How to buy things on wish. How to buy things on wish

The hidden catch is that Wish tracks its customers’ buying habits and uses this data to display personalized ads on social media platforms.

What Is How to Buy or Sell on

Open the shopping site and you will find yourself browsing through a wide variety of products that you don’t know if you need them or not. Cheap perfume, handmade blades, and $ 10 winter coats were what I found on my first login. But that’s according to my preferences; Wish will provide a personalized list of items based on your purchasing activities and demographics, creating a set of outrageously cheap products just for you.

If you’re a little confused about’s concept, I don’t blame you. Therefore, I wrote this article to review Wish carefully and inform you exactly what kind of eCommerce platform this website is.

In 2019, was ranked as the third largest US e-commerce market by sales, so if you know a thing or two, you may find a new market to sell your products. I can tell you upfront that Wish has a lot of potential if you want to offer low-priced products to US buyers.

No more spoilers! Let’s see everything we need to know about!

What is is an online shopping site that allows consumers to make purchases directly from sellers. Users can shop via the mobile app or website, but the company has indicated that the platform is definitely mobile-centric, taking inspiration from the endless Instagram channel. was founded in San Francisco in 2010 by Piotr Szulczewski (current CEO) and Danny Zhang (former CTO). Wish has since become popular all over the world thanks to its unique browsing technology. As of August 2019, the company’s assets are estimated at approximately $ 11.2 billion.

The platform is known for offering a wide variety of goods that have made a name for themselves on the Internet thanks to bizarre ads seen on Facebook and Instagram. Users saw themselves targeted by Wish ads for worms, adult diapers and even sex toys (?!). That and the fact that Wish products are often incredibly cheap as they allow retailers to sell them directly to consumers.

The company has become a huge icon in the eCommerce industry, and at the same time is not comparable in size to other market platforms such as Amazon or eBay. The top sellers on the site are from countries like China, Indonesia, Myanmar as sellers still find a fantastic place for sellers to find buyers looking for a cheap product. There are over 200,000 retailers offering their products on Wish.

Wish products are typically small items with a low shipping cost. Due to the mutual agreement between the US Postal Service and China Post, goods weighing less than 2 kg may have lower shipping fees. Often these products have a standard shipping option that takes 2 to 4 weeks, but there is also an express shipping option of 5-8 days.

Another notable feature of is the Wheel of Fortune-style game – Blitz Buy, which adds a layer of gamification to offer users additional discounts on the best items. Also, if users refer friends successfully, they can earn $ 100 in Wish Cash. The site and application have gained over 300 million users worldwide.

Moreover, another thing that should not be taken lightly is the shipping costs! Just because you found a shirt for 150 doesn’t mean you can make the deal.

What Is Wish?

Wish ( is an online marketplace for anything you can imagine. From hair extensions to selfie lights and laptops, his inventory seems endless.

Since its inception in 2010 by former Google and Yahoo developers, Wish has grown to $ 17 billion.

It is famous for its low prices for so-called expensive items. However, the products do not come directly from Wish itself; instead, they are sold by different sellers. Wish takes only a fraction of their profits.

Why Are Items So Cheap on Wish?

Go to Wish now. See how often some items have their price crossed out? Wish sellers have lowered this “original” price to almost zero. Remember that sellers have the option to set any original price.

For example, take a look at this smartwatch. Its price has reportedly been lowered from $ 499 to just $ 38:

You are probably wondering why Wish retailers can have such low prices. While many products are made from the cheapest materials available, low prices also have a lot to do with where most products come from: China.

china’s soft labor policy allows retailers to produce massive amounts of goods at very low cost. Wish products are often shipped by the seller, saving them from keeping a physical store. Products may also be stored in Wish’s warehouses and shipped immediately after the customer has placed their order.

Searching YouTube for Wish unpackers can give you an idea of ​​the quality of Wish products.

Everything seems to be a good idea. However, it is imperative to read the description of the item carefully – especially the positive and negative reviews. Wish product photos can be very confusing. Is the wish legal? This is a great question.

