How the MC Business works in GTA Online: A beginner s guide. How to sell motorcycle club business gta

These are the exact numbers you get for running them. Utilities per day (= 48 minutes real time) are not included in the hourly profit calculation. The supply capacity for all companies is 20 * 5 bar, the upgrades have no effect on it.

GTA Online: How to Start and Run a Motorcycle/MC Club and Businesses

We show you how to own roads in our definitive guide to being MC president.

Guide by Joel Franey, the author of guides

Updated on March 25, 2021

As part of the appropriately named “Biker Update”, players in GTA Online can own their own Motorcycle Club (sometimes referred to as the MC Club). We’ll show you how to get it up and running, how best to run it, and what to expect in return.

How to Start Your Own MC Club in GTA Online

To start their own motorcycle club, players will need to purchase a club headquarters from the Maze Bank Foreclosures website, which acts as a hub for all club-related businesses and missions.

Club prices range from $ 200,000 to $ 495,000, but unlike some buildings in GTA Online, where the price tells you certain factors, such as the likelihood of an NPC attacking or various other negatives, there isn’t much of a distinction here beyond their ease world map location. Clubs typically spawn in three locations – Los Santos, on the southern coast of the Alamo Sea, and at the top of the map. Choose the one you think will be the most convenient or just the one you prefer.

The Maze Bank Foreclosure website is the only way to buy yourself a motorcycle club. | Joel Franey / USGamer, Rockstar North / Rockstar Games

Drive to the property you want to manage and enter it. Each warehouse has a different laptop that you have access to. It’s also part of the Open Road network, but it’s a bit different. You can tell it’s a warehouse laptop if it’s green in color.

Some tips about the MC Business in GTA Online

As mentioned before, the cheapest club is all a player needs to invest in to get started. Players do not need exercises such as arm wrestling or darts to be successful as these are more akin to bonuses than actual useful investments. It’s also important to know that much of what happens in the MC business is beyond the reach of players, so they can still earn some money without too much commitment.

All MC businesses in GTA Online have a value, product quantity, and supply quantity in the lower right corner of the screen when a player enters one of them. The value is obvious, but the player has to keep stock in order to get more products.

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Players can supply their businesses in two ways. The first is to purchase more consumables (costs in-game cash). The second method is to steal the inventory. The latter method is free (minus the cost of ammo, deaths, etc) so players may wish to do this if more time is available.

This is similar to other missions in GTA where the player goes to one location, steals an item, and then goes to another with a few guards here and there. More players who steal together means more inventory for the company.

More tips for getting started

Buying Consumables in GTA Online is generally preferable if the player has staff for it, in addition to purchased Gear Upgrades. Of course, players who have spent a lot of real cash on shark cards can buy as much as they want to save time, but they will lose their cash in the game in the long run.

When selling stocks in GTA Online (not to be confused with regular stocks), the player should sell to the one who offers the highest price. This advice should understand why a player should do this, but it’s also important to remember that all players should try it out.

Players should sell their shares based on the way they do business. Solo players should sell it as soon as possible (when one vehicle appears), while players in the group can sell it when there are as many vehicles as there are players.

However, there are various additional purchases that you can pay for that customize your character’s appearance and allow you to purchase weapons, vehicles, properties, etc. Since the game’s launch, its online mode has been very popular with players.

Cocaine Lockup

Another thing to consider before opting in immediately for cocaine lockdown is your style of play. Unlike a CEO job, delivering more crates – or in this case a product – won’t give you a profit bonus. You’ll get the same percentage payout no matter how many units of the product are delivered. If you’re playing solo, dealing with more delivery vehicles can be a pain and you could lose much more than you gain.

Since cocaine does not produce any salable units with the first strip and the second strip sells for less than the finish line, marijuana and counterfeit cash while selling for the equivalent of documents, this may not be the best choice. It becomes the highest paying business three bars upwards, which is also difficult when solo delivery gets difficult.

There is also another spreadsheet that has slightly different numbers but comes to the same conclusions about which business is the most profitable, leaving cocaine at the top of the food chain. This other chart is from Reddit user jc9289 and can be found by clicking here. The main advantage of the jc9289 chart over the above is that it contains the exact time required to balance your businesses and the statistics can be important for solo players.

Counterfeit Cash

After cocaine, counterfeit cash is the second most profitable business, selling at fairly decent prices, even with a few bars. As a solo player, it is a good technique to ship fewer units more frequently to maintain a high success rate. It is possible to deliver a larger haul alone, but it requires skill and, above all, time. In the long run, multiple short deliveries will be faster than less large shipments.

You should also balance the way you will source your businesses. You may initially think that in chasing more money the best course of action is to steal supplies as opposed to buying them as this will lead to more profit, however the best hybrid method of earning money is to use businesses as a semi-passive source of income alongside work Import / Export.

The key here is that export missions are more profitable than business driven by stolen inventory. This means that if you save time purchasing supplies and spend extra time on export missions, you will make more profit than if you spent the extra time stealing supplies for your business. Of course, this is mostly true for solo players.

In your clubhouse, head to the main conference room where there should be a large table at one end with a wall covered in notes. Go to your notes, then press right on the D-Pad to see what contacts are available.

Selling Stock

I highly recommend creating an empty session (check the Import / Export tutorial on how to do this, it still works!) Right before starting the mission. The table below shows how many vehicles you will have in stock. Don’t forget to invite your friends to an empty session (the sooner they join, the less chance they will join) if you have more than half of the maximum reserve to complete the mission on time.

The number of vehicles you will receive for selling X SKUs.

Units / vehicles

Changing the trick with the sales mission

You don’t like the sell mission you get (those Boxville, right?) – just find a new session. You won’t lose any product as long as you still have 1.5+ bars in stock. However, you will have to sacrifice 0.5-1 bars of supplies if you do. But it might be worth it.

Since cocaine does not produce any salable units with the first strip and the second strip sells for less than the finish line, marijuana and counterfeit cash while selling for the equivalent of documents, this may not be the best choice. It becomes the highest paying business three bars upwards, which is also difficult when solo delivery gets difficult.

Founding the Motorcycle Club

The first step you need to do is buy the clubhouse. It may look a bit pricey, but it offers new sources of income and more fun ways to play GTA: Online.

You can buy the Clubhouse from the Maze Bank Foreclosure website. Filter properties by clicking on the “Clubs” category and browse all available buildings.

The price range varies and depends on your location. Clubs in the city will be more expensive than others. You can start by buying in the countryside. They may be far away, but since the missions don’t start at the club itself, there’s no strategic downside.

Maze Bank website

Now that you have a club, you can start a motorcycle club. Access to computers in the facilities and launching missions are essential.

You can set up and manage a Motorcycle Club at any time, from anywhere via the interaction menu (“M” button on PC).

Interaction menu

You can invite friends or other players to your club. There are different roles you can assign them with different permissions to help you manage your club. Note: the club will be dissolved as soon as you log out. The next time you log in, you will have to restart it and invite new members (all settings will be saved).

There are many customization options you can do to make your club stand out, but you can explore it at your own pace. Now it’s time to start earning.

Accessing “The Open Road” Network

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