Jammers Mission?

After destroying one of the Signal Jammer players, they should receive a text from Lester saying:

“Have you just turned off the SecuroServ transmitter? My old friend Avi Schwartzman has been saying for years that the government is blocking his radio transmissions. Knowing about him will make it worth your while.”

The process of destroying all 50 Signal Disruptors in the city now begins.

What do you get for finding all 76 Peyote Plants in GTA Online?

For each Signal Jammer you destroy, you’ll receive $ 2,000 plus some RP (we’re still calculating how much RP total you’ll earn.

If you manage to destroy all 50 Signal Disruptors, you will unlock Avi Schwartzman as an additional Support Crew member when taking The Diamond Casino Heist.

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GTA Online Signal Jammer Map

The map below was posted on the GTA Online Reddit website. Thanks to the user (and we can’t believe we’re writing this) Constipation Donkey.

We would recommend clicking on the map to expand it and get an even larger one, but our site, unfortunately, does not know how to do this.

Luckily, there’s a huge map that is expanding right here.

ALL 50 Signal Jammer locations video

If the above map does not help, maybe the following video from the GTA series movies?

Otherwise, we have also started the process of listing ALL 50 jammer locations and will endeavor to update this page with more information as it becomes available.

Find out where all the GTAV jamming devices installed by the government are located.

Why destroy these Gta v Signal Jammers?

There are many benefits to destroying these disruptors in the game that can benefit you and your heist. Since the hacker Avi wants all of this to go away, you’ll get a good amount of $ 2,000 and 1,000 RP in the game. For destroying 50 Gta v Disruptors, you get a massive $ 100,000 in cash, which can be quite useful in the game. Still not satisfied? Upon completing this mission, you will receive an additional $ 50,000 bonus. In total, you earn $ 150,000 by finding and destroying 50 Gta v Signal Disruptors on the map.

That was just one of the benefits. The second is an Avi hacker who is working with you on your Casio Heist. His skills will be very useful in this job as they allow him to pass gates and getaway cars. When the heist ends, Avi will ask you for a 10% commission on the total cut. You can also visit our Gta V Store to buy modified accounts.

It’s up to you whether you want to do this heist with or without him. Perhaps you are wondering why this guy will work with us? These jammers are installed by the government and block its communication for a long time. Removing them leads to the fact that he agrees to the job, and the robbery becomes much easier with a skilled hacker on board.

Jammers are available to players across Los Santos in the new GTA Online update. Use our guide to 50 Jammer locations.

I saw this question a lot on the web so figured I’d answer it. For destroying all 50 disruptors, you get a few items:

  • 50,000 RP.
  • $ 2,000 for Jammer + $ 50,000 in all bonuses = 150,000.
  • Unlocks hacker expert Avi Schwartzman for Heists.
    • Crops 10.

    The money and RP are both fine, but Avi Schwartzman is a bit of a disappointment given that alternative hacker Paige takes a lower cut.

    Using both the map and the video above, you can easily find all 50 disruptors to destroy them. Hopefully these resources will speed up the process of destroying all of these things.

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