How to Beat Minecraft Without Crafting or Mining. How can you beat minecraft

If you ever want to fight again, you can summon Ender Dragon again by placing the four Ender Crystals in the North, South, East and West around the central structure where the Ender Dragon lands.

How to Beat Minecraft Without Crafting or Mining

Whether you’re playing Bedrock Edition or a different version, Minecraft is all about mining and crafting. Both activities are extremely important for the survival mode of the game. But is it really possible to beat Minecraft without crafting and mining? The short answer is “yes.”

Each of the following methods requires different steps, but the goal is always the same: beating Minecraft without crafting or mining.

How to Beat Minecraft Without Crafting

The end portal in Minecraft.

Beating Minecraft without crafting items is easier than without digging. Since you can find many needed materials and items in the world and its dungeons, mansions and villages, defeating mobs is not that difficult.

Check out these places to find the survival tools you need:

  • Village Blacksmiths: They usually provide you with armor, tools, materials, food, and even diamonds.
  • Desert Temples: Typically, they provide better loot than Blacksmiths. Many also have horse saddles.
  • Abandoned Mine Shafts: These mainly contain the tools required for mining. Of course, they also often contain ores.
  • jungle Temples: They are similar to desert temples, but often provide rotten meat instead of saddles.
  • Shipwrecks: Often contain enchanted gear and treasure maps that lead to even more loot.

You must trade with the villagers to find weapons. Use the loot that you find in the chests in the above-mentioned areas. Once you get a decent weapon, you can also raid rare looter’s outposts. Just watch out for the iron golems that sometimes appear.

Once you have enough gear, you can find and kill the Ender Dragon to complete the game. To get to Minecraft’s End, you’ll need to find the keep and activate the portal through Ender’s Eyes.

Unfortunately, Eyes of Ender can only be purchased from Cleric in Minecraft 1.3 to Minecraft 1.8. You can find the end portal with all eyes activated, although this is very rare.

If you can’t buy Ender’s Eyes, you’ll have to make an exception and craft them from Ender Pearls and Blaze Powder before activating the Ender Portal and killing the Ender Dragon with a bow. Just watch out for an Enderman or two wandering around.

This requires an example of incredible luck – the End Portal, which already has 12 eyes – and some who save to defeat the End Dragon with their fists.

Where to Find the Ender Dragon

Reaching Ender’s Dragon is half the challenge of defeating him. To reach The End, the realm of the Ender Dragon, you need to find the End Portal.

To find the end portal, you’ll need to delve into Strongholds – meaning you’ll need to be properly prepared or smart to do so.

But don’t worry, you won’t have to search blindly – because the Eye of Ender item can guide you towards the nearest stronghold, and each stronghold includes an end portal.

Each of Ender’s eyes only shows you the way for a few seconds and has a fairly high chance of breaking when used (20% chance). This means that you will likely need to craft a few or more before you can rationally locate the end portal.

What You’ll Need to Beat the Ender Dragon

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