How To Become A YouTube Gamer. How to get into youtube gaming

GIMP: Probably the closest free Photoshop product you can find. GIMP will help you do some basic image manipulation. It’s not as user-friendly as Photoshop, but you can learn the basics here while saving on a Creative Cloud subscription plan.

How To Become A YouTube Gamer

how to become a youtube player

At Grin, we cover a wide range of YouTube topics, including gaming YouTubers. In this article, we’ll help you learn how to become a YouTube player, but before we do, let’s talk about who a YouTube player is.

What’s a YouTube gamer, exactly?

Games are a diverse medium that can be played in many different ways, so YouTube with Games is a diverse group of creators creating content in different ways. The way you may want to create game content, or what you want to create it on, can be significantly different compared to another YouTuber.

In this article, we’ll go over the different ways you can create YouTube gaming content, as well as ways to improve it. Let’s start properly.

Technically, this is solid advice. YouTube’s algorithm is sophisticated, but seems to reward a simple content strategy. If he knows you’re a game developer who makes movies about Zelda: Breath of the Wild, for example, he won’t have a problem recommending your movies to like-minded viewers.

1. Find your niche, voice and target categories

Just like starting a business, the first step to launching a YouTube gaming channel is finding your niche, developing your voice, and determining your value proposition. Perhaps you are thinking, “I already know what my genre is – I’m the one who comments while playing games.” But building a successful YouTube gaming channel is so much more.

You must have a plan, a strategy. Why? Because the gaming ecosystem is diverse and competitive. Just look at the numbers: 15% of all YouTube content is for games, with over 300 hours of new video uploaded every minute. It’s important to find a way to stand out and identify what viewers will take out of your channel.

Remember that people watch YouTube videos for a variety of reasons. For example, YouTubers may follow your channel to find out. YouTube often serves as a resource for players to find guides or instructions when they are stuck on a level, fighting to defeat a boss, or looking to improve their gameplay to advance in the rankings. Remember that your video content can inspire and help others in areas that you may have found difficult at some point.

Players can also subscribe to your channel as it gives them a sense of community. Connecting with like-minded YouTubers about the latest games and related strategies can be a great way to connect, share tactics, and make friends.

There is also the entertainment side of the channel. Viewers can join your channel because they like your sense of humor (like your voice) or because they find the game or the way you play interesting. While these viewers are similar to those looking to join the community, they differ in that they may not want to communicate with the video host or other viewers. Minecraft fits well into this category; gamers just want to see what others have created in a seemingly endless digital world and then want to see if they can copy it or use it as a source of inspiration to stimulate creativity.

YouTube is a great way to share your value, experience and unique personality. When you think about creating gaming content, here are some of the most important categories of YouTube gaming channels to focus on.

YouTube gaming channel categories

Instructions – Video game manuals or guides are a popular category, especially for single-player story mode games. These types of videos are aimed at YouTubers who want to learn something and beat the goal of the game. This type of video often involves a lot of video editing in post-production to include the appropriate commentary while keeping the video duration short.

Humor / Show / Machinima – This category includes recording gameplay clips and editing them to create a whole new story that is fun and entertaining. Open-world games such as Grand Theft Auto, Skyrim, and Minecraft often appear in this category. The games in this YouTube gaming niche usually require more video editing than the other categories.

2. Find your tools

To start producing high-quality content, you’ll want to invest in the necessary equipment. Get started in no time with the following tools:

Access to the game and gaming platform

This is data, but it is worth explaining. To set up a YouTube game channel, you need the desired video game. You will also need a gaming platform such as a computer or a dedicated console (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, etc.). Note that if you are using your computer to play games, you may only need additional software. While you are playing on the console, you may need additional software and hardware. These requirements are listed below.

Video recorder

You need a video camera to set up a YouTube gaming channel. It doesn’t have to be a $ 5,000 DSLR camera or a mirrorless camera; just choose a device that can record in 1080p. For example, many players use webcams or a digital camera mounted on a tripod or desk. Showing viewers of your face during the game (even in the corner of the screen at the beginning) helps convey emotion and expression.

Screen capture software

In addition to the camera that is facing you when commenting, you will need screen capture software to show the game you are playing. You should avoid pointing the camera at the TV or monitor while playing as the video quality will be significantly degraded and there are often delays resulting in discrepancies between the picture and sound. If you are playing on a computer, all you need to do is install the gameplay capture software. Open Broadcaster (OBS) software is a popular option among YouTube gamers, and it’s free. If you’re playing on console, you’ll likely need to purchase a capture card that’s compatible with your console. Capture cards allow players to capture video signals from their console via HDMI and store data,so that they can be edited using a computer. This is guaranteed by high-quality recording.

