How to get raft. How to get raft

Hard-to-reach places Many of the islands are quite difficult to access, and even on the island there are parts that cannot be reached. In multiplayer, you can jump on and stand on your friends’ heads, which will allow you to reach hard-to-reach places.

Beginner Guide: Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

This page is part of the IGN Raft Wiki guide and contains everything you need to know about fighting sharks, exploring abandoned ships and islands to gather resources, and general daily tips and tricks necessary to survive in the Raft world.

From creating the most essential tools, to learning how to effectively distract Bruce Shark, to general everyday survival tips like growing grapevine slime and the best places to find supplies.

Below are over 25 useful tips and tricks that will turn you into a survival expert in no time.

Quick Tips and Tricks

Collect and save every piece of wood you can find. Wood is essential for survival as it is used to create almost every item in the game.

While it’s not necessary right from the start, you’ll eventually want to set a goal to save enough resources to create a bed. Providing an almost safe place, the bed will serve as a respawn point in the event of death, and will also allow you to skip the nights.

It’s best to enjoy the raft slowly so don’t think you have to rush through the early game as this is where you’ll have most of the fun.

Raft - Take your time.png

  • Think twice before removing the floor as any items in the square will instantly disappear when the floor element is destroyed.
  • When dropping items, be sure to pick them back up before a minute and thirty seconds makes them fade and fade away forever.
  • Did you take your eyes off the path and lost your way? The Streamer is an essential tool if you struggle with navigating the world as it will help you pinpoint the direction the wind is blowing. To build a streamer you need 6 boards, 3 ropes and 3 nails.
  • Don’t be fooled; one sail will provide the required speed.
  • As tempting as it may be, don’t drink salt water as it will drain your rehydration bar.
  • You just had your last fresh water? Remember to refill your cup as you want the water purifier to always work on a new portion of water.
  • Vine Goo is a popular item that is often used in crafts; however, its rarity makes it difficult to find. Luckily, you won’t have to rely on finding Vine Goo through abandoned rafts and barrels, as you’ll be happy to know that you can create Vine Goo by using the seaweed in the kiln.
  • See a barrel approaching your raft? Stop what you are doing and remember to grab it. Since Scrap and other resources are limited in the early game, these kegs and their supplies can be your total salvation.
  • Don’t feel pressured to stop at every abandoned raft and island you find. While some often provide fairly decent stocks, it is common to find that many of them are underpowered and much more time-wasting, if any.
  • When navigating the raft, especially when collecting debris and rubbish, it is surprisingly easy to fall into the water. When you start out, falling into the water can be one of the worst possible situations as your chance of dying is much higher. Not only are you lacking many of the weapons and skills necessary to survive a shark attack, there is a good chance that you will be tired from lack of water and food. In that case, you will want to return to the raft as soon as possible; otherwise you will become shark food.

Raft - A shark circling.png

  • The shark is supposed to attack the raft every 5 minutes, but if you enter the water, the five-minute clock will stop until you exit.
  • While it’s entirely up to you, the space between the collecting networks is perfectly fine. Not only does this save resources, but the actual chance that items will slip between the gap is very unlikely.
  • While you may want to explore the islands right away, we recommend waiting until you’ve at least crafted an ax and have the ability and means to reach the higher points of the island. One of the only reasons you’ll want to visit the island early in the game is to search the shallows along the beach for resources.
  • Always use the anchor when getting off the raft, even for a short time. Not only is it easy to get confused in a raft if swept by a current, but when left stranded with a shark circling around its tail, you’ll quickly learn how important an anchor can be.

The streamer will be able to help you navigate the story of the game. After putting on the streamer, simply orient the sail in the direction of the wind to get back on course. This can be helpful if you have stepped out of the garbage cycle and are running low on supplies.

12 Finding The Radio

The only way to really advance the storyline of the game is to follow a pile of rubbish in the water. The basket will lead players to the islands and ultimately help them find the radio. Radio is a tool that you should use to start finding bigger islands and other people in the game.

To make sure you’re on the right track, place the streamer on your boat and always make sure you’re selling in the direction it points.

11 Prepare For Enemies

From the very beginning of the game, the shark will chase your raft. While it doesn’t pose much of a threat with proper expansion, it will have to be fought throughout the game. In addition, in the Chapter 2 Update, some islands have been added just waiting to bite players.

To ensure adequate protection for the raft, players should start equipping their spears early.

