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Not counting the gold cards, one pack is on average worth around 86.7 dust. We don’t have good enough stats for gold cards yet, so we’re ruling out that for now, but the dust value will be higher if we include gold cards.

PityTracker’s Dust Guide

This is a small collection of stat-based answers to some of the questions you may have asked yourself. If something is unclear, you have a different question that you asked yourself, or you find a bug, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Should I wait for a specific card in the package to be found, or should I create it?

We all know this feeling: we want to play a specific card, but are reluctant to create it because we can find it in the package and don’t want to waste any dust. Is this fear justified?

Let’s look at the probability of finding a specific card in a bundle:

Rarity Classic GvG TGT SMARTEN
C 3.8 % 9.0 % 7.3 % 7.2 %
R 1.4 % 3.1 % 3.2 % 3.2 %
To me 0.6 % 0.8 % 0.8 % 0.8 %
L 0.2 % 0.3 % 0.3 % 0.3 %

The probabilities are based on data from Number of cards per expansion here.

As you can see, the probabilities are so low that it doesn’t pay to wait for specific cards to appear. The best way is to find a specific GvG in common, but even there you look at around 10 packs on average until you find it. For a specific legend, you’ll have to wait around 300 packs on average to find the card you’re looking for!

Our tip: don’t wait! Create any card without worries!

Should I Dust Golden Cards?

After all, it is a matter of personal preference. All we can do is make the question as objectivized as possible.

Let’s put it from a fun perspective: if you want to create a new legend, you can forge four golden epics to be able to create this legendary one. Now consider this argument:

Argument (A): Do you personally like the animations of gold cards you have to disenchant better, or are you more enjoying playing with your new created card?

Our tip: Save your gold cards until you want to create a specific card. Then use argument (A) to decide. Think of your gold cards as a piggy bank that you can plunder if you need to.

Note that we don’t recommend dusting any cards unless you have more than two (except for the Gnomish Experimenter).

Another way to get new packages is to play Arena and Tavern Brawl. The Brawl Tavern usually rewards a card pack for the first win in a mode. Arena rewards players with packs and additional prizes depending on their final score during the run. More wins means more rewards.

Card Pack Changes

Effective August 2017, changes have been made to Hearthstone Card Packs to ensure that players receive a Legendary Card with the first 10 packs of that set. These changes DO NOT apply to players who opened ANY packs per set before the change, even if the number of open packs is less than 10. Notwithstanding this disclaimer, the changes overall can significantly increase the expected Arcane Dust value of Hearthstone Packs.

In most scenarios, players opening packs until they find Legendary can expect an improvement over the typical expected Arcane Dust 102.71 per pack. Even in the worst-case scenario, players will receive an average Arcane Dust value of 86 out of the first 10 packs, which is a dramatic improvement over the typical average of 48 Secret Dust per 10 packs in the worst case scenario.

More than anyone else, these changes benefit newcomers who are budget conscious. Guaranteed Legendary for all legacy sets gives new accounts a short boost to catch up on their card collections. Likewise, regular players and F2P players who only open a few packs for the expansion can expect to receive the Legendary sooner, and therefore get better value from the few packs that are opened.

Hearthstone Top Decks Pack Opening Recommendation #1

Purchase bundles from any bundle for which you have not yet opened any bundles until the legendary card is bundled.

Pro-tip: When implementing this recommendation, purchase packets in the store one at a time. Pack changes guarantee a Legendary card in the first 10 packs, but you can open your Legendary card before the 10th pack. Buying 10 packs at a time may result in unnecessary packets in relation to this strategy.

Classic Set

The Classic Hearthstone Set is the core set in the game. Introduced with Hearthstone, the Classic Set still contains many of the strongest cards in the game. Even in standard rotations, many of the Best Standard Ladder Meta Decks contain several cards from the Classic set.

Also, except for cards added to the Hall of Fame, Classic Set cards do not rotate beyond the Standard Format. Due to their evergreen nature, cards from the Classic sets are more likely to remain playable in the Standard format than those issued with the Expansions.

As such, players’ primary goal should be to build a core collection of cards from the Classic Set before moving on to Expansion Packs.

Hearthstone Top Decks Pack Opening Recommendation #2

Build a strong foundation with the Classic Set.

Pro Tip: Weekly Tavern Brawls are usually rewarded with card packs from the Classic Set. This means that the Classic Collection can be built more efficiently than in the past, slightly reducing the need to purchase packs from this set. With that in mind, those looking at the long-term performance of packages may want to purchase very few classic card packages knowing that they will consistently earn one each week.

