How much is rust on pc?

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Rust: how to play, where to download, price, editions & more

Rust: how to play, where to download, price, release and more

Rust’s online multiplayer allows players to stay freely in a crazy world where survival is the number one priority. If you want to survive, you’ll have to fight wolves and companion bears in a challenging open world. Players start the game with a stone and a torch and must climb up bows, melee weapons, and weapons that can be crafted to defend themselves against their rivals.

The game was first released to Early Access in December 2013 by the developers of Facepunch Studios, but the full version hasn’t been available until 2018. It has grown in importance on Twitch for streaming games in recent months, with millions of people now watching and playing. Rust Twitch currently has over 3.5 million followers, and the most popular streamers regularly get over 100,000 views of each video.

Yesterday Rust had:
1.7 million game launches
4.9k online servers
220,000 simultaneous players

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How to play Rust

The object of Rust is to survive and you need to use your sanity to survive and maybe even thrive in a grueling world. You have to learn to create, build and fight the many challenges of the game and prepare to explore the world.

The official game description explains: “The only goal in Rust is survival.” However, there are many ways to ensure your survival. In a world full of other players, will they be your enemies or allies? Survival of the strongest or strength in numbers? You decide.

Make the right decision and you will thrive in a world without borders. You can start in rags, but when you build a shelter, hone your skills, and form powerful alliances, you can achieve anything. You can even create helicopters with the right tools and a bit of knowledge.

Where to download Rust

There are plans for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One editions to be released at some point in 2021, but for now Rust is only available on PC. Currently, the best way to download it is through Steam, a digital sending service that is available on Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.

Right now, Steam is offering Rust for download at a whopping 33% discount, just in order to survive the last frosty days of this winter. Just head to the game’s Steam page and follow the instructions to download the game.

Steam Bestsellers for the week ending January 10. Ordered by revenue ($):

1. Rust
2. Valve Index VR Kit
3. Cyberpunk 2077
4. A sea of ​​thieves

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