How to get a Trident in Minecraft. Where to get a trident in minecraft

Moreover, it is one of the two spells in the game that cannot be removed with a grindstone. If you’re looking for a guide on how to remove spells in Minecraft, we’ve already published it for your convenience.

7 Best Minecraft Trident Enchantments You Can Use

Trident is one of my favorites and one of the rarest items in Minecraft. It is one of the few tools you cannot create and which you must get in your Minecraft world. But it is not everything. The Trident also has some of the coolest in-game spells you can find in this sandbox game. Some trident spells can even make you feel like Aquaman. We’re here to go over all the best trident spells in Minecraft, along with the process for getting a trident.

All you need to do is follow our guide carefully to understand everything about all the trident spells in both Minecraft Java and Bedrock Edition. If you want something stronger, you can always install Forge in Minecraft. It will allow you to install and run the best mods for Minecraft.

With that said, let’s wait no more and discover the best trident spells in Minecraft. We tested these spells and their effects in the latest Minecraft 1.18 update.

Basics: How to Get a Trident in Minecraft

Unlike most weapons and tools, a trident can only be obtained by killing a drowned in Minecraft. Drowned is the zombie variant that can be found in the ocean biome. The drowned person can be easily located near the ruins of the ocean. This is the only way to find a trident in Minecraft. There is no crafting recipe for this weapon, and it cannot be found in any loot in the chest. Additionally, the tridents you get from drowning aren’t always in top shape. So it becomes imperative to fix them and enchant them before using them.

Drowned with a trident in Minecraft

As a weapon, the tridents can act as both a throwing weapon and a melee weapon. Compared to a diamond sword, it has a higher damage ratio but slower attack speed, unless you’re underwater. The best thing about trident is that you can kill mobs up to 80 blocks away from you. But that’s only if you get it from a drowned man that has a less than 10% chance of dropping it. That aside, check out the best trident spells in Minecraft.

Best Trident Enchantment You Should Use in 2022

1. Loyalty Enchantment

Probably one of the coolest spells in Minecraft, loyalty is the exclusive three-tooth spell. As the name suggests, it will make your trident loyal and keep coming back to you after every throw. If you’ve ever wanted to feel like the Greek god (or Avenger) Thor, this is the way to do it. You can apply this with an enchanted book as well as an enchanted table.

The speed of the trident’s return depends on the level of your spell. It has a maximum of 3 levels that you can upgrade to. In terms of limitations, your trident will be damaged when thrown into lava and won’t return from void (Java only). And in the unfortunate event that you die before he returns, you can find him in the same place as your death.

2. Channeling

Continuing the theme of the Greek god Thor, our next trident spell allows us to create lightning in-game. But do not confuse this with an electric attack. When used, this spell directs light from heaven. It only has one level, but it is enough to make it one of the most powerful spells in Minecraft. You can apply this spell trident with enchanted book as well as enchanted table.

All you need to do is follow our guide carefully to understand everything about all the trident spells in both Minecraft Java and Bedrock Edition. If you want something stronger, you can always install Forge in Minecraft. It will allow you to install and run the best mods for Minecraft.

How to get a Trident in Minecraft

As mentioned earlier, you need to kill Trident Drowners to get one yourself. But where are these undead mobs hiding?

Drowned mobs naturally appear in ocean biomes and rivers. Since rivers are smaller bodies of water, your chances of showing a Drowned are greater in rivers than trying to find a Drowned in the ocean biome. For a drowned mob to respawn, the ocean and rivers must have a light level of 7 or less. In the ocean biomes, the Drowned can also be found in the ruins of the ocean.

Even then, it does not guarantee the player a trident. At least not right away. The chances are different for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition and Minecraft: Java Edition. In Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, Drowned people have a 15% chance to spawn with a Trident. In Minecraft: Java Edition, the Drowned have a 6.5% chance.

Tridents don’t have a great drop chance, but you can manipulate those chances. Enchanting a sword with looting will increase your chances of receiving a trident. Your chances will be increased by 1% for each Increase of looting.

Trident Enchantments

Below you will find out which spells the Trident can receive along with their descriptions:

  • Loyalty
    • It returns to the player a few seconds after being thrown. Not compatible with Riptide.
      • Channels
        • In a thunderstorm, a thrown trident hitting a player or crowd causes a lightning bolt. Not compatible with Riptide.
          • Outflow current
            • It drives the player when thrown into water or rain. Deals water damage to creatures hit by the Ritide attack. Inconsistent with Loyalty and Relay.
              • Stitching
                • Deals bonus melee or ranged damage to water mobs (except Drowners) or to all mobs in water or rain.
                  • Steadfast
                    • Increases durability.
                      • Repair
                        • The XP orbs will repair the trident when held instead of increasing the player’s XP.
                          • The Curse of Disappearance
                            • The trident will disappear instead of falling to the ground when the player dies.

