How to claim Destiny 2 Prime Gaming rewards (January 2022). Where to claim destiny 2

After completing this opening mission, you’ll be free to explore Europe. You can even talk to Variks. Don’t do any of these things. Instead, go to the Tower.

How to claim Destiny 2 Prime Gaming rewards (January 2022)

Destiny 2 Prime Rewards

Want to get free Destiny 2 gear for your Ranger? Good news, there will be a new list of rewards available every month through Amazon Prime Gaming – here are the items you can earn and how to get them in October.

As Destiny 2 continues to grow, Prime Gaming offers fans something to get excited about by offering extra loot for Guardians.

Prime Gaming is giving away a new Exotic Pack for Bungie each month, each containing a wide variety of in-game goodies, including everything from emotes to vehicles and other exciting content.

Wondering how to get it all? Here’s how.


Destiny 2 Prime Gaming rewards

Destiny 2 Sparrow

Sparrows have become one of the most popular Destiny 2 items on Twitch Prime.

Since its release, Destiny 2 has been dropping Prime Rewards monthly, offering you the chance to earn some of the coolest emotes, sparrows, ships, and Ghost shells in the game.

There are still many monthly rewards to be won, so make sure you stay tuned and grab them all before they’re gone.

This rewards program is an easy way to earn a free engram; it seems silly not to do so. The rewards program also offers discounts on physical products as well as badges of triumph which can only be purchased through the rewards program.

Step 1 – Apply the codes to your account

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