How to Fix GTA V Social Club Failed to Initialize (Error Code 17)

Some GTA V players report that every time they try to launch the game they see Social Club failed to initialize (error code 17

How to Fix GTA V Social Club Failed to Initialize (Error Code 17)?

Some GTA V players report that Social Club failed to initialize (error code 17) every time they try to launch the game on their computer. Most affected users say the crash occurs seconds after trying to go fullscreen.

Social Club was unable to initialize error code 17

As it turns out, most of the reported cases of this problem were caused by a local bug in the locale profile. If this scenario applies, you should be able to fix the problem by resetting the entire game folder, renaming a few files with the .old extension.

You also need to make sure that Social Group opens with administrator access and that you have the correct date and time (Social Club is very picky about this). And if you have Social Club and GTA V installed on different hard drives, you’ll need to make some adjustments to the Registry.

However, if you are using AVG, ESET or some other overprotective antivirus suite, the problem may also occur as the main Social Club executable is preventing communication with the Rockstar server in which case you can whitelist the problematic executable or uninstall a third party AV package entirely.

If you are launching the game through Steam, check that your in-game name contains special characters. Social Club has been known to cause this error if your name contains special characters such as ‘#$%

& ‘. Luckily, you can easily edit your Steam profile and remove any special characters that might cause GTAV to crash.

If you’re still using Windows 7, make sure Sevice Pack 1 is installed (the game won’t run if you don’t have the platform update installed.

Are you looking for tips on how to play GTA V without a Social Club? One click is all it takes. We have explained everything you need to know in this………

Playing GTA V without Social Club

  1. To play GTA V without Social Club, users will need the Steam Launcher. Please follow the steps below.
  2. Download and install Steam Launcher.

Steam Launcher is available for download from the official Steam website. There are versions for both Windows and Mac computers.

  1. Open “Documents” on your computer. Open the Rockstar Games folder. Find the file “socialclub_launcher.log” and open it with Notepad.
  2. Replace “false” with “true” in “offline only.”
  3. Open GTA V through the Steam launcher.

You can now play GTA V without Social Club.

GTA 5 and Online players should definitely sign up for the Rockstar Games Social Club. Offers great deals and exclusive prizes. Here’s how players can register for this service.

Rockstar Games Social Club sign up process, benefits and more, detailed

Signing up with an account

First of all, GTA players will need to access the home page ( through a web browser. After signing up, they will need to verify their age. It is free so there are no membership fees. Now they will have to read the rules. Once they accept this, they can create an account.

GTA 5 and Online players must then enter their personal details. This includes your nickname, password, email address, and country or region. Now, in the most important step, they need to connect their Social Club to the PC (Steam), PlayStation or Xbox system they plan to play Rockstar games on.

In the profile settings, GTA players can select the third option (Linked Accounts). They can now connect to PlayStation Network or Games for Windows LIVE. Players can even link their Twitch channels here.

GTA 5 and Online benefits

Rockstar Games Social Club provides GTA 5 and Online players with several benefits. They range from rare weapons and vehicles to unique abilities. The home page will also be updated with additional content.

Here are the exclusive features for GTA 5 players:

  • performance tracking: career stats and GTA 5 player checklists
  • Exclusive Features: Unlocks rare weapons, vehicles and hairstyles
  • Snapmatic: allows players to share photos online
  • LifeInvader Social Network: Offers in-game discounts

Meanwhile, these are exclusive features for GTA Online players:

  • New Crew Features: Offers colors and crew customization
  • Unlockable weapons and vehicles: Sawed-Off and Annis Elegy RH8
  • GTA Online Quests: Ability to publish playlists and bookmarks for tasks
  • Unique Customization: Red Dead Redemption 2 Clothing
  • Social Club Events: Private GTA Online Events

Rockstar Games Social Club keeps players one step ahead. They will gain access to rare content that normal players lack. Players with a linked Prime Gaming and Social Club account will even receive discounts on weapons and vehicles in GTA Online.

Newsletter for Rockstar Newswire

Rockstar Newswire brings you the latest stories in GTA Online. For example, it is currently in the week leading up to the Los Santos Tuners update and tons of bonuses and discounts are now available. Rockstar Newswire will provide players with information on these offers every time.

All in all, GTA 5 and Online players can make the most of their Rockstar Games Social Club experience. Over 100 million players have signed up for the service, and it will take a new player less than half an hour to complete the process on their own. Rockstar Games Social Club’s rewards and additional features make it an enticing prospect for players who are on the fence.

After Epic Games announced that they would be giving away free copies of GTA V for a week, a lot of people started picking up this gift on this platform. Even some current GTA V players who have already purchased the game on Steam have opted for another free copy so they can have two or more GTA Online accounts.

Steps to Do Upon Game Update

If an update to GTAV is available after following the steps above to share game files, please do the following for the new update:

Update GTA V from one game platform (Steam or Epic Games). We will label this platform as Platform A.

Copy the GTA5.exe and PlayGTAV.exe files from the game installation path to another location and clearly mark them as game files downloaded from platform A.

Then update GTA V from another platform which will be labeled Platform B.

Copy GTA5.exe and PlayGTAV.exe from the game installation path to another location again, but this time mark them as game files downloaded from platform B.

Now you should be able to launch GTA V and switch back and forth between Steam and Epic Games just like before.

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