How to Buy and Sell League Accounts for Profit. How to sell league of legends account

Sometimes sellers may provide credentials that seem to work fine at first, but are banned after a few days. Then there’s the issue of hijacked accounts that can throw shoppers in hot water.

How much is your League of Legends account worth?

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League of Legends, a game that has millions of active players around the world, also has its own economy. By economics, we mean the huge volume of trading in LoL items, particularly skins and LoL accounts. It is not just a specific country, many regions and countries have such a huge volume of trading. This proves that LoL is a global game. Moreover, there are players who earn some money while playing their favorite game, LoL. There are a number of ways to do this, but today we’ll cover account trading, which makes a significant contribution to the LoL economy. So if you want to take a look at your account sales or understand the components of what affects your LoL account value, start by asking an important question?

The General Stance of your LoL Account

Let’s start with the basics, let’s take a look at the overall position of your accounts. By general position, we mean levels, rankings, and other factors on your account.


No wonder that as your LoL account level increases, your chances of selling your account at a higher price increase. Also, remember that one of the most important factors in your sales bill is the Level 30 factor. As many players know, you need to reach 30 levels to start playing competitive games. In other words, you have to play a lot of games, spend a lot of effort before starting your journey to becoming one of the best players or reaching a decent rank. Due to the large amount of time required to reach 30 levels, beginners or players who would like to smurf (play ranked games on another account) are very much willing to pay for a level 30 account. This way, you can even open new accounts and sell them as soon as they reach 30 levels and earn some dollars.

If your account is not even 30 tiers, you may not even find a buyer for your account; that way your account would be so worthless. However, if you have skins or valuable items, they can certainly change this value.

Very similar to tiers, if you have a higher rank in LoL, you will be able to sell your account at a higher price than selling a lower rank account. Everyone is trying to achieve higher ranks in League of Legends. And some players feel too locked in their ranks. Playing hundreds of games and not progressing can be depressing, so these kinds of players might just buy a higher value LoL account. So always remember that as your rank or ELO increases, your League account is worth more.

Age of your Account

League of Legends wasn’t very popular, or at least it certainly wasn’t that popular at first. Like any other game, League of Legends had a starting point. Some players are eager to buy accounts from the first seasons. Reports from that period are not very common and are quite rare. So, if you have an old account, you’ll likely be able to sell it at a decent price. Keep in mind that this is not certain, and there are many other factors that can affect the value of your LoL account.

Amount of champions

The most important factor in the estimated value of low-end League of Legends accounts is the number of champions you own. Most of the time, people don’t really care too much about the amount of skins in an account. They just want to smurf in the lower levels, and for many people that means meeting new heroes and broadening horizons. If you need a Smurf with multiple champions, we’ve got protection for you. We have 3 main options for a lot of heroes: Blue Essence smurfs (cheapest), hero accounts, high-end accounts (choose exactly the heroes and skins you need.)

There is another rule of thumb to keep in mind when trying to purchase a Smurf account. Suppose you are unfamiliar with a merchant or website payment alternative. In this case, specify which other websites use as payment methods.

The Most Famous Method to Buy and Sell League of Legends Accounts for Profit

There are many ways to earn money by selling LoL accounts. The first and most famous method is to buy lol accounts at a lower price and sell them at a higher value. This is a typical “Buy Low Sell High” stock market scenario. And yes – you can get away with it.

To do this you will have to be in the middle taking care of your customers and building your own website which can be quite a risk. This method is known as outsourcing and functions as an exchange market. But for that, you must already have a high rating on certain platforms such as Fiverr or others similar to it.

Other Different Ways to Make Profit From Selling League of Legends Accounts

The second most popular method of selling your League of Legends account for profit is Boosting. Players usually buy account stocks up to level 30 for the lowest possible price, then the fun begins!

To do this effectively, it’s best if you and your friends play together. Of course, a high ELO placement on the main account is mandatory if you want to effectively strengthen an account with a lower ranking.

If you pass the first ten matches flawlessly carrying the rest of your squad – you might even get an instant platinum spot. You can easily push this rank even further considering your ELO is intact. Once you’ve earned an account at Diamond level or higher, you can sell it quickly with a solid profit.

Finally, we have the public beta environment, Riot Games’ famous test server. This is where all code changes are made before running on EUW, NA, EUNE, KR, OCE or any other server.

Why buy LoL account?

The procedure is simple – the first thing you need to do once you start your League of Legends adventure is reach level 30. This threshold allows you to play ranked games.

The very process of leveling a LoL account to level 30 does not take much time, and an experienced leveler is able to do it in one day. Getting all the champions is problematic. There are currently over 140 champions with more coming soon. In the first week after the new LoL hero is released, it costs 7,800 Blue Essence. After a week it drops to 6,300 and stays that way for a long time. At the same time, the lower tier heroes of Blue Essence are cheaper based on the release date, with the oldest one getting discounted. And so the oldest master 6300 becomes the newest 4800, the oldest master 4800 becomes 3150 and so on. With nearly 150 characters, it takes thousands of Blue Essences to buy them all.