Audio recording/microphone

In addition to high-quality on-screen recordings, it is also extremely important to have clear and clear sound so that your viewers can hear you. Investing in a high-quality mic, whether it’s a gaming headset or a professional recording mic, is a must if you plan on commenting while gaming.


You may not need to purchase new lighting for recording purposes, but it’s worth mentioning here. Good lighting can make a difference whether your footage looks amateurish or professional. Recording in a place with natural light or using light directed at you will prevent you from going into the shadows. As a bonus, good lighting can make you look more affordable and friendly on the camera. This will also allow you to control the consistency of your videos over time.

Video editing software

Remember that you are producing a video that people will want to watch. If it is full of “ah” “contracts” and long breaks, people will get bored or irritated, especially when it comes to recording rather than playing live. You’ll want to edit your videos before publishing them. Overall, YouTube players say that editing a video takes almost twice as long as recording it. However, this record-to-edit ratio varies depending on the category of YouTube game videos you produce. With that in mind, it’s important to find an easy-to-use, intuitive editor that allows you to focus on the content itself, rather than navigating the tool. WeVideo makes video editing simple and fun, and gives you the freedom to edit from your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Learning to become a YouTube player also means learning to handle feedback. To grow as a creator, you need to learn from your mistakes, so listen to the criticism your videos receive and work diligently to improve them. Getting advice from more experienced gaming YouTubers may also help in this situation.

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The game is too big and it grows every year. You have hundreds of different platforms at your disposal, in addition to thousands of genres to choose from.

Type of Gaming Videos

There are no rules for making game videos. As long as it’s worth watching and you’re not stealing content, that’s all that matters. Nevertheless, there are some standard types of gaming videos that have been made over the years.

1. Let’s Plays

Turn on the game and start playing. Let’s Plays gives you a lot of freedom to discover the game and allows you to show your personality in the commentary. You don’t have to play a strategy, but you have a specific goal in mind (for example, completing a level).

Let’s Plays is more about watching how you experience the game. The group of people watching Let’s Plays are people who don’t own the game themselves, but still want to experience it. Let them live vicariously through you.

2. Reviews

When you are considering whether to buy a new product or not, where do you go to your research? Google and YouTube. If you have a lot of interesting insights after playing a game, creating movie reviews might just be your calling. There are many games on the market and it can be overwhelming for consumers. Reviews help others decide whether they should invest their money and time in that particular game or continue searching.

3. Walkthrough

Unlike Let’s Plays and reviews, the tutorial videos are mapped and structured to help viewers play the game as they experience events, side quests, and characters they might otherwise have missed.

4. Reactions

Unhappiness or excitement when you really react to an event in a game, the audience experiences it on your side. Give a moment a bit of advance notice, let people know what you expect, and then surprise yourself. Reaction videos are great because they are spontaneous and a great way to showcase your personality.

5. Skills

Video games are hard to master. But if you think you are proficient in some aspect of the game, show your moves. Is there any particular trick you can do? Is there a stage that can be overcome quickly? Are you able to defeat the enemy with ease? Prove it.

Have a Budget

When you start your YouTube gaming adventure, you’ll see many established YouTubers show off their gear. It’s easy to get carried away with your inventory, but we recommend setting a budget and sticking to it early on.

What’s a good budget for YouTubers? Some might say you can do it for $ 600 and others might say $ 3,000. This is a large scope.

You have to ask yourself what you currently have.

Are you starting with nothing? Or maybe you have some essentials? If you have a computer on which you can play the game of your choice, you don’t need to spend $ 2000 on a new one. Check what you currently have before buying new stuff.

Here’s what you’ll need for the best results:

– Microphone (Average Cost: $ 100)

– Webcam (Average Cost: $ 100)

– Editing software (Average cost: $ 300)

– A computer that can handle recording, editing, rendering, uploading, etc. (Average Cost: 350,000)

If you’re starting out, all you need is a computer with a powerful CPU and GPU, webcam, microphone, and free encoding software like OBS, and you’ll be able to stream.

Even PewDiePie started with a basic gaming setup.

