Hive Bosses Destiny 2 Locations: Where to Find

Every Destiny 2 player wants to know the locations of Hive Bosses Destiny 2. If you’re looking for Boss Hive for any reason, you can read this article at

Hive Bosses Destiny 2 Locations: Where to Find

Every Destiny 2 player wants to know the locations of Hive Bosses Destiny 2. If you’re looking for Boss Hive for any reason, feel free to read this article. In this article, we’ll help you find out the complete information about the Hive bosses. Destiny 2 is a very popular game that is played all over the world.

Hive Bosses Destiny 2 locations

Hive Bosses Destiny 2 locations

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There is no known image of the king. King of the Court of Osmium and father of all the hive mankind has known. He was holding a dead white worm that swam ashore. The worm is said to have guided a king who became senile in his old age and was obsessed with aligning the Fundaments Moon and causing Syzygy, which would cause a wave so enormous it would destroy all Fundaments civilizations.

“I am Aurash, the late king’s first daughter. I will pursue my father’s final screeching warning. I will know what changed the movement of our moons. If the world is coming to an end, I will understand why. On my middle eye, I swear. I will understand.”
– Aurash

After their pact with the worms, Aurash, the eldest daughter of the Osmu king, was renamed Auryx, he is the heir to the throne of the Osmu, is the abductee king, the beehive’s founding father and the father of Crota and Nokris. He reigned alongside his sisters Savathûn, the queen of witches, and Xivu Arath, the god of war. After Taox was driven out of Osmium’s court, the three forced their people to eat the worms, thus becoming a Swarm or perished. As they transformed humans into the Hive and built their ships, they focused their attention on the Ammonites who were sheltering Toax. Auryx was ready to negotiate with them, but Savathûn did not want this and killed Auryx, however his should pass to his world to the throne of Ascension. They developed the logic of the sword and fought each other in the hope of becoming the sharpest blades in the universe. They retreat to their true Ascendant every time they die.

After discovering that they had been deceived by worms, Auryx consulted with his sisters in his Ascendant kingdom, after offering him their powers, Auryx killed both of his sisters and used their powers to confront and kill his patron, Akka, to steal him ability to summon the depths, Auryx then created the Doom Tablets that gave him the power to Take. At this point, Auryx became Oryx, the King Taken. During the war that followed, he resurrected his sisters and developed a tithing system in which each Swarm killed their enemies and took their essence, used some to feed the worm, and tithed up the chain, with each step tithes until they reached Oryx, Savathûn, and Xivu Arath.

The sisters eventually conspired to cut Oryx from his tributes, placing him in his Ascendant realm. Oryx kills his sisters again and gives birth to his pups Crota, Nokris, the Deathsinger twins, Ir Anûk, and Ir Halak.

After defeating Crota, Oryx infiltrated the Sol system and waged war against the Awoken in the rings of Saturn. You are dispatched to investigate the Cabal’s distress signal, only to discover that the Captured have started leading what has become known as the War of the Caught. You go on a series of missions to defeat Taken warriors throughout the system, heading for the Oryx Court, defeating his minions, delving into the Dreadnaught. You fight through Oryx’s closest allies, the War Priest and Golgorath, and by slaying his Death Song Twins, you defeat Oryx using your own captured light against him.

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The son of Oryx and Hive Prince, he is the father of 4 daughters, the eldest, Hashladûn, was the father of Omnigul. The task of destroying the Earth and the Traveler. Crota was raised by Oryx to be his Hope Eater. On his way to the system, Sol traveled to distant worlds, consuming them for his father.

Fooled by his Aunt Savathûn, he opened a portal to his ascending reality and let the Vexes in. Veks created Quria, the Blade Transformation, to deduce the logic of the Sword Sword. Proved to be difficult to remove, Oryx threw Crota through the portal, telling him, “Come home in glory or die forgotten!”

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Eventually he conquered the moon, and they launched an attack on the city called Battle of the Burning Lake. Humanity launched a counterattack on the moon unaware of the looming threat there. Many Guardians died by the Sword of Crotas, this battle became known as the Great Cataclysm.

Crota will finally meet his end at the hands of your fireteam as you enter Hell’s Mouth into the Oversoul Throne Room and turn the logic of Crota’s sword against him, slaying him with the Cleavers of his Fallen Blades.

Crota’s soul would be essential in the quest to defeat Oryx.



The eldest daughter of Crota, born to Omnigul. She built the Scarlet Keep over the pyramid ship to use its powers and sits atop the Tower of Misfortune, luring the Guardians to be killed in revenge for her family.