Lets be honest; death happens even to the best of us, because sometimes it is simply impossible to avoid. So if you happen to die while playing solo you will respawn but all your items on your character will be lost forever.

The Best Way to get Planks in Raft

Raft is a fun survival game in which you’ll try to survive in the open sea. You’ll have to build your raft, craft tools, grow food, and fight sharks to get through the game, and if you fail… well, you’ll die.

One of the tactics that will help you succeed on your way across the sea is to get as many boards as possible. You will find that focusing on getting planks early in the game will help you in the future.

A brief introduction on planks:

Boards are one of the main and most basic materials in Raft. They are an integral part of creating many things you will need to survive in this game. The good news is that you can find boards in a few different places. Planks can be found in ocean debris (flotsam), barrels, and tree felling. As you can see in the picture above – the boards are brown and you can randomly find them floating nearby.

What is the best way to get planks?

Follow this technique and you’ll be swimming in the planks! Here’s the best way to get them.

At the beginning of the game, focus on creating multiple gatherer networks. Gathering nets automatically catch things that float randomly on the raft, including boards! They will also bring leaves, plastic and stone / scrap from the barrels.

You really should have as much as you can fit on your raft by extending them so far from the center of your raft to increase their range.

With lots of nets to collect, you’ll still get a lot of planks as you play and won’t have to worry about grinding them afterwards. Collecting nets are the best way to get planks in the Raft survival game.

Another Method to Get Planks

  • Collecting trees – you can always fell trees to get more boards. Some people even start a tree farm and cut them down when they grow up. While this can be a good way to get boards quickly, it is not as effective as a constant net supply.

This is our guide on how to get boards in Raft! Do you have suggestions on how best to place collecting nets on the raft? Or maybe you have a strategy of quickly collecting a large amount of boards? Put them in the comments below!

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Current Multiplayer Issues When the host saves and exits the game, everyone who played with him or her loses their items. So far, the best solution to this problem is to put all items in the glove compartment.

Have You Played. Raft?

Even though it only hit Steam in 2018 and has been in existence in any form since 2016, Raft seems to be one of those survival games that have been in Early Access forever. This isn’t a criticism, it’s just the mood in the game. It’s one of those you’ll play a little bit, forget it, and then look back a year later, only to discover it’s all history and pigs to fight with. I suppose this gradual build-up is appropriate, because that’s what the Raft is all about: gradual build-up of material.

The premise is quite simple – you’re on a raft. It is small at first, but when you honk wood and other things from the sea, you add them and make them larger. Thanks to the bizarre, magical abbreviation we’ve all adopted for “craft”, you conjure your accumulated treasure trove of debris into increasingly fancy items, including nets that automatically honk wood and throw things out of the sea for you. Sooner or later your raft will become an unlikely floating palace with farms, a lounge and – if you are like me – lots of barbecues.

Of course, there is also a shark that always swims around and makes a nuisance of itself. It will chew on your raft, crush you if you spend too long at sea, and generally keep you from relaxing long enough for the game to lose pace. The raft itself is good, but I suspect it was the shark that turned it into a megahit. Because if there is one thing that draws flashy YouTube people to a game like October wasps to beer, it’s sharks. Still, bless the flashy men – because I found out about Raft through endless YouTube thumbnails (BIGGEST RAFT BASE EVER ?, SHARK ATTACK! (— he’s HUNGRY.)), And you probably did as well.

When I played it was largely a game of creating a very large wooden platform while I was bothered by the fish occasionally, and it was a good way to spend a few hours even then. Now it seems to have land exploration, scuba diving, and buckets and buckets of knowledge. And since it’s still in Early Access, it’s still showing up. If you like survival games and somehow haven’t tried this game yet, maybe the time has come.

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A shark can become very annoying as the game progresses, whether it eats the raft or bites its butt when trying to gather resources. There is no way to stop him from following you constantly, however there are ways to prevent attacks.


The second way to run Raft on your Mac is by installing Windows Parallels. It is software that is simple to set up but it will cost you. The price on the official website is around $ 100. Once downloaded, all you need to do is follow the installation process and you will be able to load the program from your Mac every time you log in.

You’ll still need to download Steam to your Windows virtual machine, but you won’t need to partition your hard drive and hold down the button every time you turn on the device.

You’ll still need to download Steam to your Windows virtual machine, but you won’t need to partition your hard drive and hold down the button every time you turn on the device.