Six Tips for Shopping on

When I first heard about I was a bit skeptical. The lowest priced products that I see on the websites of high-end stores? After placing a few orders on, I found out a few things. A few friends have asked me how I order on Wish, so I decided to share my tips with some of my favorites:

1. Make sure to use coupons codes, especially on your first order!

I got a 50% discount on my first order which is a LOT of savings! After first ordering, the coupons are not that good, but always look for existing customer coupons and you will get at least 10% off. Feel free to use my referral code which will give you 10-50% discount on your order – >> Referral code: jmgvddx

2. ALWAYS read the reviews.

i live according to the product reviews on this website. There is a section that tells you if the size is usually “too small”, “just right” or “too large”. This is how I decide what size to buy. Sometimes the clothes are Asian sizes, so it’s worth knowing if you need to fit them properly to avoid cracking the seams! The above image was a perfect fit due to reading the reviews. My bomber was $ 6.80 + $ 4 shipping ($ 10.80 total), my shirt was $ 400.70 + $ 400 shipping (total 3500.70 .. say haaa.) And my pants cost $ 5.10 + $ 3 ($ 8.10 in total). Overall, my outfit was $ 21.60! I usually spend that much on one item so I was pleased with the outcome of many items.


3. Always check the “shipping information”.

There is a section that contains information about shipping the product. In this section, you will find out how much shipping costs and how long the delivery will take. This is very important as you can find the product for $ 3 and shipping will be $ 9, so it’s not worth it. You can also specify how long you will wait for the product. Another helpful part of product reviews is that many people will write if shipping was faster or slower than expected.


4. You win some you lose some

I have had mostly positive results with my products but there have been a few misfires. I ordered the sweater below because the photos were SO cute and everyone raved about how soft the fabric is. Well, they were right about the softness, but the color I ordered looked quite different in the photo compared to the one that actually showed up on my threshold. The color I ordered was supposed to be coral, but the product came in pink bubble gum color. Honestly, I still wear this at home, but probably not in public (who knows, it might show up at school).

5. Buy with other shoppers.

For most products, you can purchase with other buyers. If you buy from someone else, the price is cheaper. Sometimes there is no one to buy with, but you will get the option to buy at the normal price and will be credited to your account if someone else buys it from you within a few days. This feature saved me a lot.

Wide Product Range: The product range on Wish is comparable to what is available on other major eCommerce sites. On the platform you can find gadgets, fashion, jewelry, kitchen utensils and many niche items.

Are products on genuine?

While some of Wish’s bizarre, cheap products are fun to buy, be warned to those looking to make more serious purchases – our research has revealed illegal and counterfeit products for sale.

As part of the investigation, we ordered a number of products to assess their authenticity – and of the four that arrived in time for our investigation, we found issues with each of them.

These include counterfeit headphones and a counterfeit smartphone, but more importantly, we also found an unsafe car seat that was illegal to use in the UK.

We also have concerns about the return policy and pricing practices.

Wish boasts of selling at the lowest prices and demands huge discounts on some products, but we believe that prices on should be treated with a real handful of salt.

A smartphone named ‘P30 Pro’, which from the image looked like Huawei’s flagship smartphone, was due to be cut from £ 2,081 to £ 64.22 – the Huawei P30 Pro launched for £ 899 and usually sells now for £ 492, so it is a huge theorem to cut the price.

Likewise, a pair of allegedly refurbished £ 20 Bose QuietComfort 35 II headphones, which should be around £ 259 when new, has been cut from £ 470.

According to the guidelines of the Chartered Trading Standards Institute, pricing practices must be fair and not misleading. He says that when considering whether the price reduction is real, one should take into account how long the product has been on sale at a higher price compared to a lower price, how recently a higher price has been offered and whether significant sales have been made at a higher price.

Wish did not explain when and for how long the products were on sale at the stated “was” prices, or whether many of them were sold at that higher price.

We asked Wish to explain what he based his “former” prices on, but he did not answer our questions.

After finding out what to sell, adding products on is similar to any other online marketplace. However, take the time to research and find out what you want to sell.

Can you shop safely on Wish?

