Halo Infinite: What’s Next For the Game’s Story. Who is making halo infinite

“I’d probably say the first thing that happens when you show Grappleshot to the team and you’re two years from shipping, or three years from shipping or whatever it was, and everything is broken in the game… You go -” Here’s a tool that will break more ! ” Everyone says “No!” Crocker laughs.

Halo Infinite: What’s Next For the Game’s Story?

Halo Infinite’s mysterious ending offers exciting sequel opportunities.


Photo: Xbox Game Studios

This article contains spoilers for Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite’s story can be nostalgic at times, but the game’s mysterious ending will almost certainly leave you wondering what’s next for the series.

While recent rumors strongly suggest that Halo Infinite will use a live service model (meaning that future Halo Infinite chapters will be in the form of DLC updates rather than brand new games), almost everyone agrees that Microsoft and developer 343 Industries are very interested in continuing the Infinite story one way or another.

So while we don’t know what form the next chapter of the Halo story will take (DLC, sequel, or something else entirely), we have a few theories as to where the Infinite story will unfold.

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The Endless Are Halo Infinite’s New Antagonists

There is no doubt that The Endless will play a major role in future Halo Infinite chapters. In fact, early rumors suggest that the next installment of Halo Infinite will be titled “The Endless.”

The big question is, “How will The Endless be used?” While there is an argument that The Endless may be regarded as an enemy of the Master Chief’s enemies (we have seen the Master Chief made strange friends in the past), smarter money is on The Endless joining an ever-growing list of things trying to kill the Master Chief. They seem to have formed an early alliance with The Banished, and the Halo Infinite ending reminds us that The Banished is still very upset that “Cortana destroyed their home world.

If nothing else, this series could do with a few new things that the Master Chief could shoot at.

It looks like it worked. The Infinite Campaign Mode is certainly the best single-player Halo campaign that the 343 has ever created, with several levels that are among the best in the series’ history. However, it still has a few lingering issues, not the least of which is how it supports the Halo brand of course.

Halo Infinite multiplayer: What’s good

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Streets

source: Windows Center

Whether it’s splashing Alliance forces in the campaign or beating other Spartans in multiplayer, Halo has always stood out for its sandbox stellar gameplay. Halo Infinite’s multiplayer extends the player’s freedom in a monumental way with the addition of some endlessly satisfying pieces of equipment and the brand new Slipspace engine from 343 Industries. The Halo freaks known and adored by me and adored for the first time in physics are present and spoken at every moment of the game. This incredible flexibility made fighting the game in a set of multiplayer modes endlessly satisfying.

Category An infinite halo
Title An infinite halo
Developer 343 Industries
Publisher Xbox Game Studios
Genre First-person shooter
Xbox version Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S
The size of the game 26 GB
Game time 20+ hours
The players Multiplayer (1-24)
Xbox Game Pass Yes
Launch price Free games

From picking up plasma canisters and throwing them at escaping warthogs to using Grappleshot to capture an enemy Banshee, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer offers more tools and ways to play than ever before. Unique gadgets, such as the Repulsor, which explodes with a powerful blast when used, provide players with creative options. In addition to firing enemy vehicles straight off the map, the Repulsor can also be used to speed up a Spartan’s jump and even deflect grenades. On the other hand, Grappleshot allows me to fulfill my Spider-Man fantasies by giving me the power to run around maps in a way that no previous Halo title would allow.

This amazing sandbox is further enhanced by the sharpest and most satisfying shooting of all Halo games. Every weapon in this carefully crafted arsenal has been meticulously designed or satisfactorily refined. As a longtime Halo player, it was exciting to re-learn some of my favorite weapons. The iconic and often ignored assault rifle now feels devastating and justified in multiplayer matches. The new Sidekick Starter Pistol is a welcome companion on the battlefield. Even historically gimmicky weapons like the Needler and Plasma Pistol are now terrifying in the right hands.

The more time I spent with the Halo Infinite multiplayer maps, the more I was fascinated by their fluidity.

Accompanying an assortment of classic firepower items is in good faith a plethora of exciting, state-of-the-art Spartan weapons. Monstrous tools of destruction like the Skewer will take care of any vehicle that accidentally hits its path, quickly and dirty. In contrast, somewhat unconventional guns like the Ravager fire flaming magma orbs at enemy players. With incredibly tight controls, detailed and satisfying hit feedback, and extensive training options like Gun Drills, experimenting with the dozens of weapons on offer was awesome.