Let’s not take a look at League of Legends’ BLUE Essence collection system. You can get 50 of this per day by winning a matchmade game. There are periodic events that grant Blue Essence and tokens. An XP tier has been released and each tier gives you a Champion Capsule with Champion Shards. You can no longer reroll them, so you must exchange them for Blue Essence or buy them. Either way, you won’t get it in every game like you used to, so you’ll have to play a lot to collect enough Blue Essence. For a fresh LoL 30 lvl account it is a Sisyphean task. Even if the Smurf LoL plays it.

This is until the next changes that Riot Games is famous for are introduced.

Why do I need all champions on my LoL account?

In fact – no. If you’re a casual gamer, your best bet would be to focus on mastering 3-4 for each role you play. This gives you a maximum of 8 heroes for the two roles you play. That is, if you are lucky enough not to get auto refilled on a regular basis. The number of 8 heroes is not something that a fresh LoL account cannot afford.

The problems start in three scenarios:

1. You’re a high-elo player – at the very top of the League of Legends game there is very little room to be unprepared. The best of the best LoL players will abuse every stupid mistake you make. This also applies to the choice of the master. You can’t afford not to have a Meta Champion on your account. Either you have it, or your butt is shabby.

2. You follow the meta – this is not just for high elo players. You can be a meta believer at any game level from Iron. Naa, there is no meta in Iron. Let’s say – from high Silver and up. This means that you will need every hero who is strong right now to be prepared for any situation.

3. You are a content creator – These people are known to do fun or trolling things in the lower division, like high Plat – Low Diamond. They tend to be better than average, so they even win against the troll figure by climbing the LoL ladder. Eventually they find their way to elo, where the trolls don’t work anymore and the game gets less and less fun, becoming more difficult fun. This happens when a content creator needs a new account, and as in previous scenarios – doesn’t want to level it up from scratch in order to have all the heroes. Of course, most of them are rich enough to buy all the heroes for RP, but it’s better to buy a properly prepared LoL account. Especially for all series “No ranking anywhere. Anywhere.

How do I get a skin that is no longer on sale? How do I get one that has been removed from the store or has been gifted for a specific event? The answer is simple – you can’t.

Purchase An Unverified Account

To get the most out of your account, you are going to buy; you need to find out whether it is verified or not. Pull back from the transaction, if Riot Games sends you an email to verify your account, your account may have been hacked. Since the account was previously verified, Riot Games can help the valid account owner to get it back.

You will lose everything including your stats, the account itself and the money you paid for it, making it a waste of time and effort. Additionally, you cannot modify the credentials of a confirmed account. Therefore, you are not the owner of the account, even if you have already purchased it. To be safe, make sure you buy a smurf account that hasn’t been verified.

Personal Information Protection

The LoL account vendor must demonstrate that your personal information is secure. In most cases, you will have to pay with a credit card when making your purchase. You will need to provide your card details to the merchant in order to make the payment.

Only purchase your account from a merchant who uses modern SSL encryption technology to make sure your credit card information is not misused.

How do I get a skin that is no longer on sale? How do I get one that has been removed from the store or has been gifted for a specific event? The answer is simple – you can’t.

Should You Sell Your LoL Account?

As we mentioned, it is not illegal to sell your account. But wait. We still don’t recommend this as Riot Games has a clear and strong policy against account trading. So players involved in the practice may end up with an account suspension. Riot Games’ terms of use clearly state their position on this matter. The reason for this is to ensure that the sanctity and security of the entire LoL community is maintained, except for those who trade accounts.

The main reason you don’t sell your LoL account is that it is often tied to your email address and lots of other private information. There is a risk of privacy violation by selling your account. Moreover, there are many scammers who sell accounts that violate Riot Games policies, such as hacking. Sometimes this leads to the buyer getting an account that gets suspended through no fault of the buyer.

Additionally, the person you are selling your account to may be abusing the account and its related information. This can lead to a violation of Riot’s policies, even if you are no longer the account owner. And if you try to explain that the account has been sold, you just bring more trouble. Plus, you never know when Riot will find out about account trading. If it does, it can cause huge problems between buyer and seller.

How To Sell Your LoL Account?

Needless to say, there are a few people who do this. We won’t be recommending it, but people are using eBay as one such resource. There are other websites that also focus on trading game accounts. PlayerAuctions and League of Trading are just a few of them. Another option is to make an interpersonal transaction with someone. Note that no matter what method you use, it still violates Riot’s policies.

Despite this, the trading account will not necessarily be banned. Simply because when an account is sold it just starts working from its new location. So as a reason, it is not important that Riot Games locks any account. However, if any suspicious activity occurs in your account before or after the transaction, it comes under the spotlight. Honestly, a lot of people trade accounts and they never get caught. It doesn’t mean that you should too.

Also, be aware of sellers who ask you to transfer money directly to an overseas or unknown bank account, rather than using a secure payment method. If your payment methods are not secure and verified, it will be difficult to get your money back.

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