Yes and no. You see, when it comes to payment, there shouldn’t be any problems. You can pay via your PayPal account or credit and debit cards. Oh yes, let’s not forget about the Google Wallet as well.

Unfortunately, problems can be found elsewhere. You see, while most of the products you can find on Wish are fairly cheap and come from China, even though the company was founded by Silicon Valley software engineers.

The hidden catch is that Wish tracks its customers’ buying habits and uses this data to display personalized ads on social media platforms.

You may not even know it, but you’re a target whenever you browse the app. As for me personally, I have no problem with that, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The Best Products to buy on Wish

So you’ve decided to try Wish but don’t know where to start.

Ultimately, all items are on sale so heavily that you want to buy them all! However, be patient, you wouldn’t just want to throw away your money.

If you’ve decided to use this platform, stick to items that offer the best value for money. But what are the best things to buy on Wish? Let’s take a closer look, okay?

Bought!! I couldn’t help it. For only $ 4, I love to stock up on cheap oversized sunglasses. I don’t bother with the cases and usually I just put the glasses in my purse – one in each bag. These will be perfect by the end of 2020.

Why are things so cheap on Wish?

Many people wonder why everything is so cheap on Wish. Many people may think that these offers are too good to be true. This is not the case if you do your homework. Often times, the shipping fee is overstated to cover some of the cost of the product. Often times, it can be more than the product itself.

You can find 90% discounted items on Wish as they are counterfeit items of lower quality. These products often take 2 to 4 weeks to ship because they come from overseas, so you pay less for this “inconvenience”.

However, remember that the main reason why Wish is so cheap is the poor quality of the products. The material and the seams will not be high-class.

buying electronics on request

Is it safe to buy electronics from wish?

Is it safe to buy electronics on Wish? IF you do due diligence. Read reviews. Look at the buyer’s photos. Read everything in the fine print. The price matches the item on Amazon to make sure it’s a really good deal. I hear people are lucky with things like flash drives or bluetooth devices.

The truth is, a lot of the electronics you buy from US stores (or from Amazon) come from China, so maybe there won’t be much of a difference (other than the price).

If you are a merchant, Wish works in a very similar way to other online marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. In this article, I will cover the essential knowledge, but if you want a more detailed guide to being a seller, please refer to this article How to sell on

Wish App: Positives and Negatives

Here is a peek at some of the main positive features to use and some of the downsides, the latter of which are often complained about and mentioned by many users.

  • All products are checked by users so you can see the ratings before buying
  • Cost – In terms of price and value, items are extremely inexpensive
  • It offers a solid alternative to the purchase of technological products at very high costs
  • The clothes are fairly well checked and most of the garments are attractive and great to wear (comfy)
  • A very interesting range of products and some products make excellent gift options
  • Both the website and app have amazing ‘gem’ finds and deals, so if you browse for a long time you might find some great deals
  • The company offers free products only with shipping fees to get rid of excess inventory
  • Items can be returned for full purchase value or exchanged, especially if the product received is not functional or defective
  • Options to buy products or goods that you would not normally do due to price barriers
  • Discounted products that are highly valued and only available in the app
  • Lines can go completely hit or miss
  • Potential product failure, especially for technology products
  • Shipping costs can be expensive
  • Shipping is quite slow and takes an average of several weeks depending on the product
  • Makeup products can be made of harsh ingredients that can irritate the skin
  • It’s important to double-check and read reviews as often pages cross and reviews end up in the wrong section or category

Wish App: The Final Verdict

While Wish often leaves a bit to be desired and tech products are (on average) not necessarily a great investment, I strongly recommend trying the app in buying clothes or some makeup.

You can surely find great deals and save a lot of money and still get compliments for choosing your wardrobe, which is an all-round professional! The app is definitely trustworthy and can be useful for finding great deals or doing something to yourself without spending too much money.

Additionally, the low prices make it a low-risk investment, so there’s usually not much harm in trying something and just returning it if there are any issues or issues with the product not functioning properly.

You get what you paid for to some extent, so users shouldn’t expect makeup products comparable to department store brands or garments made of the finest materials. But in terms of overall value, the app receives a positive seal of approval. Simply put, I wish everything was in this price range!

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