Halo Infinite multiplayer: What’s not good

Hello. Infinite multiplayer character

source: Windows Center

My list of complaints about Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is relatively short, but there are a few glaring issues that greatly affect the enjoyment of the game. The first and most blatant lies are about the player’s progress and the current Battle Pass. At the moment, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is not as satisfying as other titles in the free-to-play space. A few quick changes made by 343 Industries following community refusal have helped bring the progression system closer to promises that will keep the Battle Pass from feeling like a second job. However, climbing 100 levels is still full of arbitrary obstacles. I’ve put in 58 hours so far and hit 40 levels. Given Season One runs until May 2022, dedicated players should be able to survive.but I am still not thrilled with the system as a whole.

While there is undoubtedly a tempting collection of cosmetic items to acquire as you make your way up the career ladder, you and your fellow Spartans will look incredibly alike for a while. Initially, all progress was directly related to the challenges, which meant that it was possible to play several matches without making any significant progress. Fortunately, 343 Industries has made a series of tweaks to progression, which now provide a solid amount of XP for the first seven matches of the day. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to expand the player variety in my multiplayer matches. I understand that as the game progresses and time goes on, it probably won’t be that big of a problem. Still, given the player personalization and expression at the center of the experience, I found it particularly disappointing.

I quickly felt frustrated that I couldn’t jump right into the modes I wanted to play.

It’s also worth mentioning how limited the entire content pack to run is. With 10 maps and several modes, you’ll see everything Halo Infinite multiplayer has to offer in a matter of hours. You can highlight how this makes it easier for new players to transition to Halo and gives them time to properly learn the basics, but ultimately I think the main loop will come from mastering the maps and learning the intricacies of different weapons. I’m a huge fan of both, but it could be a lighter launch than many older players expected.

While I initially appreciated the overall quick matchmaking thanks to the limitation of queuing options in Halo Infinite Multiplayer, I quickly felt frustrated that I couldn’t jump right into the modes I wanted to play. Fast, casual modes like Team Killer are sandwiched between objective modes like Oddball and Total Control. To get an enjoyable Capture the Flag game, I had to suffer several rounds of heavy losses at Stockpile. Again, I understand why such decisions are made to improve matchmaking times, but the lack of options made the rounds less enjoyable as I just wasn’t in the mood for playing certain modes. 343 Industries promised improved playlist options before the end of the year.

During the fight, the Master Chief takes on the role of the leader of the Outcasts, Atriox, and immediately falls into a coma. Six months later, the Survivor finds the Chief unconscious floating in space, rescued by the systems in his armor, and awakens him.

Sequel to Video Game ‘Halo’ Debuts

Sequel to Video Game ‘Halo’ Debuts

I couldn’t actually choose Oddball and I would have to hope the game would put me in an Oddball match instead of the other game modes. It’s just a waste of time if you didn’t get the mode you want. Fortunately, 343 announced that four playlists will be added on December 14: Slayer, Fiesta, Free-For-All, and Tactical Slayer (SWAT). So it helps to ease these problems.

Despite some issues, Halo Infinite is one of the best FPS shooters released in the last few years. It’s a complete package; offers a great story-driven campaign with plenty of open world playability as well as multiplayer. The 343 can definitely solve the problems by adding features like campaign collaboration or multiplayer playlist changes in the future. The game has a great foundation, and it can only get better over time.

“But we have fans, we have players, we have people who are just not interested in anything on that main track. The first thing they want is an adventure with the story of Master Chief. But then they come back at the end and realize they have half the game where they can start having fun and become more powerful.

Demerit for not being cooperative

Enlarge / Master Chief receives an AI companion throughout the Infinite campaign, but that’s not the same as “co-op.”

After playing the Infinite campaign, I fully understand how this could have happened. Progress and quest chains are now linked into an open world structure, meaning the game doesn’t work like the old menu driven Halo games. I wonder if the co-op will work as a drop-in, drop-out game in which only the “main” player will progress in terms of unlocking and progress. (I will deal with this later.)

Was cooperation in nixing the right decision? Maybe financially for Microsoft. At the gameplay level, I couldn’t help but think about cooperation while playing Infinite alone. The game’s best missions and battles have more reasons to invite teammates and give commands on the battlefield than any Halo game in the past, and the 343 backs up this by giving you AI allies as an extra unlock during the campaign.

