How to get a refund on steam. How to get a refund on steam

To check if your game is eligible for a refund, simply follow the steps in the previous section. If a game appears in the list of purchased items, it is possible to get a refund, otherwise it will not.

Steam 101: This is how to refund a game on the Steam Store

Steam has a generous refund policy, but how can players use it to actually get money back from Valve’s Steam store?

Play enough games and most people will end up buying the game they don’t like. Fortunately, Steam is not like a physical store. And while most video game retailers do not refund a video game once it opens, Steam’s ability to determine which account a game belongs to and how long to play it allows it to offer a refund as long as players haven’t hit two major milestones during the game. Before players request a refund on Steam, there are two things that players need to check.

Steam offers players a guaranteed cashback on games that have been purchased in the last 14 days and played for less than two hours. Anything more than that, and the process is the same, but Valve does not guarantee that it will accept your refund request.

How do you refund a game on Steam?

Step 1: Check the game’s playtime and purchase date

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