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Ultimately, Kinect will enhance your media viewing experience on your Xbox by giving you access to voice commands, provided you set up the microphones correctly. Of course, it doesn’t always work, and it can be a bit frustrating if it fails a few times, but when it goes away, I’ll miss it.

How to connect your Xbox 360 controller to a PC

Not so long ago, trying to connect a controller to a computer was either impossible, or it required a lot of wires and wires. However, new technology has finally made it easier to connect the controller to a computer using Bluetooth and similar methods.

Synchronization of the Xbox 360 controller is no exception, and even older models should connect to a laptop or desktop without too much trouble. Here’s a basic summary of how to connect an Xbox 360 controller to your computer.

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Plug in your wireless receiver

This section only applies to those with wireless controllers. If you have a wired Xbox 360 controller, skip to installing the software.

For those of you who own Xbox 360 wireless controllers, connecting to your computer is not as simple as simply plugging in your device. First, you need to purchase the correct receiver and then run the appropriate setup wizard.

Xbox wireless receiver

If you don’t already have a receiver, they usually cost anywhere from $ 10 to $ 20. The official version of Microsoft will cost a bit more, but there are plenty of third-party versions available that work perfectly fine.

After purchasing the wireless receiver, connect it to a compatible USB port on your computer (see Figure A below). Once connected, a green light will appear on the receiver indicating that the device is working properly.

Before you begin, place your Xbox 360 console in an easily accessible, well-ventilated, dust-free place. Too much dust can cause the console to overheat.

Kinect sensor:

If your sensor needs adjustments, it’s better to let the system make its own adjustments automatically, rather than trying to make them manually. If your Kinect sensor doesn’t automatically adjust, see your Xbox console for troubleshooting tips.

Then you will have enough space to play, clear the area between you and the single player sensor. We recommend a play of approximately 6 feet from the sensor. For two players, you want to be approximately 2 meters away from the sensor.

Because Kinect tracks your feet, not your hands. It is important to remove all items between you and the sensor. You can then insert the Kinect adventure game disc that came with your Kinect sensor. Once loaded, the disc will update your console to the latest settings. Then start the game and start playing.

How to Set up Xbox 360?

Kinect sensor for the Xbox 360 console

#step 1: Remove the collar from the Kinect sensor.

#step 2: Place the Kinect sensor on a table surface centered on the top or in front of the TV.

#step 3: May be 2 feet to 6 feet above the floor.

#step 4: If you have a smaller or higher space, you can play with your whole body.

#step 5: The Kinect sensor is located close to the leading edge of the surface.

#step 6: do not expose it to direct sunlight as the sensor must hear you clearly.

#step 7: Do not place the sensor in front of the loudspeaker or any surface that vibrates or makes a lot of noise.

#step 8: check if your Xbox 360 is connected to a power outlet.

Kinect sensor for the Xbox 360 console

#step 9: If you’re using an HDMI cable instead of a composite cable, you’ll need to connect one end to your TV and the other end to your Xbox

#step 10: Connect the Kinect sensor to the specially shaped port on the back of the Xbox 360 console.

#step 11: If you already have an Xbox 360 console but recently purchased a Kinect sensor separately, disconnect the USB power cable from the Kinect sensor.

#step 12: Your new Xbox 360 console will bring it all together. You need to connect the Kinect sensor to the specially shaped port on the back of the Xbox console.

#step 13: If you have an original Xbox 360 console, disconnect your wireless adapter.

#step 14: If you have the next one, connect the wireless adapter to the Wi-Fi extender that came with the Kinect sensor.

#step 15: Plug the other end of the extension cord into the USB port on the front of your Xbox.

#step 16: Plug the Kinect USB power cable into the USB port on the back of the Xbox console.

#step 17: Now you are ready to turn on your Xbox 360 console.

#step 18: press and hold the “silver golden button” on the controller.

After you’ve installed the necessary software and connected or synced your controller, it’s time to test your connection. Open the Start menu on your computer, click the Search menu and look for “game controllers”. You should see an option: Configure USB Game Controllers .

Setting up Kinect for programming in Linux (part 1)

Kinect, a Microsoft device originally made for the Xbox360 (gaming console), has become immensely popular with developers in the last few months; allows you to easily track predefined movements without the need for special clothes or complicated sensors. Once set up, you will have access to features such as hand tracking, scene analysis (count how many people are in the room, where they are) and many more. The first part of this tutorial will guide you through all the required steps to set up Kinect in an Ubuntu environment.

A device with two cameras and an infrared projector on the left side.

How it’s working? Using the structured light technique, Kinect generates a depth map, which is basically a matrix containing the distance of each pixel depending on the camera.

The device, as recognized by the computer.

Kinect also comes with audio and motorized tilt features, so we get 3 subdevices:

  • Xbox NUI engine
    • Supports tilt motor and status LED.
    • Supports microphone array
    • Operate cameras

    Communicating with the Kinect

    Warning: First, I tried to define custom installation directories for various libraries, but found that they need default paths (such as / usr / bin) to work properly.


    To operate Kinect, we need two drivers:

    We will use the freenect library (open source, unofficial) to control the LED and the tilt motor):

    To control the video stream and get the depth map, we will download the openNI drivers (open source, official):

    We also need PrimeSense (the company that makes the Kinect sensor module) (open source): Warning: The official PrimeSense driver is not compatible with Kinect, we need to download a modified version.

    • Git: (this is a modified version)

    Finally, we use a higher level library to get hand tracking, predefined gestures (swipes, thrusts, circles etc) without having to create algorithms.

    Warning: Since this library is not open source and therefore only available as binaries, you will only be able to install / use it on Windows or Ubuntu.

    Environment setup

    1- Download needed libraries/software.
    • if you get “Unable to locate libglut3-dev package” use this command instead:
    1- Install openKinect (libFreenect)
    • After installing libFreenect, plug in Kinect and then set R / W permissions on USB devices (engine and camera).
    • Now let’s see if everything is set up properly, just run glview, you should get something like this


    You did not understand? try the FAQ library

    Tip: You can play around with the functions a bit with these commands:

    “W” – tilt up, “s” – level, “x” – tilt down, “0” – “6” – LED mode selection, “f” – video format

    On the left is a representation of the depth map in openGL format, the pixel color is set according to the point distance from the sensor, on the right you can get a normal RGB or infrared camera view (to see the infrared pattern, switch between them with the “f’)

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