If the lack of cooperation is a breach of contract for you – a probability enhanced by the last seven campaigns with this feature – you should wait. Don’t install the campaign. Even if you hate online shooters, I suggest going for the free-to-play versus multiplayer package, teaming up with friends and playing together in the handy Infinite anti-bot lobbies. You’ll get all the new weapons and abilities in the game as well as some very solid AI bots to take on. This mode will help you a lot better than forcing someone to watch you play the campaign yourself.

“We’ll build a ring-shaped superweapon again!”

Master Chief looks at Zeta Halo. This game shot is angled to make the place look as picturesque and pretty as possible. From then on it gets worse.

Enlarge / Master Chief looks at Zeta Halo. This game shot is angled to make the place look as picturesque and pretty as possible. From then on it gets worse.

That aside, I’ll start with the good news.

Do you want to revisit meaty sci-fi stakes backed by trip scenes and solid acting? Do you want a huge landscape where you can drive your grinding quad bike through your enemies’ camp? After that, do you want to nimbly jump into a massive battle that will awaken your love of Halo? You will find it here.

Infinite follows the franchise’s foundations, delivering the ultimate first-person shooter, third-person handling, and tons of familiar military and alien weapons. Unlike 2015’s Halo 5, we’re constantly returning to controlling the character of the Master Chief, and he lands on an unknown, huge ring planet called Zeta Halo. It has been blown up and partially destroyed, and some very evil monsters are about to put it back together – and turn it into a human-killing superweapon.

It may sound as if the Halo series is publishing its version of the Death Star – “We’re building a ring-shaped superweapon again!” – but the game diversifies its surroundings and plot so much that the familiar Infinite premise works better in practice than on paper. More on that in a moment.

“We’ve been working really hard not to give it the impression that this is a select design experience,” says Crocker. “There has been a point in the past where…” Here’s the battle bowl, here’s the weapon you need, go get it. ” Which is cool if you want that very linear Halo experience.

“Are we breaking Halo?” How 343 Industries found Infinite’s balance between old, new, order, and chaos

Halo Infinite is actually a contradiction. On the one hand, this is a return to the basics of the Halo franchise, bringing almost everything back to the basic status quo from the first Halo game. After experimenting with different franchise formats, developer 343 Industries has made a heavy grip on the Bungie original in an attempt to create a new, definitive Halo experience. Some of these changes are more obvious – for example, Handbrake turns away from newer enemies to a new faction that is functionally identical to the old-fashioned Alliance. Other returns to the source are more subtle, like a subtle reset of the narrative status quo.

But there is a flip side to Infinite – and that’s where the contradiction creeps in. While it’s deeply traditional and dedicated to the Halo core restoration, it’s also a very experimental entry in the series. Her new open-world game ideas are very different from anything the franchise had tried before – and yet these new ideas had to meld with the classic ‘golden triangle’ Halo of pistols, grenades, and hand-to-hand combat to create something new that is still undeniable in possession of the show’s greatest hits.

“We had the same initial thought, you know,” Ah, are we breaking Hello? ” Halo Infinite Character director Steve Dyck admits when I mention my initial concerns about Infinite’s ambitions in the open world.

“But when you play more, you just discover – no, it just feels natural. It’s one of those things where when you see something that makes sense you think, “why wasn’t it always here?’”

In Infinite, nowhere is this a better example than the Grappleshot, a new grapple hook style gear that colors virtually every action the Master Chief can perform in the game. In combat, a grappleshot is both an aggressive tool to get in the face of an enemy and a defensive tool to flee when your shields are depleted. Can be used to lift weapons from a distance or jerk off environmental threats. Of course, it can also be used for exploration – and for most of the game, it is the main tool for wandering the open Zeta Halo map.

What’s surprising, though, is that, while I felt so integral to Halo Infinite, that wasn’t always the case.

“One thing to note is that we have a sandbox team that is growing in parallel in terms of campaign and multiplayer,” explains Paul Crocker, Infinite’s Assistant Creative Director. “The goal is to collect the best things that work for your game and make sure we use them. When we saw Grappleshot it was so – fun. Let’s try it out.

“I’d probably say the first thing that happens when you show Grappleshot to the team and you’re two years from shipping, or three years from shipping or whatever it was, and everything is broken in the game… You go -” Here’s a tool that will break more ! ” Everyone says “No!” Crocker laughs.

The key to overcoming that hump, argues Crocker, is in the game. Or, as the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding. No matter how much of the initial restraint or fear there might have been with a mechanic like Grappleshot, as soon as people started using it, how fun it was to use it started to trump any of these fears.

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There is no doubt that The Endless will play a major role in future Halo Infinite chapters. In fact, early rumors suggest that the next installment of Halo Infinite will be titled “The Endless.”

