How to get pets in Diablo 3. How to get pets in diablo 3 ps4

While the Diablo 2 Resurrected pre-order provides barbaric transmogs for your Diablo 3 character, Blizzard’s Diablo Prime Evil Collection has a wide variety of exclusive additions that are a must-have for die-hard fans of the game.

Finding the Anniversary Event

The Anniversary Event is in Act I, Old Ruins landmark. When an event is active, it will be marked on the map with a demonic pentagram that reads “Blackout of Tristram.” Take the road south from the landmark towards the center of Old Tristram and you will come across a heritage-style city portal labeled “Tristram”. Go through it and you will enter the anniversary event, instantly recognizable by the grainy filter effect on the screen.

It is highly recommended to start the Anniversary event solo with a new tier 1 character, as the pet cosmetic reward depends on it (the difficulty level chosen does not matter). For maximum efficiency, perform consecutive end-of-party cleanups with farm-oriented characters that don’t rely on In-geom routines for speed, such as Unhallowed Essence Multishot Demon Hunters.

Note that in the normal game locations there is a “pre-event” that must be completed in order to receive a portrait reward (discussed below). Almost all Anniversary event rewards are tied to the achievements, which can be found under the “General – Special Events” tab, making it easier to track your progress.

Ogden’s Mark and Ogden’s Infusion: These symbols and accents are awarded after killing all four main bosses of the event – the Butcher, the Skeleton King, Archbishop Lazarus, and the Dark Lord. Note that while Lazarus and the Dark Lord are not to be missed, the Butcher and the Skeleton King are located in the side areas on levels 2 and 3, respectively. The butcher’s room on level 2 is on the main path and is clearly marked with blood at both entrances, making it difficult transition. The Skeleton King is located in a side area called “King Leoric’s Tomb” on the main path to level 4 and can be missed if you throw yourself into the dungeon.

Need more help in Diablo 3? Learn how to unlock Zelda outfits like Ganondorf in Diablo 3 Switch, get boss strategies in Diablo 3, and learn how to use Mystic, Blacksmith, Hazard, and Horadric stashes. We also have tips for every class, from barbarian to crusader, demon hunter, monk, shaman, and wizard.

The Menagerist Goblin

Most non-combat pets drop from the Managerist Goblin. Getting a pet from him is easy – it’s a 100% discount for everyone on your party each time they are encountered. Moreover, we have a guarantee that the pet is not a duplicate. Every time you get a new, unique pet. He has 19 different pets and will keep players coming back. Like any other treasure goblin, just find him, chase him and defeat him to get loot.

The downside is that it is a very rare spawn, so finding it is difficult. There’s a positive lining right now: Treasure Goblins spawn twice as often this season. This will help increase the frequency of its appearance.

It is important to remember that he has the same chance of spawning at any difficulty level. Don’t worry about craning him up to Torment or expecting a bigger reward for the extra fight. If you want to breed it, run at a level that you feel comfortable with. Launch YouTube on another screen and go into mindless grind mode. Run on the same level over and over again. Just create a new game to refresh the mobs in the level.

Many players have mapped out a cultivation route and are debating which is the best path. The Treasure Goblin has 24 respawn slots across all acts of D3, so there’s plenty to go over.

Many people recommend restarting the Weeping Basin in Act I. One Manager Goblin can spawn here. If properly configured, this level can be completed in just 30 seconds. This increases the number of attempts to find the goblin in less time. This level has an added bonus that we’ll get to in a moment.

Others like to reiterate the Southern Highlands in Act I. There is a cave on this level known as the Cave of the Moon. On both levels 1 and 2 of the cave, a Menagerist Goblin can spawn. That’s two goblin chances, close together, on the same level. This is the perfect level to keep your farm to find that little loot pinata. With all the different opinions on which routes to take, this one is the hottest of the hot spots. There is a double chance at this one level, and the general consensus is that there is a greater chance of a respawn here. Or at least that’s a statistical report.