Eventually, she is killed by you and your fireteam. She was born larger Thrall than normal and was forced into a ritual called Floods. Hashladûn fought the initial crew who came for her, but was eventually taken to the Ascension Plane by Crota himself, where she was pierced and flooded 5 times. After the fifth flood, she escaped and crawled back into the throne world of Crota, where she says:

“You are great now and you cannot love Me. For the parts of you that were Mine have been taken from you; the parts that were his remain.”

Hashladûn was sworn in at Oryx’s court. The rangers assumed she was dead after the raid on Crota, but she remained hidden beneath the moon’s surface, where she and her sisters planned their revenge. Together, they gathered a hive on the moon and began building the Scarlet Keep, where they conducted experiments beneath the citadel with the Crptoglyph. The sisters came up with a plan to recreate Oryx as a phantasmic Nightmare, even though they knew they would violate the logic of the sword.

As you worked with Eris to board the fortress’s pyramid ship, you and your fireteam meet Hashladûn on the keep’s bridge and chase her through the keep until you reach the top of the Spire. Despite its powers, like other members of her family, it falls into your hands, and in her remains you find evidence of a Crptoglyph hidden in the depths of Hell’s Mouth.


Crota’s daughter, works alongside Hashladûn to replace Oryx. She met her at your hands on the In the Depths mission, trying to protect the Hive artifact in the catacombs.


Crota’s daughter, currently no data are known about her.


Crota’s daughter, currently no data are known about her.

Ir Halak

Singer of Death, daughter of Oryx, created after he slashed a worm in two with his sword, Willbreaker. She was killed in the King’s Fall raid where you and your fireteam destroyed Oryx. Together with Ir Anûek, they work on the Oversoul.

Ir Halak

Ir Anûk

Singer of Death, daughter of Oryx, created after he slashed a worm in two with his sword, Willbreaker. She was killed in the King’s Fall raid where you and your fireteam destroyed Oryx. Together with Ir Halak, they work on the Oversoul.

Ir Anûk


The separated second son of Oryx, he was banished for his Heresy when communicating with the Worm God Xol. Nokris traded his heart for some of Xol’s power and the secret of necromancy, as the practice of necromancy was a direct violation of the logic of the sword. Oryx had all references to Nokris removed from the Tomb of the World and the Book of Sorrow; there is only a statue left on the Dreadnaught near the Oryx Altar.

Nokris promised Xol that he would conquer Mars on his behalf and the two went to Mars, StrategOS Rasputin resisted them and imprisoned them in the ice of the Hellass Basin, where they remained trapped until the end of the Red War when the ice began to melt as a result of Traveler’s awakening. Ana Bray sent out a warning signal that you responded to.

By using the Traveler shard, you lure Xol to destroy him, Nokris tried to stop you, but he was burned, thus failing to stop you from killing Xol.


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Oryx’s adoptive son, Alk-Hul, is a Knight of the Dark Blade of the Swarm. After a raid in which you and your fireteam defeated Crota, Alak-Hul and his husband, Verok, launched a rebellion against Oryx. He was trapped aboard a Dreadnaught in a sunless cell where your fireteam defeated him at Eris’ orders, both to hold back his chances of winning the Throne and in revenge for Vel Tarlowe, who died at the hands of Alak-Hul’s spawn and then pierced, after which Alak-Hul personally pierced Vell with his ax.


The Swarm is an ancient race that waged a constant war with the Vanguard.

The Hive appears to be fighting the Captured in the Dreaming City. You can land in Divalian Mists and finally encounter a group of Hive fighting with Captured.

If you want to kill some Hive in Tangled Shore you need to go to the Soriks Cut. Once you get there, go to the Lost Sector in this region and you should get some Hive.

Alternatively, you can also go to the Jetsam of Saturn and wait for the public event to start there. That should be enough to grab a few kills from the Hive.

And that’s all. These are all the places to find a hive in Destiny 2. Hope you have a good time using them for Guardian disc exercises! Good luck.

In both games, Destiny Swarm served as the main and greatest threat to the galaxy. However, these memes do make them fun!

1 Hive Baby Names

Hive names are much more complex than such as Jeff or Mary. While some of them are short and frightening, like Oryx, The Taken King or Nokris, Herald of Xol, others sound a bit funnier. Hashladun, Crota’s daughter, is more comedic than intimidating. Many players have resorted to school bullying practices, calling Crot’s daughter by names such as Hashbrown to ridicule the hive naming practices.

Maybe if Hive hadn’t had such funny names, they wouldn’t have intended to end their life in the Universe?

NetEase called it a bug, but others called it a function.

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