                            And that’s how you get the Trident! Bored with your Overworld? We have a list of the best Minecraft seeds for 2020.

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                            What Do You Need To Bring?

                            To get a trident, you need to find a drowned man. As mentioned above, drowned zombies only appear in deep ocean waters where light cannot reach them. To do this, you need to be prepared before heading out to the ocean. Here is a list of all the things you will need on your trip:

                            • Armor: Equip at least a full set of iron armor to protect yourself from the attacks of drowners underwater. Your armor should be equipped with the Breathing spell to increase your breathing time underwater.
                            • Sword: Bring at least an iron or diamond sword. Preferably the sword spell Plunder III to increase the chances of getting a trident while killing a drowned man.
                            • Shield: You can use a shield to block the attacks of drowned people, especially when they are throwing tridents at you from a distance.
                            • Potion: You must bring Underwater Breathing Potions in order to be able to breathe underwater for a certain period of time. The Water Breathing Potion can be made in the brewhouse using 1 netherwart, 1 puffer, and 1 water bottle.
                            • boat: The boat will be your means of transport on the ocean.

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                            How to do the enchantments for trident in Minecraft

                            Spells are used to improve the traits of a trident. There are seven spells available and you will need an anvil and the necessary spell book to complete this step. The description of these seven spells is presented in the picture below.

                            Automatically generated description of the table

                            To craft the anvil you will need three pieces of iron with three pieces of iron ingots and place them appropriately as mentioned in the picture below.

                            Photo with calendar Description automatically generated

                            On the right side you can see an anvil, then you have to drag it to your inventory and put it on the ground. Then right click on the anvil and place one trident along with your desired spell book as shown below.

                            An image containing a table Description automatically generated

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                            Minecraft Sword enchantments

                            Here is our list of Minecraft sword spells:

                            • Bane of arthropods: a better attack on insects
                            • Repair: XP is repairing the hardware
                            • Sharpness: better attack
                            • Electrocute: a better attack against the undead
                            • Steadfastness: better durability
                            • Fire Aspect: ignites the target
                            • Knockback: Increases attack rejection
                            • Sweeping Edge: Increases the sweeping attack
                            • loot: Increases loot drops

                            Minecraft PickAxe enchantments

                            Here is our list of Minecraft pickaxe spells:

                            • Curse of Vanishing: a cursed item disappears upon death
                            • Fortune: Increased Drops When Digging
                            • Productivity: faster mining
                            • Steadfastness: better durability
                            • Repair: XP is repairing the hardware
                            • Silk Touch: The mined blocks remain in their original form

                            Given the rarity of the trident, this is one of the first spells you should apply. Unbreaking has up to 3 levels and you can easily find enchanted books with this effect. Alternatively, it’s also one of the first spells you can get when using the enchantment table.




                            How to make a Trident in Minecraft | Skrynшot 1

                            Trident How to make a Trident in Minecraft | Skrynшot 1

                            How to make a Trident in Minecraft | Skrynшot 2

                            Trident How to make a Trident in Minecraft | Skrynшot 2



                            The trident can hold it and attack the drowned man. They are found in oceans and rivers. The trident can be obtained, but for this you must kill the drowned man, preferably with a Sword enchanted with Loot. Then the trident serves as a ranged weapon. After throwing, the trident must be picked up. To return to the player, the trident must be enchanted with Loyalty

                            Trident as a weapon

                            damage to mobs and other players. This weapon will land 251 hits, then crash and disappear. But you can enchant # OBJECT # for endurance or repair to increase endurance.

                            • Minecraft versions: 1.17 / 1.16.5 / 1.16.4 / 1.16.3 / 1.16.2 / 1.16.1 / 1.16
                            • ID: trident

                            Trident in Minecraft

                            Как починить trident в инвентаре или на верстаке


                            Если trident не зачарована, то можно прямо в инвентаре объединить 2 trident, чтобы получить 1, но с больм остма. These are also actions performed in the event of transfer and takeover by ары, which may be taken over by ары исчезнут. При данном способе починки ни опыт, ни дополнительные ресурсы не расходуются.

                            При починке trident в инвентаре к суммарной прочности добавляется 5%.


                            Если trident зачарована, сли пемонт лучше проводить на наковальне, тобы сохранились или добавились ары. Ремонтировать можно с помощью trident, trident с чарами или сответствующего материала, который испальзуетря в.

                            При данном способе починки расходуется опыт и дополнительные ресурсы.

                            Также нужно учитывать, что при использовании наковальни, теряется её прочность. Поэтому на наковальне лучше сразу объединять trident и зачарованную trident или книгу.

                            И не стоит забывать, что каждая новая починка trident на наковальне будет стоить всё больше опытая оэчтоме больше опытатя оэтомете.


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