Sequel hook

Now that’s my sniper’s nest, lunch meat! (Screenshot of Halo Infinite)

If I were to describe the appeal of Halo Infinite as simply as possible, I would say, “Hello, but now you have a line with a hook.”

If you’ve ever played a Halo campaign before, you should know Infinite right from the start. You play again as the Master Chief, battling the forces of former Alliance aliens fighting on the surface of one of the ancient alien Halo rings from which the series was derived.

The first of the two big differences between Infinite and previous games in the series is the relative flexibility, courtesy of the hook. You start the game with him and it instantly redefines the way Halo combat works. You can use the hook to climb walls, jump onto high ledges, grab distant objects, slide off (or run into) danger, or pull straight towards an enemy to check them out with a rifle butt.

There are many things that can be said about the Master Chief, but he was never particularly fast or agile, and the line over the line solves the problem. You can even use it to jump in and hijack enemy vehicles, which is a huge tactical upgrade. I used to hate seeing a hostile Banshee in Halo 4, but in Infinite, I shoot them straight and kick their pilot in the face.

Or you can upgrade the hook to the huge stun gun that I can’t stop using. (Infinite Halo Picture)

I would go so far as to name the hook as one of the best things about Infinite, and pay an exorbitant amount to add it to previous Halo games as DLC. Even if I could only use it for deviant anti-aircraft targets, it would be worth it.

There are several other pieces of equipment you can find and equip with the Master Chief armor, such as a threat detector that counteracts the active camouflage of enemies and a portable energy shield. They have their use, especially when masked assassins start chasing you, but they don’t have as much utility as a hook. Therefore, I renounce them.

Another big difference between Infinite and its predecessors is that much of its scenery, the previously unexplored Zeta Halo, is also open to exploration. For the first time in the Halo series, you have a break between the main story missions where you can freely roam the surface of Zeta Halo, which, according to 343, is the largest map ever built. Zeta Halo is full of secrets, challenges, upgrades, optional fights and Easter eggs, with lots to see and do, and great flexibility in navigating each zone.

And by “a lot”, I mean “run over jackals in the Outcast’s stepping rocket.” (Screenshot of Halo Infinite)

This map is also a bit of a disappointment. While the open world of Halo Infinite is a solid implementation of the overall concept, it is also the exact same implementation as a hundred other games that have come out in the last five years.

A complaint that might be unique to me

Now I have a rocket launcher and I have someone to pay. (Screenshot of Halo Infinite)

The weird thing about the Valor mechanics is that it comes with some useless rewards, most of which are CPU-controlled human marines.

Overall, Infinite seems to feel that having a squad of marines with you is more beneficial than it really is. One of the goals in the open world is to rescue troops from behind enemy lines, soldiers often appear in captivity at foreign bases, and each base of operations captured is manned by several marines who will fix you like little ducks.

These marines are enthusiastic, reckless, and incredibly fragile for a human being. The moment any serious combat begins, you will almost certainly lose most, if not all, of your marines to stray explosions. There is even a hint on the loading screen that says the Marines are not very good at dealing with any alien stronger than Basic Grunt, which raises the question of why I would even want to take them with me.

This is an issue I’ve had with Halo since Combat Evolved. The second leading cause of death at the United Nations Space Command is “following the commander in chief,” and then I feel like a jerk for bringing them to danger. If you’re going to get the Marines to follow me, I should at least be able to give them direct orders, including “Return to base.”

Marines aren’t completely useless, especially if you give them sniper rifles or rocket launchers – I had a great moment in Infinite where an enemy tried to get away with a jetpack and one of my Marines immediately fired him up into the air with a rocket guide – but they were never assets which Halo pretends to be. It’s that weird design piece from the 2001s that somehow lingered throughout the series so far, and as long as it refined its gameplay, Infinite would do a good job of it.

While I’m talking about it, it’s also unpleasant to know that all Infinite enemies have exactly two states: either they don’t know you’re there or they have an unbreakable radar lock. Even if you shoot them at maximum distance, any surviving enemy in the vicinity of the bullet hit immediately knows your exact location. It’s the kind of omniscient AI that I haven’t seen in a shooter in years.

“We were supported in making this decision. What, it’s amazing to have this level of support. It’s not as simple as what we’re working on [w 343] – there’s a whole organization [at Microsoft] around it, as we all know.”


Watch the PC overview video below to hear directly from the PC team and the Sandbox team at 343 Industries to learn more about how we created Halo Infinite for a great PC experience in-game, off-screen and off-screen.