I do not recommend throwing your life savings on all the equipment you want. You don’t have a powerful computer? There are games like Minecraft and Roblox that are less taxing on your PC if you don’t have a powerful one.

There are ways around this if you currently don’t have the funds. Being a YouTuber is about being resourceful and creative.

You don’t need professional editing software, there are inexpensive ones like Wondershare Filmora that have all the possibilities.

1. Many Games Are Free

Here’s the great thing, when you start out as a video game YouTuber, you don’t have to pay for any games. I’m not just talking about the crap Flash games on the internet here, but also very popular games like Fortnite and DOTA can be started playing for free.

If you are tied to cash. Start your channel by playing free games and work your way up to more expensive games.

2. Some Software Are Free As Well

OBS: This streaming software allows you to capture your game in the highest quality and broadcast it directly to YouTube. It’s simple to set up and completely free.

audacity: This audio recording and editing software is great if you want to improve your audio quality by removing background noise or joining clips.

GIMP: Probably the closest free Photoshop product you can find. GIMP will help you do some basic image manipulation. It’s not as user-friendly as Photoshop, but you can learn the basics here while saving on a Creative Cloud subscription plan.

For example, check out the iJeven video below. Most Lets Play is similar to the one where the player broadcasts an in-game mission. Some developers break missions into “episodes” to increase the number of videos uploaded – even if episodic video titles aren’t the best strategy.

Set Up Your Channel

YouTube Gaming has taken several different forms over the years, but has recently functioned as an alternative tab in the regular YouTube interface. For our purposes, this means you don’t need to download any special apps to stream. If you have a YouTube account (which is linked to your Google account), you already have everything you need.

Before you start, however, you’ll need to verify your account. Go to this link while you are logged in. You will be asked to enter the code sent via SMS or, if you prefer, over the phone. Enter this code and your account will be verified. In addition to enabling live streaming, this will also allow you to upload videos longer than 15 minutes, add custom thumbnails to your videos, and vindicate Content ID claims if necessary.

Set Up Your Broadcast

Then you need to configure the broadcast software. There are a few options, but we’re going to use Streamlabs OBS for this guide as it’s one of the easier and more reliable game streaming tools out there. While some features, such as streaming to multiple platforms simultaneously, are limited to the app’s Prime subscription, the free version is powerful enough to handle most of what you need to do.

After installing the application and logging into your streaming account, you will be able to start creating scenes. The scene in Streamlabs is a specific set of sources that you transmit to your audience. By creating multiple scenes, you can save yourself the hassle of rebuilding a specific collection of sources each time you start broadcasting.

For example, you might have one scene for a typical game streaming, one for hanging out, and a special setup if you’re running a fundraiser or other event. This is similar to how Discord works with multiple channels.

A typical scene might include a game and webcam feed, but you can add subscription alerts, goal counters, overlays, and more. Streamlabs uses a layering system to place pieces on top of each other, and each piece can be changed and moved on the fly. If you find that your webcam feed covers an important part of your game while it’s broadcasting, you can move or resize it.

W sekcji Mikser znajdziesz również kolekcję wejść audio. Obejmuje to takie rzeczy, jak dźwięk na pulpicie i wszelkie podłączone mikrofony. Jeśli dodasz jakieś elementy z komponentami audio, również pojawią się tutaj. Możesz dostosować ich względne poziomy głośności, aby prezentacja była czysta.

Na przykład Streamlabs zawiera widżet Alertbox, który wyświetla powiadomienie, gdy otrzymasz nowe obserwowanie, subskrypcję lub darowiznę. Zwykle hałasują i można na nich zmniejszyć głośność, aby nie przytłaczały strumienia audio.

Mogę powiedzieć na pewno, że to zadziała… Jeśli to zrobisz i bardzo zadbasz o to, czego chcą Twoi odbiorcy. Możesz łatwo dowiedzieć się, czytając komentarze, odpowiedzi na ankiety i wiadomości, które zostawiają.

All You Need for a Successful YouTube Gaming Channel

First of all, decide what games you will play. Start with the games you already own and love to play, then find out which games are the most popular. Decide on your target audience. What kind of people like to play your video games? Are they mostly men or women? What is the age of your target group? If your target audience is children or teens, make sure your content is relevant and relevant to minors.

If you want to be successful, you need to narrow your concentration. There are several different directions you can take:

  • Gameplay or live broadcast is popular
  • Reviews are helpful to many players
  • Many people search YouTube for guides, guides or tips
  • Humorous videos are another niche – YouTubers edit videos about games to create a new story or make the game somehow humorous
  • Esports are becoming very popular and professional players are enjoying great popularity.