Getting Food In Epic Raft Game⇓

(1) Start fishing -> there are many recipes for fish in the game that you can cook in the fire. Or, for cooking ingredients such as carrots, potatoes, pumpkins, etc., you can visit the islands.

Every now and then a shark attacks your raft and causes damage which reduces the durability of the raft tiles. You can repair broken parts with resources (tap build -> tap broken tile -> spend resources on repair) or switch to higher durability tiles.

To avoid damage, try to activate the harpoons rack as soon as possible. It costs X35 Wood Lods, X7 Screws, X20 Leftovers, X25 Ropes, X10 Latex and X10 Nails. Nails; produce scraps on a workbench; they gather from the islands. Screws: Screws can be obtained from the waste storage island. Latex: In Epic Raft, you can obtain latex from Jellyfish Farm in the Waste Storage Islands. After getting all the parts go to the raft and use them all to activate the harpoon. It loads automatically if you have arrows in stock.

Upgrade The Workbench To Unlock New Recipes⇓

With a 1-star workbench, you can produce ropes, nails, lockpicks, and water bottles. Two-star workbench unlocks rubber tubes, rubber seals and duct tape. And a 3-star workbench unlocks the lens.

  • Jak najszybciej zbuduj jednostkę magazynową, aby móc przechowywać przedmioty; tak jak będziesz potrzebował dużo logów do budowy/wytworzenia/produkcji. Nie chciałbyś nosić w plecaku wszystkich posiekanych kłód, prawda? Dlaczego nie zbudować magazynu i przechowywać tam przedmioty
  • Zbuduj swoją postać; broń rzemieślnicza i zbroja
  • Awansuj, zbierając, zabijając wrogów
  • Wykonuj zadania, które widzisz w prawym górnym rogu; poprowadzą Cię do wszystkich podstaw gry
  • Odwiedź wyspy, aby znaleźć części i aktywować stojak na harpuny, silnik parowy itp.
  • Visit islands and gather resources to build / expand a raft; there are many amenities to do; workbench, rain catcher, fish dryer, fire, pruning cannon, water distiller, navigation table, research table, wood mill, fabric making loom, net, smelter, water purifier, grill, tannery and anvil
  • Upgrade your tools to accumulate resources quickly; from a stone ax to an iron ax

As scary as it can be, underwater exploration is a must as it provides some of the best resources you can find in the game. You will have the opportunity to harvest resources such as clay, sand, scrap and seaweed.

Helpful and Time-saving Items

Some things not all of you need to learn become your best friends because they can be helpful. Some examples are listed below:

Collective network

This is learned from the Research Chart, and it is one of the most helpful items in the game (currently) as it automatically collects floating objects and stacks them waiting to be picked up easily. It is placed next to the foundation and is best built by making a line in front of the raft / whichever direction you are moving.
They can be picked up by holding “X” and transferred to the other side if it changes direction.

Storage (test storage box)

This storage box saves life when you have accumulated more materials than you can carry. The small storage box has only 8 slots available, while the larger (simply called warehouse) has 20 slots available, allowing you to sort your items correctly and easier and with less space. This has to be learned from the research table

Metal spear

This spear can save both a life and a raft compared to its wooden cousin. It only takes 2 hits to scare off a shark instead of 4 which means your raft will take less damage and if you get caught while exploring underwater you can just come out alive. This can be found in the research table.

It can be made with:

Scrap hook

The scrap hook is a must. It has a fast winding time as well as the ability to 1 hit the resource. It can be thrown 1/3 more than the length of a plastic hook and has a higher strength. It has become helpful in a few cases where barrels and other required resources were swimming alongside the raft and had to be caught quickly.


Current Multiplayer Issues

When the host saves and exits the game, everyone who was in the game with him loses their items. So far, the best solution to this problem is to put all items in the glove compartment.

Places that are difficult to access

Many of the islands are quite difficult to get to and even on the island there are parts that cannot be reached. In multiplayer, you can jump on and stand on your friends’ heads, which will allow you to reach hard-to-reach places.


To move the raft at least one person must row (unless you have a sail). When more than one person is rowing, speed increases sharply, allowing for faster travel.

Dying and rebirth

If you die and respawn, any items you had on your character will be lost and cannot be retrieved from your body. However, there is still a chance of survival in multiplayer. A friend can carry your body and put you on a bed or hammock that will wake you up 1/4 of food, water and health.

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