The Descent of the Dragons was the final expansion of the Year of the Dragon. It was released on December 10, 2019 and includes 140 new cards. This expansion reveals the end of the Evil League schema story. Five villains try to resurrect the mighty Galakrond, while Reno Jackson and his team of explorers try to save Azeroth.

The Hearthstone Core Set contains the most basic cards in the game that form the basis of most decks. All players receive the full core set at no cost – as long as they have achieved the level of each of the ten game classes. If you’re a returning player you’ve probably already done so, but if you’re a brand new player you’ll want to make this a priority.

The core set will always be the building blocks of a deck, as the core set cards will change every year, bringing you new and interesting cards. If you’ve already unlocked a Core Set, you will automatically receive the latest Core Set cards when you level up your classes. So this is a one-time process to ensure you get cards that will always be up-to-date in the game, no matter how many years are.

So, when you start out, you should focus on leveling up all ten classes by playing them in more casual game modes like single-player modes or a brawl in the tavern.

Play the Tavern Brawl every week

Actually, play the inn brawl every week! There are many reasons for this: you’ll earn XP in a more relaxed mode, level up your classes, gain in-game knowledge, and for your first win you’ll receive a card pack containing relatively new Standard cards. It is currently awarding the Year of the Phoenix Pack, which includes expansion cards from Ashes of Outland, Scholomance Academy, and Madness at the Darkmoon Faire.

The inn brawl changes every Wednesday (and we have a weekly guide to help you win it) so make sure you win the week before that date!

Quests, rewards and regular play will effectively cut down by several hundred dollars each year if you have enough time to devote yourself to the game. Otherwise, getting your entire collection will cost you much more than a regular AAA title.

5. The Boomsday Project

The Boomsday Project was released on August 7, 2018. Initially, the set felt very weak. However, after some cards were buffed, the set’s popularity grew. This expansion centers around the famous Dr. Boom and his team of elite scientists at Boom Labs. He also introduced one of the most interesting keywords in the game – magnetic spells, as well as legendary.

There are many strong cards in this expansion. More than 5 legendary cards are often used in the metagame, while others, such as Mecha’thun, are waiting for the perfect combination to emerge. Almost all magnetic creatures are really strong too. From this expansion come the 2 most used cards in the entire game – Zilliax and SN1P-SN4P, as well as one of the strongest hero cards – Dr. Boom, Mad Genius

In short, the Boomsday Project is an expansion worth spending money on. It is home to some of the best cards in the game, and it is absolutely imperative that you play Treant or Mech decks. However, since the standard rotation is so close, I suggest that you only buy Project Boomsday Card Packs if you’re interested in the Wild format.

4. Rise of Shadows

Out of the Shadows was released on April 9, 2019. It allowed many archetypes to shine and completely shook the finish line. This expansion introduced the Twin Spells keyword, as well as Minions. The plot revolves around the League of Evil.

There are many powerful cards in this set. Over 20 cards are played over 100,000 times a month, with the BAD Gnome being the most played. It has been played over a million times. Rise of the Shadows is also home to many of the Minion Generator cards that have been the staple of many decks throughout the Year of the Dragon. Some of the most commonly used legendary cards in this expansion are Heistbaron Togwaggle, Kalecgos, and Catrina Muerte.

Overall, you should definitely think about investing your resources into this card extension. It has over 10% popularity and there are many strong cards that can significantly strengthen your collection.

This article introduced me perfectly to the ins and outs of this intriguingly complex decision; I started (basically) a few days ago and really needed some help!

How to Get Wild Cards in Hearthstone?

Wild cards are cards from all expansions that are not in the Standard rotation and cards from the newly established Legacy set.

Getting wild cards from older expansions is similar to getting standard cards. All you have to do is buy the packages or craft them directly.

Alternatively, old expansions also have special adventure modes that require the player to complete a Solo Adventure and get cards. Only after that will they be able to create and disenchant cards from this adventure.

The Legacy kit is quite unique. Consists of all the Basic and Classic cards that were the basis of the game (now replaced by a rotating core set). Players get all free Legacy cards, reaching the bronze 10 in the ranked ranking. Other Legacy cards (cards with a rarity) can be crafted from Dust or opened from classic card packs.

How to Get Legendary Cards in Hearthstone?

