How to Change Language on Fortnite PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch

Fortnite is such a popular game that every country would like to play. So the main reason is to change the language to fortnite ps4.

How to Change Language on Fortnite PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch?

Fortnite is such a popular game that every country would like to play it in their own language. So the main reason is to change the language to fortnite ps4.

There are many reasons for Fortnite’s popularity. It has fast mechanics and really cool graphics. Those who like survival games will love this game too; players can fight each other down to the last man.

Fortnite is available in many languages; English is the default language. Other languages ​​that users can set are French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.

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Epic Games has yet to implement the native Fortnite language changer feature on PS4, but you can do so via your console’s operating system.

Sony actually makes it possible for users to change the PlayStation 4 language, consistently modifying the language of the games as well. Don’t worry: the instructions to follow are extremely simple and I’m here to explain them in detail.

To change the PS4 language (an operation that, I recall, will get all console menus translated to the language of your choice), go to the top of the toolbar and press the controller X button above the Settings icon. Then scroll down the screen that opens and select Language.

Now press the controller X button above the language of the writing system and select the language you want to set in Fortnite, for example English (UK).

Perfect: now, to play Fortnite in the language of your choice, all you need to do is go back to the PlayStation 4 main screen and start playing. If by any chance you need more information on how to play Fortnite, check out the guide I’ve dedicated to the game.

Ultimate Fortnite Settings Guide for Consoles and PC Many new settings have been added to Chapter 2 of Fortnite. The menus have been given a completely new look. Some settings have been moved. You

Game settings

Now we’re on the second page of Fortnite settings. Gear or game settings icon.

First, let’s configure the language and region settings.

Fortnite language and region settings, automatic matchmaking region, English language

  • Matchmaking region: Auto – Want to use the matchmaking region closest to you with the lowest delay (ms). Using Auto selects the server with the best connection. Read on to learn how to lower ping in Fortnite.
  • Language: System Default – Sets the game language. It’s quite obvious, so use your native language for this setting.

Let’s move on to the traffic settings.

Fortnite movement settings, disable sprint, sprint enabled by default, sprint interrupt reload disabled, automatic door opener enabled

  • Toggle sprint: Off – Sets sprint to on / off or hold to sprint. Since you don’t want to sprint on a switch, you want to turn it off.
  • Default sprint: On – Enabling sprint sets the default movement to sprint by default. You always want to sprint in Fortnite, so turn it on. All the best Fortnite players use sprint by default, which frees up an extra key you can use for something important.
  • Sprint aborts reloading: disabled – you want to be able to reload while sprinting, so disable this option.
  • Auto Open Doors: On – When enabled, doors will automatically open when you approach them. I like to use auto-open doors because if I fail to edit and create a door my character will automatically pass through it and won’t waste any time.

Then the combat settings.

Fortnite combat settings, hold to disable pickup, disable aiming, mark danger while targeting, disable auto-pickup, auto-sort consumables immediately after turning on

  • Hold To Swap Pickup: Off – I suggest disabling this option, as it may accidentally switch the current weapon to a weapon lying on the ground.
  • Toggle steering: Disabled – Set steering to On / Off or Paused. I suggest you turn it off as it will allow you to aim quickly (ADS) which is handy when fighting a shotgun.
  • Mark Danger When Aiming: On – If ADS when placing a marker, a threat marker will be placed instead of the default location marker. This is useful for alerting your teammates to a danger, so turn them on.
  • Automatic Weapon Pickup: Disabled – Disable this setting unless you want to automatically pick up a weapon when you pass over it.
  • Automatically sort consumables to the right: on – when enabled, consumables such as healing and shields will be placed in the right empty slot by default. I recommend that you enable this option as you usually want the consumables to be on the right side.

Then we have the settings of your building.

Fortnite build settings, reset building selection off, turbo build on, confirm edit on release on

  • Reset Building Selection: On – when enabled, switching to build mode will always display the first building fragment (your wall). After turning it off, the game will remember the last fragment of the building you used and will automatically call it. For consistency, I suggest you turn it on.
  • Turbo Building: On – Turbo build allows you to hold down the build button to automatically continue building the selected item while you look around. You definitely want to enable turbo building, unless you want to place every building element in one click (you don’t want to).
  • Confirm Edit on Release: Enabled – Confirm Edit on Release – allows you to automatically confirm the edit after releasing the selected building edition (left mouse button or left trigger for controllers). I suggest you enable this as it allows for faster editing unless you use double edit hotkeys.

