Hitman Trilogy release date targets Xbox Game Pass, PC VR and beyond. When is new hitman game coming out

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Hitman Trilogy release date targets Xbox Game Pass, PC VR and beyond

These exciting new ways to play the Hitman trilogy will arrive at the same time as Hitman 3 Year 2.

Key artwork for the Hitman trilogy coming soon to Xbox Game Pass and PC VR.

IO Interactive announced the release date of Hitman Trilogy for January 2022, and the developers of these beloved games plan to offer them as a single product for the first time.

Moreover, this Hitman Trilogy collection is coming to Xbox Game Pass for Consoles and PC as part of this repack, meaning members of Microsoft’s game subscription service will be able to play these games at no extra cost.

There is also good news for VR players on PC – the premiere of Hitman Trilogy will also provide PC VR support for Hitman, Hitman 2 and Hitman 3. Previously, VR versions of these games were only available for Sony PlayStation VR goggles.

The premiere of the Hitman trilogy and all of these gadgets will coincide with the launch of Hitman 3 Year 2, a new content series in the latest game that will introduce a brand new game mode called Elusive Target Arcade. As for the date when all this happens, read on to find out!

When is the Hitman Trilogy release date?

The Hitman Trilogy release date will be January 20, 2022, the developers at IO Interactive confirmed in a recent blog post. So it really doesn’t take long for all these games to be gathered together in one place.

The Hitman Trilogy Collection will be available for digital download on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Epic Games Store, and Steam I don’t see pre-order pages yet, but they can’t be far away.

At the Bloody box office, Agent 47 has to fight the Franchise. A competing group of killers wants to liquidate the International Contract Agency. IO Interactive released Blood Money in 2006, 2013 and 2019 in original and remastered forms for PC, PlayStation 2, 3 and 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Hitman 3 Year 2 New Game Modes:

Elusive Target Arcade

Elusive Target Arcade will be available from January 20. IO Interactive claims to give new ways to challenge players and provide a fresh experience. Agent 47’s actions are now more tense and influential. Players will no longer pursue one or two targets, but will pursue several targets one by one. Elusive Target Arcade also introduces new objectives and complications for all levels of the game.

Players will feel more pressure because failure means you have to wait until the next day to try again. Elusive Target Arcade will be permanently available and will receive continuous updates once launched.


Broadcasting the disclosures gave us a glimpse into Freelancer, the second new game mode in Year 2. Introduced as an entirely new way to play Hitman 3, Freelancer provides Agent 47 with a customizable hideout. Inspired by roguelike games, IO Interactive took Agent 47’s mission differently. Freelancer will put players in the role of the killer – planning, strategy and lifting the target ladder to surround the Leader. In Freelancer, not everything will be transferred to the player. The interview is incomplete and not everything is prepared. It will provide a variety of experiences, and success “comes down to skill, cleverness and creativity.” Players will need to build their arsenal from local vendors and these items are not durable. That is, when you die or drop them, they will disappear forever.

IO Interactive said it chooses “sweaty palms” this time and that it encourages role-play. Players will be able to choose their approach angle and even the order of the targets until they reach the Leader. The Leader is not initially revealed, and Agent 47 will have to discover their identity while keeping an eye out for the Leader’s thugs and allies.

Hitman 3 Year 2 PC VR Support

Year 2 also brings PC VR support, giving you 2 hands and body movement control. IO Interactive shared their thoughts saying they wanted to make sure the throwing system was working. And it worked because, according to them, it “just clicked.” Close combat using two hand controllers was also extremely rewarding thanks to the new level of freedom that VR provides. IO Interactive said, “It turns into a kind of ballet .. and you can really express your version of [Agent 47].”

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