How long has minecraft been out. How long has minecraft been out

The price of Minecraft depends on the platform you buy it on, some of which cost more than others, and some platforms have more than one version available.

7 Oldest Minecraft Servers

On the surface, Minecraft appears to be a simple game with the main goal of mining resources and creating items, hence the name. While this can be a very basic element of the game, mining and crafting common items just scratches the game surface – the things people can create in Minecraft are only limited by their imaginations.

In early 2017, Minecraft announced that it had sold over 122 million copies since its launch in 2009, with 55 million logins each month. The game’s enduring popularity is fueled by the limitless nature of its simple game mechanics. Since players can create anything, there is always something to be done in the game.

A few months after the game’s release, the first multiplayer was released, and the popular survival multiplayer was launched a year later in 2010. Since then, hundreds of Minecraft servers have been created for players to form communities, share their creations, and develop unique game modes. Some of the most popular servers today were created almost immediately after the launch of survival mode.


Established: April 2013
Country of origin: United States
Founders: Minecraft username: Hypixel and Rezzus
Total number of unique players: over 7,000,000


photo source: Hypixel

Along with Mineplex, Hypixel is one of the most popular Minecraft servers ever created. In 2015, 7,000,000 unique players logged into the Hypixel server. The player, HubBubTheNerdy, was celebrated as the 7,000,000 player and a small milestone celebration was hosted by players in the game from HubBubTheNerdy at that time.

Hypixel has long been popular for how huge its world and its unique mini-games are. Each of the mini-games has its own coins, quests and lobbies. The server has shooters, normal survival, team survival and hardcore survival, arcade games, hide and seek, arena scuffles and more.

The Wild Upgrade is the next release of Minecraft, and it will no doubt help secure Minecraft’s standing as one of the best Xbox games you can play. It will likely inspire a new wave of Minecraft toys and gifts as well, especially The Warden .


Java Edition can be purchased from the official Minecraft site. Gift codes can be purchased for others for the same price as purchasing the game for yourself. The demo version can be played for free. Java Edition is not officially supported on Windows RT or Chrome OS. [7]

Bedrock Edition is available for purchase from Google Play, App Store (iOS and iPadOS), Amazon Appstore, Microsoft Store / Xbox App (Windows and Xbox One), Nintendo eShop (Nintendo Switch) and PlayStation Store (PlayStation 4).

Alternatively, the Xbox Game Pass also gives you access to the Bedrock Edition on Xbox consoles, PC Game Pass gives you access to the Java and Bedrock editions on Windows 10/11 PCs, and the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gives you access to the Java and Bedrock editions on PCs running Windows 10/11. Windows 10/11 and Bedrock Edition for Xbox consoles.

Legacy Console Edition can be purchased on physical media (except for Nintendo Switch Edition) or from the appropriate platform store, including the Xbox Games Store for Xbox 360 Edition and Nintendo eShop for Wii U Edition. The PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita editions can only be purchased directly on the respective consoles. The Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4 editions are no longer available for direct digital purchase as these editions have been discontinued and replaced with the Bedrock Edition.

The new version of the Nintendo 3DS Edition can be purchased on physical media (North America only) or from the Nintendo eShop. This version has been discontinued.


Newly created Minecraft world.


One of the two default player characters, named Steve.

The player is the person that the user controls in the world. When the user starts the game, the player enters the world, generated by a random or specific seed, with an empty inventory. If the bonus chest option is enabled, a chest filled with basic items will be generated near the player. The player has a health bar with 10 hearts and can be damaged by falls, suffocation, drowning, fire, lava, lightning, cacti, sweet berry bushes, magma blocks, falling into the Abyss, hitting another entity with thorn armor, splash potions, falling anvils and hitting by mobs and other players. Health damage can be mitigated with armor or a potion of immunity, and health can be restored by eating and drinking certain potions. If the difficulty level is set to the room level, health regenerates itself.Hunger is also a factor if the difficulty is not set to Peaceful, it wears out over time and even faster while sprinting, jumping, or swimming. Food replenishes hunger; however, eating rotten meat and raw chicken can make the player starve. Depending on the difficulty level, hunger depletes the player’s health and can even kill him.

The player can change their skin on the profile page or in the Minecraft Launcher in Java Edition and in pause or the main menu in Bedrock Edition.


The building is based on the Greek acropolis.

The building is based on the Greek acropolis.

the world of Minecraft takes place in a three-dimensional grid of cubes, with each cube occupied by a specific type of block, not all of which are necessarily cubic. There are different types of blocks; natural blocks such as grass, stone and ores that are randomly generated in the world. There are also blocks that players can create, such as a crafting table and a furnace. Raw materials can be extracted from blocks by hand or with tools. Some of these resources are simply blocks in the player’s inventory that can be placed elsewhere, while others are used as material to create other blocks or tools. Others are of no practical use. Some blocks cannot be broken with normal survival measures, e.g bedrock, end portal frames, command blocks, bottom and end portals.


Various ores (near the lava) that can be mined with a pickaxe.

Mining is one of the main aspects of Minecraft and is mining ore and other materials mainly from beneath the map’s surface. These ores include coal, iron, gold, redstone, diamond, lapis lazuli, copper, and emerald. Extraction can be by digging a hole from the surface or going down through a cave. Mine shafts and ravines create additional areas that can contain resources as they are usually rich in ores.

Crafting and smelting

You maintain your health bar by being aware of your surroundings by eating food (including apples from trees, vegetables you grow from seeds, food you make from wheat, and even meat from animals you meet in the environment).

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