Legendary cards are the rarest and most unique cards in the game, and several of them form the basis of meta-defining decks. Players may only place one Legendary card with the same name in their deck, compared to the usual two copies of other rarities.

Legendary cards can be obtained by Crafting (regular versions cost 1,600 Dust), and Crafting is the only reliable way to obtain a specific Legend.

Another way to get Legendary items is by opening them in packs. Since they are extremely rare under normal circumstances, Blizzard has introduced two security features to make Legendary cards more accessible to players:

  • Ten Packs Bonus: In each expansion, players are guaranteed to receive at least one Legendary card in the first ten packs they open.
  • Pit Timer: Players are guaranteed a Legendary Card at least once every 40 packs.

Once you’ve opened ten packs from a specific extension, it may be wiser to upgrade to the older add-ons to get the most out of the ten pack bonus.

Buying more packs doesn’t increase your chances of opening legendary packs outside of the Pity Timer safety valve.

Overall, this expansion has a popularity below 10% in the metag, and considering the fact that it will go beyond the standard in about a month, it’s not worth it. Instead, similar to Witchwood, you’d better make the cards you need.

Duplicate protection

Duplicate protection when opening a Hearthstone bundle refers to protection given to a player that prevents him / her from opening a card where the player has purchased more than one copy (for Legendary) or more than two copies (for common, rare, and epic goods). The duplicate protection is due to the fact that in normal game rules, players prohibit players from using more than one copy of a Legendary card, or more than two copies of a regular, rare, or epic card in a typical game deck. With duplicate protection, players can collect cards without worrying about frequently getting useless duplicates and three copies of cards from card packs. Duplicate protection generally didn’t exist in Hearthstone until August 10, 2017.

on June 22, 2017, Blizzard announced that a brand new duplicate protection rule will be implemented for Legendary cards opened from card packs. 9 The announced duplicate protection rule and some additional changes to the package opening rules were officially introduced on August 10, 2017 with the release of the Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion, and were as follows:

  • When you open a Legendary, you are guaranteed to find a Legend that you do not yet own (not gold or gold), unless you already own all of the Legendars in the set. 10
    • At the moment, this meant that if a player had all Legendary items in a set and disenchanted one of them, he was guaranteed that the disenchanted Legend would open in the next card pack containing the Legendary.

    In-game duplication protection notification after March 26, 2020

    on March 17, 2020, Blizzard announced that duplicate protection will be extended to all rarities when opening card packs, which means commons, rare and epic goods will now receive triple protection in addition to Legends having duplicate protection. 11 The new triple protection rules and a few additional card tracking rules were officially introduced on March 26, 2020, approximately two weeks before the Ashes of Outland expansion pack, and were as follows

    • When you open a Legendary card, you are still guaranteed to find a Legendary card that you do not have yet (excluding the Gold and Gold), but now only if you have not yet opened a copy of all Legendary cards in the set.
      • The Legendary Card is still guaranteed in the first ten expansion packs.


      Americas region purchase options.

      • All types of card packs have the same chance to produce cards of any rarity, gold and normal versions. 1920 This suggests that the internal process of selecting each card works by first determining a rarity and then randomly selecting to produce a card of that rarity. There is evidence to suggest that cards may have “predetermined rarities” as we experience when “reopening packages”. 21
      • The content of each package is determined randomly at the time of opening. 2223
      • Purchase options have no effect on the contents of the packages. 24
      • Players can only use 2 of each card in the deck (and only 1 of each Legendary card), meaning additional copies of cards beyond these limits have no value. After receiving unwanted cards from card packs, the Disenchantment option can be used to destroy unwanted cards in exchange for Arcane Dust, which can then be used to create new cards. This process allows players to replace unwanted cards with more desirable options.
      • When opening packs, cards are displayed using the currently selected back of a player’s card.

      While there is no bulk purchase option for Gold transactions, players can double click “1 Pack” to order multiple packs instantly by entering a number from 1 to 50. We do not offer a discount. Players are informed about this option the first time they enter a store with a sufficiently large amount of gold. 7

      Problems with Amazon Coins and the Amazon Appstore:

      There are also downsides to the advantages of the Amazon Coin system. To purchase and use Amazon Coins, the customer must be using an Android device. If the player only has an iOS device, using the Android emulator is the only way to get around this obstacle.

      If you’re having trouble launching Hearthstone after installing it through the Amazon Appstore, make sure you have the authentication app installed. If so, uninstall the application. This should fix the problem, but if not, try reinstalling Hearthstone via the Amazon Appstore.

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