How to get the Wish-Ender Exotic bow in Destiny 2

Learn how to unlock the Wishing End bow, needed to destroy all the corrupted eggs around the Dreaming City.

How to get the Wish-Ender Exotic bow in Destiny 2

Learn how to unlock the Wishing End bow, needed to destroy all the corrupted eggs around the Dreaming City.

The Exotic Bow Wishing End is a late game weapon that can only be obtained by completing one of Destiny 2’s most difficult activities, the dungeon of the Shattered Throne. Players looking to earn End of Wishes will have to jump a few hoops, but it’s worth the effort, especially if players want to destroy all the warped eggs hidden in the Dreaming City.

The new wish Doom arc in Destiny 2: Forsaken is one of the most sophisticated weapons in the game. This is one of the two fascinating bows in the game, and in particular the one



The Shattered Throne is another prison experience in Forsaken. Mostly between attack and hit, the Shattered Throne is tough. Additionally, it goes from power levels 570-580, making it one of the best Light exercises in the game. Come on in your own danger or track down liberal comrades who will look after you.

In this initial step, you should simply defeat the Shattered Throne. There are a few experiences here that you must have. To get to the Shattered Throne, you must enter The Confluence by examining the church in Rheasilvia. When you discover Sedia – the now cleared Corrupted strike supervisor – talk to her and go backstage to the unusual entrance.

After the chief significant chief, you will discover the Sjur Eido sculpture. Go up to him and hand over your Awakened talisman – the thing you’ve most likely kept for the past few weeks. When the sculpture stops talking, go ahead and defeat the last leader.

It looks like nothing happened and you ran out of the way. However, the mission ahead is actually a mystery.

For players who are having trouble completing the Ender’s Wish Bow quest, we’ve detailed steps to solve the problem and complete it thoroughly.

Step 2: Complete the Quest in Four Horn Gulch (Tangled Shore)

This mysterious mission unlocked a story and ultimately the entrance to the Dreaming City. When the mission was over, we received three Dream Tokens. Each token was a separate mission and is associated with the boss’s name.

  • dreaming sign of Erviks
  • the dreaming sign of Querim
  • xavoth’s dreaming sign

Quest items alone don’t provide much information, so we started Googling. We discovered that these three Tokens need to be “woken up”. This takes place in the Dungeon of the Shattered Throne. (more on this after step 3).

One of the biggest secrets of the Dreaming City is the amazing Exotic Wish End bow, which allows you to see enemies through walls.

Cleanse the Tokens

Each of the three tokens must be cleared in the Shattered Throne dungeon. Assuming this is the right week, it’s time to head back to Dreaming City.

To clear the tokens you need to respawn and defeat the bosses by locating the orb and finding the matching statue.

The first ball is inside the first encounter where you fight the Architects of the Labyrinth. Pick up the ball in the Deep Tower, on the roof of the tower itself. Take the sphere back to the roof of the central building (through some platform) and place the sphere in the statue.

A Minotaur will appear. Kill him and a boss, Querim, The Waking will appear instead. Finish off the big guy to clear his token and make your way through the Shattered Throne dungeon.

The second token needs two orbs to clear it. The first is in a giant room where you move through the beams above the huge drop. As soon as you enter the room the ball is behind the pillar on the right side of the area. Grab it.

Then you need to move the ball to the right corner of the room where the statue is waiting. Ask the other two fireteam members to remove any additions that appear (preferably with snipers and other long range rifles). Be careful when jumping to the statue that is missing the ball. Place it in a statue and continue your journey!

The second ball is in the room where you are slowed down and an unlimited number of Shadow Slaves are circling you. When you enter the area, you will find the ball upstairs and on the right. Grab it and move around Thrall’s corridor (or Thralway.

When you make a long drop at the end of the corridor, the statue is right on your right. Place the ball in it and the door will open on the other side of the destroyed bridge. Enter through them and take out the respawning enemies. This will clear the token!

The last token is cleared during a big, terrible fight with ogres. Play as usual, but when you take down the Ogre & shields, ignore him and quickly look around the room for a Minotaur that will appear somewhere nearby. Kill him as quickly as possible to respawn the ball you need.

Take the ball to the left side of the room (when entering). Along this wall you will find a corresponding spark statue &. Place the orb to spawn a second ogre next to a regular ogre – except that he has no shields. Finish off both ogres to clear the third and last token.

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