Halo Infinite: Everything we know

Halo Infinite – what you should know before the premiere

Halo Infinite: Everything we know

All the important details for Halo Infinite on PC, from the beta to the multiplayer.

Halo Infinite - close-up on the Master Chief

The Halo Infinite campaign is now in less than a month. It’s been over three years now since we found out that Halo 6 will be titled Halo Infinite and was originally scheduled to be released in late 2020 as a starter game for the Xbox Series X. This plan didn’t quite work as Microsoft delayed Infinite a full year to give give him more time to develop. Given his poorly received first performance, it was probably the right call for it – and from what we’ve played in multiplayer so far, the decision paid off.

We have now received free multiplayer in a surprise open beta in November. From what we’ve seen before, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer looks and feels polished as it gets closer to launch.

The developer of 343 Industries has shared frequent updates on Infinite’s progress over the past year. We recently got a new look at the campaign and poor Memed Brute Craig who definitely looks a lot better.

Here’s what the 343 Halo Infinite showed over the past few months, and what’s left before launch.

What is the Halo Infinite release date?

The release date of the Halo Infinite campaign is December 8, 2021. However, Microsoft decided to surprise the launch of the free Halo Infinite multiplayer mode a few weeks earlier, on November 15.

343 took a long time to fix this December release date, not announcing it until late summer at Gamescom 2021. The delay from last year’s 2020 holiday window was to “give the team enough time to deliver a Halo game that lives up to our vision.”

While Infinite is coming in December, it sadly will do so without the two popular features that Halo fans have been expecting over the years. Campaign collaboration and the Forge multiplayer map maker will be added in post-launch updates.

Are you looking for a scoop in all Halo Infinite ranks? Here’s everything you need to know about the Halo Infinite Multiplayer Ranked System


Like many other competitive shooters, Halo Infinite has a ladder structure with 31 ranks broken down into six levels of Halo Infinite Ranking.

These are the Halo Infinite ranks:

  • Bronze I-VI
  • Silver I – VI
  • Gold I – VI
  • Platinum I – VI
  • Diamond I – VI
  • Onyx

As you can see, Bronze is the lowest tier of the ranking and Onyx is the highest. Each level, except for Onyx, has six ranks in it, so be prepared to do some grinding to get to the top.

It’s worth noting that the first time you start the game, you’ll need to complete ten Ranked matches to get your first Halo Infinite rank, so warm up first. Once you reach this rank, you’ll be able to grind the ranked arena, where there are separate queues for the controller or mouse and keyboard, solos and duos.

Halo Infinite Ranks: Spartan runs across the platform in Halo Infinite Multiplayer

Halo Infinite Multiplayer is now in beta, and with it comes the familiar ranking system that needs to be learned quickly.

Does Multiplayer Beta Progress Carry Over?

The free beta for the first season of Halo Infinite multiplayer was launched a few weeks earlier and allows players to experience the game right away.

When it comes to many multiplayer bets, the rankings and the like are wiped out before the game’s launch, making it not worth spending so much time on these bets.

Fortunately, the Halo Infinite multiplayer beta will be fully rolled over to the game’s official launch in a few weeks on December 8th. This means you can play as much as you want without worrying about your hard work getting completely erased when it moves from beta to full version.

One of the main reasons is that this beta is available to everyone, and not limited to those who will get the code or something. As a result, the multiplayer mode was essentially released to the game in official form, although it retained the beta name until December 8.

The Halo Infinite ranking system is relatively simple, despite the lack of specific details shared in 343.

Halo Infinite ranked mode – How to play

First, since Halo Infinite adopts play across entrances and platforms, you may be wondering if players using the controllers can queue up with mouse and keyboard users. The answer is yes.

If you only play with your friends on a controller or a mouse and keyboard, you’ll be able to play duo, however, if your team has many uses, there are no restrictions on that.

Interestingly, players can choose to be part of a single Solo / Duo queue or choose a cross-input / no-limit queue instead.

Halo Infinite – Ranked loadouts and playlists

At launch, you can expect this in terms of loadout and map / game mode selection:

  • Start with the BR75 (combat rifle).
  • Combat sensor disabled.
  • Friendly fire on.
  • Grenade hit markers off.
  • Static items appear.
  • Capture the flag on Aquarius, Bazaar, Behemoth
  • Live Oddball Fire, Recharge, Streets
  • Killer on Aquarius, Bazaar, Living Fire, Boost, Streets
  • Live fire strongholds, boosters, streets

An explanation of the playlist in the Halo Infinite ranked arena, a 31-tier system that indicates player performance and how to level up.

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