This following route is much longer, but will hit important locations. It has been recognized as one of the fastest routes:

  • Tower of the Damned -> Heart of the Damned
  • Tower of the Damned
  • The core of Arreat
  • Royal crypts
  • Cathedral 2 -> Leoric Passage
  • Rotting forests
  • Northern Highlands
  • Southern Highlands -> Cave of the Moon Clan Level 1 + 2

Once all of these areas are cleared, restart the game and start again with a dump.

The Liv Moore pet

Do you remember the suggestion to hasten over the Basin of Weeping over and over again in the first act? There is a second reason to do so. There is one and only one other rare in D3 that is available for respawn all the time that guarantees a pet drop. Ravi Lillywhite can be reborn in the Basin of Weeping. The spawn rate is 1% and can spawn anywhere on the level. It appears in Adventure mode ONLY, not in quest mode.

To find it, search and wipe the entire map. If it’s not there, go out and make a new game. Start over, clean and search again. Of course, when looking for him, also keep an eye on the Goblin Manager. With a drop chance, it should take an average of a hundred tries. With the right character setup for speed and easier positioning, a full clean can be done in less than a minute. Spend an hour or two and this pet along with a pair of goblins will increase your pet collection.

The pet of Ravi is Liv Moore, named after the main character from iZombie. Interesting pop culture screams out for this show and / or comic book.

Move the book to your inventory. Exit the stash menu, then open the character inventory. The book can be found in the same place as it was in the stash, in the bag, in the Items tab. Use it. Thanks to this, you will learn the recipes needed to make the Ganondorf armor set.

How to get pets in diablo 3 ps4

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4. Half-formed Golem

16. What cannot be named

17. Queen of the Succubi

18. The supervisor, Mrs. Józefina

25. Haunting Hannah

27. Galthrak Independent

28. A friendly glove

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This event is the perfect excuse to bring back Wirt’s Leg, an item that has become legendary among Diablo fans. Even though it is a useless weapon. However, Wirt’s leg is a gateway to another world and, oddly enough, is often connected to cows.

Season Journey Rewards

If you’ve been playing diligently over the past few seasons and each time reaching Conqueror through the Season Track, you’ve amassed a few extra Stash tabs. Players who have not yet earned a total of five stash tabs through the Season Journey can unlock an additional one by completing the following tasks at Conqueror level:

  • Complete Rift of Torment XIII in less than 5 minutes
  • Complete a Greater Rift 60 solo
  • Kill Greed in Torment XIII
  • Kill Cydea in Torment XIII in less than 15 seconds
  • Forward a Legendary or Set Item
  • Upgrade an ancient item with a level 50 or higher legendary gem
  • Level three legendary gems to 55
  • Complete two conquests

Seasonal Conquests

Speaking of conquests, we’re changing them too! Do you like going fast? Sprinter and Speed ​​Racer will return. Do you like testing your skills in Greater Rifts? Divinity and Lionheart are also returning. If you’d rather maximize your kills with Cursed Chests, Curses! and Stars Align will be in your alley. Those who like to see how far they can go without the kit components will enjoy The Thrill and Super Human. Finally, if you want to show off your knowledge of the Set Dungeons, Universe Masters and Set Masters will be available again.

Season 13-Preview_D3_ConquestSplash_550x275.jpg

Transmog the Butcher’s Cleaver: The Butcher’s Cleaver is a guaranteed drop from The Butcher’s Anniversary Event. Note that this is a blue item (making it easy to avoid), but when picked up it will grant you transmog just like a legendary item. Can be stacked on other one-handed axes, swords, and maces.

What does the Diablo Prime Evil Collection include?

While the Diablo 2 Resurrected pre-order provides barbaric transmogs for your Diablo 3 character, Blizzard’s Diablo Prime Evil Collection has a wide variety of exclusive additions that are a must-have for die-hard fans of the game.