Engineering Collaboration: We’ve been working closely with AMD for over two years to make Halo Infinite a spectacular experience for PC gamers. Working with AMD has allowed us to optimize the game title that will benefit a wide range of hardware and device endpoints. From ultra-special gaming powerhouses to legacy and cost-effective gaming machines, as well as our whole family of consoles, something only working with AMD can help.

AMD is passionate about decisions about player development in the first place. They are exceptionally open to working with us to bring new rendering features to all hardware as well as improve performance for all of our gamers, even when they are not using an AMD-based device. We are delighted that all Halo Infinite players can benefit from AMD’s passion for development decision-making in the first place.

Yet in the words of mankind’s most iconic hero; we are just starting. AMD understood and believed our vision of building the Halo experience over time. The premiere is just the beginning of Halo Infinite on PC. As such, AMD was ready to enter into a close, long-term partnership with Halo in its engineering and marketing efforts. Looking to the future, we have identified opportunities for additional configuration options, performance improvements and memory enhancements on both PCs and consoles. We are working together on more optimization solutions that should benefit all platforms. However, the most exciting thing is that we are looking forward to working closely with AMD to bring Ray Tracing to Halo Infinite.Ray Tracing is one of our top priorities for post-launch development, and we look forward to sharing more.

AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT Halo Infinite Limited Edition graphics card

Marketing Partnership and AMD Radeon ™ RX 6900 XT Halo Infinite Limited Edition: One of the many great things about partnering with AMD is not only our shared passion for PC gaming, but our shared passion for Halo. Like us, AMD understood the importance of Halo Infinite as the first major Halo title to be launched on both Xbox, Windows and Steam PCs. To celebrate the next era of Halo on PC, we are excited to introduce the AMD Radeon ™ RX 6900 XT Halo Infinite Limited Edition!

Inspired by his Mark VII Mjolnir armor, this custom 6900XT armor has some of the hallmarks of the Master Chief himself. Comes with a reflective iridium gold fan rim, the iconic Spartan call sign “117” and a blue Cortana light signifying the AI ​​socket on the back of the Master Chief helmet.

The 6900XT is the perfect GPU to celebrate the launch of Halo Infinite on all platforms. The AMD RDNA ™ 2 gaming architecture on our Xbox Series X | S consoles is the same as that of the AMD Radeon ™ RX 6900 XT Halo Infinite Limited Edition graphics card, delivering high-frame-rate 4K gaming.

Box and packaging for Halo Infinites AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT


Those of us who are working on bringing Halo Infinite to PC are really passionate about the series, the platform, and our friends in the PC gaming community. We have dealt with many disciplines ranging from art, engineering, manufacturing, licensing, marketing, and community to making sure every PC gamers touch to our game is created with a passion for the platform as our primary focus.

For the game, we’ve built an environment that supports a wide variety of hardware and device endpoints while supporting all of the PC-specific features gamers expect. From basic expectations such as ultrawide / super ultrawide support (including videos), field of view adjustment and frame rate adjustments, to niche enthusiast solutions such as weapon shift control, triple key bindings, and LAN support for PCs, Halo Infinite was built from the ground up for the PC.

Outside of the game, we’ve worked closely with services like Discord and Razer Chroma, as well as platforms like Steam and Xbox Game Pass, to ensure that Infinite takes advantage of what each has to offer PC gamers. Including rich Steam presence and deep Discord integration, including support for in-game Discord server invitations. Moreover, all Razer customers will benefit from the integration of Halo Infinite with the Razer Chroma, with in-game events triggering unique peripheral lighting corresponding to the event. Whether you’ve just broken your shields or are shooting with SPNKR, there’s a Chroma effect to bring Halo Infinite to life.

An infinite halo

Off-screen, we’ve partnered with brands that have years of experience creating gear that allows players to interact with their favorite experiences. Razer, with its Chroma Lighting Engine and world-class peripheral design, was the perfect partner to create an exclusive line of Halo peripherals that gamers can use to add a Halo touch to their existing gear. Moreover, for gamers building new machines, AMD has been the perfect partner to help gamers on the Halo Infinite journey through their extremely powerful Ryzen and Radeon product lines. Including, of course, the AMD Radeon ™ RX 6900 XT Halo Infinite Limited Edition.

In short, we at 343 Industries and our partners wanted to make sure every PC component had a Halo touch. We hope you are as excited as we are after today to launch Halo Infinite on PC on December 8th .

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