GTX 1070 vs. GTX 1660. How much is a gtx 1070 worth

While Pascal GPUs may not seem as attractive now that the new Turing models are revealed, they are far from dead. Indeed, while the GTX 1070 itself already had an updated counterpart, the GTX 1070 Ti, long before the RTX cards came out, some will surely find the older version more attractive.

used GTX 1070 vs used GTX 1660 Ti which one to buy?

I am asking because a used GTX 1070 3+ years without warranty probably mined 24/7 for the last 1-2 years sells for $ 190 + on eBay, while used GTX 1660 Ti sells for the same (most likely not mined for or too much shorter time, you still have a guarantee etc).

Why would someone buy a Used 1070 instead of a Used 1660 Ti ?


Miners usually kept things in cold temperatures and in a clean environment with no OCs, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

But of course, a card with a guarantee is always preferred, all other things are the same.


I don’t mind the hardware used, but I do care about the price-performance ratio. When it comes to GPUs, I first look at the performance level in terms of cost. New vs used, and if both options are close enough, the newer part wins all day.

A used 1070 must cost less than $ 160 at this point to be worth compared to a newer GPU in its class. Almost a year ago, I was picking up these cards from the mine for $ 165 apiece. 1070s are still solid, but they’re getting old. Actually – at this point, earn $ 150 or forget it.

Those who play 1440p will be able to hit 60fps or more on medium quality settings. For what is now an older mid-range product, it’s a great result.


As you reach the higher end of the GPU spectrum, the choice becomes less when it comes to Nvidia and AMD, and more about which GeForce graphics cards will best suit your needs. In this particular battle, we’re talking about the GTX 1070 and GTX 1660.

Released shortly after the GTX 1660 Ti, the GTX 1660 offers fewer bells and whistles, but provides a more affordable option for the Ti in its series, much like the GTX 1070 in its own GPU group. Compared to the GTX 1080, it is more readily available to the average gamer.

We’ll look at both in a close comparison to determine which works better in each area so you can decide which graphics card is better for you, taking into account factors such as architecture, cooling, dimensions, and VRAM.


There are some fundamental differences between the GTX 1070 and the GTX 1660, even though they share the same name prefix. The GTX 1070 is based on Nvidia’s Pascal microarchitecture that the GTX 1070 Ti uses, but with a reduced number of cores.

The newer GeForce 1660 GPU has the more advanced Turing architecture, though one of the main benefits is that it carries specialized RT and Tensor cores that the GTX 1660 does not have. It also aims to increase performance by about 50% per CUDA core, which ensures better gaming experience.

By comparison, the GTX 1070 has 1,920 CUDA cores, while the GTX 1660 only has 1,408, but in this case that increase could come in handy. If Nvidia is right, then their Turing architecture could make the GTX 1660 run at a standard closer to the 2816 CUDA cores.

But how does this translate into clock rates and actual benchmarks? The GTX 1070 has a base clock of 1506 MHz and can be overclocked to 1683 MHz after overclocking. The GTX 1660 is therefore the speed leader, with a base clock of 1530 MHz and a maximum boost clock of 1785 MHz.

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