The Prime Evil Collection includes:

  • Diablo 2 is Risen
  • Access to the Diablo 2 Resurrected open beta
  • Diablo 2 Barbarian Transmog for Diablo 3
  • Diablo 3
  • Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls expansion
  • Diablo 3 Rise of the Necromancer Pack
  • Pet Diablo 3 Mephisto
  • Hate’s Grasp Wings in Diablo 3

Diablo Prime Evil Upgrade

The Diablo Prime Evil Upgrade includes all of the above, except for Diablo 3 and the Rise of the Necromancer Pack. It costs $ 49.99 (£ 42.99).

Where to preorder the Prime Evil Collection

The Diablo Prime Evil collection

Mephisto may be the Lord of Hate, but look at this cute little guy!

Importantly, the bundle is available for purchase now, but you will only receive Diablo 3 items. If you already have K3 but want a pet Mephisto and Hate’s Grasp wings, you can still purchase the Collection, but for a lower price.

Diablo 2 Resurrected, access to the open beta and the barbaric transmog will only be available as the release progresses.

Diablo Prime Evil Collection digital preorder

      ($ 59.99) ($ 59.99) ($ 59.99) ($ 59.99)
      • Scroll down and you’ll find the Prime Evil Collection.
        (£ 49.99) (£ 49.99) (£ 49.99) (£ 49.99)

      That’s all you need to know about the Diablo Prime Evil Collection! If you want to stay up to date with the latest news, be sure to check out our dedicated Diablo homepage.

      It’s fair to say that the E3 show on Xbox has reignited Hellfire for Diablo players. With the release date approaching along with the multiplayer beta details, fans of the demon series are gearing up for the coming storm.

      How to unlock Ganondorf armour in Diablo 3 on Switch

      Go to your stash – a chest in the city where you can store spare items.


      In the pie menu on the left, go to the bag. In the bag, go to the Items section. Here you will find a book called The Legend of Ganondorf. (This is the same place where you find the amiibo portal.)


      Move the book to your inventory. Exit the stash menu, then open the character inventory. The book can be found in the same place as it was in the stash, in the bag, in the Items tab. Use it. Thanks to this, you will learn the recipes needed to make the Ganondorf armor set.

      The Ganondorf Set is a Trasmog Set, not an actual armor – meaning it’s just a look that you can apply to any other armor in the game. You do it in Myriam, the Mystical craftsman in the city.

      While you can technically do this early in the game, there is a catch – all Ganondorf kits are Legendary transmogs that cost 50,000 gold to apply to each item. There are six elements – head, chest, arms, arms, legs and feet – so it will cost 300,000 zlotys to put on a full kit. You won’t have this until you enter the game.

      Also keep in mind that transmogs must be reapplied over new armor pieces, so if you are using your gold wisely, you should only apply Ganondorf transmogs on items that you are sure you will be using for a while. In real terms, this would mean a good Legend or Set Items earned at level 70.


      Are you sure you want to go on? To apply the Ganondorf look to your armor, visit Myriam, select the Transmogrify tab, select the head, chest, arms, arms, legs, or foot part in your inventory that you want to apply the look to, find the Ganondroft part in the list of appearances on the right and pay. You will immediately see the effect on your character.

      Also note that transmogrification will not appear in the item icon, but will now be noted in the item description (eg “Gerudo Image” for headgear).

      Need more help in Diablo 3? Learn how to unlock Zelda outfits like Ganondorf in Diablo 3 Switch, get boss strategies in Diablo 3, and learn how to use Mystic, Blacksmith, Hazard, and Horadric stashes. We also have tips for every class, from barbarian to crusader, demon hunter, monk, shaman, and wizard.

      How to unlock the Cucco Pet, Triforce Portrait Frame and Echoes of the Mask wings in Diablo 3 on Switch

      These unlocks are much simpler and can be done right from the start of the game.

