How to get the new Grab-Itron Gravity Gun in Fortnite. Where to find a grab itron in fortnite

Epic Games recently announced that a new “preferred item slots” setting will be coming in v17.20 and, as they say, is now available for use. To find it, open the Fortnite settings menu and go to the Game tab.

How to get the new Grab-Itron Gravity Gun in Fortnite

Fortnite Gravity Gun

Ahead of the Rift Tour and Ariana Grande’s long-awaited concert, Epic Games released a new update at 5:30 PM. One of the biggest additions is the leaky Gravity Gun which is officially known as the Grab-Itron.

As the official gun description says, the Grab-Itron lets you “catch things and throw them at others”, which sounds like a lot of fun! It can even stop the rockets in flight and throw them back.

This weapon was first shown in the Season 7 trailer, so naturally fans were waiting for it to arrive. Here’s everything you need to know about where to get it, how it works, and whether it’s good or not.

Where to get the Grab-Itron Gravity Gun in Fortnite

Fortnite Grabitron

Players can eliminate UFOs with the Grab-Itron weapon.

The Grab-Itron can be found in chests, but you’ll have better luck finding one by landing on top of the kidnappers or earning it as a reward in the mothership after playing the orb collecting mini-game.

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Where to find the Grab-itron

Fortnite hijacker

The grab-itron is essentially a gravity cannon. Sometimes referred to as “The UFO in Your Hands” according to Epic, players can use this weapon to pick up and drag objects around them.

“Pick up an item with a flying disc, take it with you, and then shoot it at the opponent,” write the game developers, confirming that the damage to the enemy depends on how large the item is and what it is made of. Players will also be able to use these items to block damage taken, although they will eventually break down.

The Grab-itron is now available in Fortnite, so hop into the game and get one for yourself to test its true power.

Image Credits: Epic Games


New Fortnite leak claims lightsabers could return in Star Wars Obi-Wan crossover

Some new Fortnite leaks revealed that the Lightsabers could return as part of the Star Wars Obi-Wan crossover.

A Fortnite character using a lightsaber

Some new Fortnite leaks suggest Epic Games plans to bring the Lightsabers back to Battle Royale as part of the new Star Wars Obi-Wan crossover.

Fortnite is famous for working with other popular franchises. Epic Games introduced a multitude of crossovers from the Star Wars universe to Battle Royale.

The Mandalorian was the protagonist of the Season 5 Battle Pass, and Boba Fett is currently an unlockable skin. Now, some leaks suggest Epic Games is bringing back the Lightsabers as part of the Star Wars Obi-Wan collaboration.

Rey and the Red Stormtrooper using lightsabers in Fortnite

According to the well-known Fortnite leak “FNAssist”, Epic Games re-added the Star Wars lightsaber files in update v19.10. This means they may have plans to bring them back into play in the near future.

Lightsabers are one of the most iconic weapons in movie history and were available as mythical melee weapons in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2. There were four differently colored lightsabers in the game.

Now players are speculating that the weapon could be included in a collaboration with Disney + Star Wars’ upcoming “Obi-Wan” franchise. We can also see how the title character will appear as a new skin.

The main elements of this Fortnite collaboration are the Clint Barton and Kate Bishop outfits. Both characters wear the series’ iconic purple finale costumes, which can be purchased separately.

There is also a Back Bling for each skin along with two harvesting tools and a glider. If you purchase the Hawkeye Bundle, you’ll receive all five of these items along with the exclusive loading screen.

Here’s it all in the Fortnite Hawkeye Bundle:

  • Clint Barton (Outfit)
  • Kate Biskup (Outfit)
  • Hawkguya Arsenal (Back Bling)
  • Kate’s Quiver (Back Bling)
  • pickross Bow (Harvesting Tool)
  • Taut Slicer (Harvesting Tool)
  • Air Archer (Glider)
  • Hawkeyes (loading screen)

Fortnite update 17.30 introduced the brand new Grab-itron item, a gravity gun that can throw items at enemies. Here’s how to get this powerful new weapon.

Where to find the Gravity Gun in Fortnite

You will find the Grab-Itron in the chests. However, the spawn rate for this weapon may not be as high as for others. Players will have a better chance of locating this weapon by landing on their Hijackers.

Grab-Itron can be found on top of the Kidnappers (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite players can also receive it as a reward from the Mothership after playing the Orbs Collection minigame.

Grab-Itron stats

The strength of the weapon depends on the item the player gets their hands on. No wonder the weapon stats are a bit low as they depend on the item you choose.

Here are the full Grab-Itron stats:

  • Rate of fire – 1
  • Magazine size – 1
  • Reload time – 0.9 seconds

As mentioned earlier, Grab-Itron in Fortnite can also be used for defense as it helps redirect incoming heat.

In this guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know to complete this challenge. How to use a grab-itron or plate removal nozzle to deliver a tractor to Hayseed’s Fortnite farm .

Major Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue with the “3D Headphones” option in Fortnite on PlayStation 5 where the stereo sounds were not spatial, causing the stereo sounds to be 2D. (This would especially affect close-range fire.)

Note: For Fortnite’s “3D Headphones” option to work, 3D audio must be turned on in the PlayStation 5 system settings (Settings> Sound> Audio Output> Enable 3D Audio).

Fixed an issue where car radios would not play when trying to turn them on.

Fixed an issue with uneven vehicle driving caused by a controlled player while in prop state. Vehicles can no longer be interacted with while the player is in prop state.

There is also a Back Bling for each skin along with two harvesting tools and a glider. If you purchase the Hawkeye Bundle, you’ll receive all five of these items along with the exclusive loading screen.

Fortnite v17.30 Update

Fortnite’s latest update, v17.30, was launched on August 3 after an extended server downtime. But the servers are now updated and players can pop back in to see what’s new.

Players will notice various map changes around Fortnite Battle Royale Island. The most important change is that the Damp Swamp has been abducted by aliens and is floating in the sky, divided into separate quarters. Epic Games advised players that “hijacking an entire POI is not something that happens overnight,” so fans will be eager to come back to the game throughout the week.

The new limited-time mode, Team Brawl, is also available in version 5:30 PM, but will not be available until August 5 at 9:00 AM ET. The new mode gives players a new charge every time they spawn, and pits two teams against each other to see which one can reach 60 eliminations first. Matches are played in one POI and standalone buildings are stronger than usual.

Finally, the icing on the cake for Fortnite v17.30 is the brand new IO Grab-itron weapon.

New Grab-itron IO Tech Weapon

This new alien weapon can be used to attract objects in front of you. Pull an item with the flying disc, take it with you and then shoot it at the enemy. How much damage it deals depends on how big it is, what it’s made of, and how fast it is launched.

The grab-itron can also be used as a defensive weapon, holding an object with a new alien gun, blocking damage coming from the front. But there is only a certain amount of durability that can take before the object breaks.

It can also be used to catch incoming explosives such as grenades. Catch the incoming explosive and send it back to your opponent.

In terms of statistics, they are not as detailed as regular weapons, as the Grab-itron does not fire standard ammunition. However, we know:

According to Epic Games, the Grab-itron can be found in chests, on top of the Kidnappers, and inside the Mothership. Check out the gameplay below, courtesy of MakksFN.

The grab-itron is essentially a gravity cannon. Sometimes referred to as “The UFO in Your Hands” according to Epic, players can use this weapon to pick up and drag objects around them.

Bugha’s Late Game

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