Regarding the tutorial settings, I keep contextual tips because that’s what I’ve always done, and it shows some useful tips for new players.

Fortnite tutorial settings, contextual tips on

Now let’s look at the additional game options.

Additional Fortnite game options, view inversion off, air inversion off, turbo delete in creative mode, nvidia highlights on, peripheral lighting on, tap to enable search / interaction

  • Invert View: Off – When enabled, your character will look down when the control is moved up. In other words, top is bottom and bottom is top. Most payers will want to turn it off.
  • Invert Airborne Controls: Off – When this option is enabled, pressing forward will lower the aircraft. So it depends on how you want to steer the plane, but most people will too.
  • Turbo Delete in Creative Mode: On – allows you to quickly delete items in Creative Mode by holding down the delete button.
  • Nvidia Highlights: Enabled – When this option is enabled, certain in-game events, such as winning, being eliminated, or being eliminated, are automatically logged, which can be useful for content creators. But for this feature, you will need specific Nvidia hardware.
  • Peripheral Lighting: On – Enabling this setting will allow Fortnite to control the lighting of supported peripherals. For example, the colors of the mouse and keyboard may change in a way that reflects your game.
  • Tap to Search / Interact: Enabled – Using Tap to Search / Interact allows you to search / interact with one press instead of holding it for the countdown. I recommend enabling this as it can release your finger when searching / interacting with things.

The last thing to configure on this page is the replay settings.

Fortnite replay settings, disable replay recording, disable large team replay recording, enable replay recording in creative mode

  • Replay recording: off – when enabled, replays are recorded and stored after each match. But re-recording can slow down performance and take up hard drive space, so I suggest you disable it.
  • Record Big Team Replays: Off – When enabled, replays are recorded and stored after each match against large teams such as 50v50 or 20 teams. Again, this can reduce performance and take up hard drive space, so I suggest disabling this feature.
  • Record Replays in Creative Mode: On – when enabled, replays are recorded for matches in creative mode. I have this turned on because I don’t care too much about my performance in Creative Mode, and I like using Creative Replays to get thumbnails of the content.

Worried that your child is playing Fortnite? Here’s how to use Fortnite parental controls to keep your child safe while saving the world.

What Do the Individual Fortnite Parental Controls Do?

Each of Fortnite’s individual parental controls has a toggle that lets you turn it on and off. If you’re not entirely sure what this switch will change for any of these options, here’s a detailed explanation of each parental control option in Fortnite:

Filter Mature Language

Fortnite includes a text chat feature that allows players to communicate by typing in chat. This feature is available in the competitive Battle Royale lobby mode where your kids can write to their friends. It’s also available in the Save the World co-op mode, where they’ll be able to text-chat with friends and strangers alike.

Enable this setting to censor mature language in text chat. Disable this setting to allow mature language such as swearing.

Hide Your Name From Non-Squad Members

When your child is eliminated during a match, their in-game name is usually visible to other players. This setting allows you to prevent non-teammates from displaying your child’s name. People on your child’s team will still see their name, even strangers, if your child has chosen to fill their squad with random players.

Enable this setting to replace the child’s name with “Player” for anyone not on their team. Turn this setting off so that everyone can see your name.

Hide Non-Squad Member Names

This is the same as the previous setting, but blocks your child from seeing other players’ names. If you are concerned about your child seeing inappropriate names or trying to contact strangers outside of the game, turn this option on.

Enable this setting to replace other players’ names with the word “Player” in your child’s game. Disable this setting to let your child see other players’ names.

Turn Voice Chat On and Off

Fortnite includes a built-in voice chat. As your child plays at a party with his friends or fills his squad with strangers, voice chat becomes available. Voice chat can be a fun way to talk to your child and his friends, but it allows them to talk to strangers if they choose to group with strangers.

Enable this setting to allow your child to talk to other players via voice chat. Disable this feature to prevent your child from using voice chat.

Enable and Disable Text Chat

As mentioned earlier, text chat is available in Fortnite in a few different places. If you want to prevent your child from using text chat, instead of just censoring adult content, this is the feature you are looking for.

Turn on this setting to prevent your child from using text chat. Disable this setting if you want your child to be able to use Fortnite’s text chat.

Receive Weekly Playtime Reports

This setting is different as it has no effect on your child’s playing experience. Instead, this feature allows you to receive game time reports from Epic, which details how much time your child has spent playing Fortnite. If you want to keep an eye on their playing time, this is the option you’re looking for.

Set WEEKLY for weekly reports, DAILY for daily reports, or OFF if you don’t want to receive Fortnite playtime reports.

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