      All three can be found in your character’s inventory, again in the bag, but this time in the Cosmetics section. As you’d expect, the Cucco is kept under the animals, the Echoes of the mask under the wings, and the Triforce portrait frame under, well, portrait frames.


      (Echoes of the mask are ethereal purple wings that clearly allude to Majora’s mask, although it’s hard to recall anything similar in this game.)

      Just click A to equip them.


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      Completing Chapters 2, 3, and 4 of Season Progress will reward you with three Haedrig Gifts. Each gift includes several items from one of your class sets. Players can only unlock one Class Set per season in hardcore and non-hardcore modes, so choose wisely!

      Where to get Wirt’s leg and its transmog

      Wirt’s leg is a recurring item in the Diablo series that, when mixed with the city portal in the Horodric Cube, serves as a gateway to the hidden cow level in Diablo 2. However, the item can also be unlocked in The Darkening of Tristram in Diablo 3 where it is used for a different but a related purpose. He’s also equipped with transmog, so it’s worth a hunt.

      Wirt himself was the NPC in the original Diablo who sells the hero incredibly expensive weapons and armor. However, its main value is the knowledge dump, as Wirt will reveal secrets that other townspeople are afraid to tell.

      The audacious but opportunistic boy lost a leg to the Butcher when Tristram Cathedral was attacked by demons, although the city blacksmith Griswold managed to save his life. Wirt then attached the stake to the stump.

      However, Wirt was eventually killed when the city of Tristram fell in Diablo 2, leading the player to discover his body and rob his leg – and all the money he had accumulated in the previous game.

      Wirt's dead body

      Things didn’t end well for Wirt.

      Unlocking Wirt’s Leg

      Here’s how to get the Wirt Leg in The Darkening of Tristram event in Diablo 3:

      • Once you get the Rotten Mushroom and activate the hidden quest, take it back to Tristram and activate Adria’s Cauldron to produce a Witch’s Brew.
      • Take the Witch’s Brow to the dead body of the drunken city of Farnham to receive the drunkard’s debt.
      • Take the Drunkard’s Debt to the body of Ogden (the innkeeper), who will produce the Gard’s Letter.
      • Take Garda’s letter to the healer Pepin’s corpse to produce a Healer Recipe.
      • Finally, take the Healer’s Prescription to the dead blacksmith Griswold to finally get Wirt’s leg.

      Wirt’s leg is classified as a Legendary Mace and will provide you with a new transmog choice when obtained.

      However, just like in Diablo 2, Leg Wirta still has ties to cows and can be used for something unique – a new pet.

      the royal calf in the game

      Royal Calf once conquered.

      How to get the Royal Calf pet

      The Royal Calf is a little hellish cattle, but unlike the ones found on the secret cow level in Diablo 2, this one is player-friendly. It can also be taken into battle as a pet to collect gold for you when you fight.

      Here’s how to unlock Royal Calf in The Darkening of Tristram in Diablo 3:

      • First, get Wirt’s Leg by following the instructions above and save the item.
      • After saving Wirt’s Leg, you will receive an item called the Star Map with the words “2-1-3.
      • Take the Star Map to Adria’s Hut and walk over to the dead cows nearby.
      • Activate dead cows in order of Map of the Stars. Click on them in that order; middle, left, right.
      • If done correctly, it will open the entrance to the Abandoned Farm.
      • Enter and investigate Wirt’s Stash, a chest containing some gold and a Royal Calf pet for use throughout Diablo 3.

      Like all pets in Diablo 3, Royal Calf cannot help you in combat. This is mainly a beauty cow that follows you. However, it can collect a lot of gold that you might otherwise miss, and let’s not forget – it’s royal.

      This is all you need to know about unlocking Wirt’s Leg and Royal Calf in the Darkening of Tristram Anniversary Event in Diablo 3! Want to brush up on your D3 knowledge coming in Season 25? Be sure to check out our dedicated guides:

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