How To Acquire The Rare Z-Type Car During Eye In The Sky GTA V Mission

Eye in the Sky GTA 5 is a mission commissioned to the heroes Franklin Clinton and Trevor Philips by Devin Weston. GTA 5 Eye in the Sky mission overview

How To Acquire The Rare Z-Type Car During Eye In The Sky GTA V Mission

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He found Chad Mulligan

The player can start the mission by playing as Trevor or Franklin. If you’re playing as Trevor, the Eye in the Sky GTA 5 mission is a bit more difficult to start as you have to enter the Mission Row Police Station and head to the rooftop instead of starting right there like Franklin. On the roof, Trevor would board the Police Maverick and fly to Murriet’s Oilfield to meet Franklin.

After the two heroes discuss the GTA 5 Eye in the Sky mission, the player will be given control of Trevor, who uses a special camera that can identify people. The task for both characters is to find a person named Chad Mulligan who owns the Z-Type car that Weston needs. After the scanning session, the device identifies four possible targets. However, none of the individuals exposed are Mulligan, Trevor, and Co to fly the pilot to another suspicious area with six more possible targets. Mulligan is hidden among the six of them.

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Franklin is approaching the location

Once the guy is identified, the team will follow him back to where he is holding the Z-Type while keeping Franklin on the ground informed of the target’s current location. As Mulligan gets into the Z type, the guy detects the imminent danger and tries to get out. However, since Trevor is chasing him by helicopter, getting away is simply impossible – as the thermal vision detects Mulligan’s heat signature as he tries to hide in a nearby garage. Franklin’s ground team then walked over to Mulligan to get the car.

eye in the sky gta 5 gta 5 eye in the sky gta v eye in the sky

Rushing type Z

Gold medal – a walkthrough of the “Eye in the Sky” story mission”.

Eye in the Sky

Spoiler alert

You can start this mission as Franklin or Trevor. In the case of Trevor, you need to pick up the helicopter from the roof of the police station and then head to El Burro Heights. If you start the mission as Franklin, you won’t have to pick up the helicopter.

the helicopter is equipped with a special device that enables remote identification of people on the basis of their driving licenses. Point the camera at Franklin to try him out in action.

When the helicopter is over the first group of people, point the camera at them and hold R1 on PlayStation, RB on Xbox, or right-click on PC to listen in on the conversation. To get the gold medal, you need to listen in on at least three conversations.

After scanning all the people from the first group, the helicopter will fly to the next one. There you will find your target – Chad Mulligan. Watch him until he meets Franklin and tries to escape.

Now you don’t need to lose sight of the Z-Type until he hides in a multi-storey car park.

The helicopter will hang near the garage and thermal imaging will be available. To activate it, press “Right” on the D-Pad or “E” on the keyboard. Now you must complete the second goal of winning the gold medal – I can see you. As soon as the conversation between Trevor and Franklin is over, aim the camera at the leftmost silhouette in the garage. This is Chad, he’s sitting in the car and sometimes he looks around. Move him closer and the game will switch you to Franklin. Do not bring the figures of other people closer, or you will not win a gold medal.

Stun or kill Sado. If you don’t, you’ll get two wanted stars later.

Get on the Z-Type and deliver it to the airport. The last condition for winning the gold medal is not to damage the car on the way. Contrary to e.g the Franklin and Lamar missions, where minor damage was allowed, there should be no scratches on the car.

Leave the Z-Type in the marked area, leave the airport and the mission will be completed.


  • This mission and the Pack Man are the only moments the Z-Type will appear in the game, unless you purchase it from the Legendary Motorsport website for $ 10 million.
  • During the mission, Trevor promises the pilot that he will throw him out of the helicopter. If you switch to Trevor right after completing the mission, you can make sure he kept his promise. The helicopter can be stored at Sandy Shores Airport.

Video Walkthrough

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Once you’ve got some cops with you and you’re near the Ammu-Nation store, go inside and the store owner * can * pull out a carabiner and take some cops for you!

Armored trucks appear on your minimap as a blue dot and you should also know that you can rob them. Doing so will usually result in the Wanted Level, but follow this guide and you’ll be able to rob any parked (yes, it must be parked) Armored Truck without getting the Wanted Level.

Get on the motorcycle and drive towards the truck, then collide with the guard who is carrying the suitcase on his bike. You shouldn’t try to ram it completely, a knock should be enough for the guard to trip and drop the suitcase.

When he does, jump off the motorcycle and grab the suitcase yourself. This will cause the guards to order you to drop it before they shoot you. Instead, get on your bike and head towards the sunset – no wanted level!

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