Equipment You Will Need

There is some necessary hardware you will need to view your YouTube games channel. A digital camera or webcam is essential as most viewers prefer to see the player’s face. High-quality microphone as gameplay commentary is a very important part of gaming channels. Get good quality lighting. It doesn’t have to be professional, but if the room is poorly lit, you will need to invest in additional lighting. If you’re on a tight budget, you can always pick something used.

Software that will record what is happening on the screen is another thing you will need. After all, that’s what the viewers come for. A good web browser will help you stay connected with your audience and promote your channel. Windows already comes with one – just enable Javascript in Edge. Video editing software will also come in handy. Fortunately, there are plenty of free options out there that can do the job well. Finally, green screen is not necessary, but it can make your videos look more professional. Instead of showing off your bedroom or living room, show off in lots of fun places.

This is the big reason why it’s worth it. And a way of saying: just do it! Indeed, games, regardless of platform, are an extremely competitive market. To give you an idea, two of the top five YouTube channels are gaming related.

How much does a Gamer Make on YouTube in 2020?

Most gaming channels earn between $ 400 and $ 10 for every 1,000 views. Your content type and the country of your audience differ in this regard.

Take into account that this advertising CPM (cost per thousand) model is not the only way to earn money for your game. There are many other ways to earn money:

  • Brand sponsorship
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sale of goods
  • Donation support

If, in the meantime, you still prefer video advertising, remember that you need to get 1,000 subscribers to join the YouTube Partner Program.
Of course, when you start out, it all feels like a foreign language.

If things get too complicated, consider joining a Multi-Channel Network… or not.

They are promoted as helpers and resource providers for newborn YouTubers. The ones that work cover most of the technical aspects that you don’t know how to deal with.

But the ones that didn’t work (like Machinima and DEFY) could plunge your young YouTube career fairly quickly. Better to interact with other creators and keep 100% of your revenue.

But hey, I don’t think you want to start a YouTube Gaming channel just for the money.

Happy Man with YouTube Money

You can just do it for fun. After all, that’s what makes it so attractive.

If that is the reason you are here then congratulations!

Probably in 2020, you intend to launch a successful gaming channel.

At the very least, you’ll do it if you take note of the tips below.

9 Steps to Start Your YouTube Gaming Channel

The steps you’ll see are best practices, tips, and tricks organized so you can follow each step. I guarantee you will take shortcuts if you make it to the end. So keep reading.

What do you say… Let’s start?

1) Pick your Niche

Remember when I told you that you should try to stand out?

Well, that’s the best way to start.

The game is too big and it grows every year. You have hundreds of different platforms at your disposal, in addition to thousands of genres to choose from.

You definitely cannot create content for everything related to games. And if you could, I wouldn’t recommend it. First of all, you’d go crazy. Besides, how could someone experience or even recommend your channel?

“Take a look at this channel that publishes .. gaming related material!”

Yes, not that attractive.

So you wouldn’t stand a chance against all the other channels that have more time on the platform. But you can find your place by choosing a small, unique angle within one platform, one genre and, if possible, one game that you truly passionate about.

As with little known indie games, there is very little competition in comparison.

But hey, who am I to tell you what to play?

2) Content Types and Ideas

Playing a game is only a small part of the process of creating a gaming channel. Most are for the content you create, edit, publish, and promote later.

You can also jump into one gaming community ( to learn, share, and chat with other players who have YouTube channels set up or are just starting out. There is a lot to learn in this community. Highly recommended resource for anyone just getting started.

Here are the different types of game content you can find when browsing YouTube:

  • How-To’s: Guides, Tutorials, and How-To Guides are perhaps the most sought-after type of content on the Internet (not just on YouTube).

  • funny Montages: They involve taking clips of your gameplay and editing them to create a fun version. Comedy skits would be included here.

  • Let’s Plays: They’ve been around for a long time. It works well because it combines a fun personality with a fun game experience. While PewDiePie didn’t get the idea, it did get a lot of attention with this format.

  • Game Reviews, Essays & Opinions: Mainly related to new game releases or major updates. I look for them before buying a new game or when I love it so much, I try to find out more about it from various experts.

  • Esports content: You can see how quickly this industry has grown over the past decade. This is why replays of matches, tournament analysis and player stats can be considered a type of content.

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