How to Live Stream on Twitter. How to go live on twitter on pc

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How to go Live on Twitter to Connect With Your Followers

If you are already doing well with Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn Live Videos, your next step should be learning how to live stream on Twitter.

Are you ready to start broadcasting on Twitter to improve your Twitter marketing tactics? If you are already performing well with Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn Live Videos, Twitter Live Streams should be your next stop.

In this post, you will learn how to live stream on Twitter and stream content to your followers in real time.

Note that if you’re interested in tweeting a live event, there’s a post on that too! Both tweeting live and posting to Twitter can help promote the event.

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How to go live on Twitter

As with any video recording, use the best possible lighting and sound to broadcast your live video. This will increase the likelihood that your viewers will watch longer, participate in discussions, engage in reactions and share your broadcast live with your followers.

Ultimately, this will ensure an increase in the Twitter news feed. Read on for the 14 steps to live streaming from start to finish.

Step 1. Open the Twitter app

To start livestreaming, open the Twitter app on your iOS or Android smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device. If you don’t already have one, find the correct version for your device here.

Step 2. Tap the Compose icon

Sign in to the account you want to start streaming from on Twitter and tap the Compose icon.

compose icon for twitter

Step 3. Tap the Camera icon

Then tap the Camera icon. Here you can access photos from your photo library, take a photo or broadcast it live.

twitter camera icon

Step 4. Switch from Capture to Live

Tap Live to switch from still capture to live streaming.

Capture and Live options on the Twitter camera

Please note that you will not automatically start a live broadcast after tapping this option. You’ll get a confirmation chance when you want to officially post your video on Twitter.

Step 5. Add a tweet to your Live event

Before you start broadcasting on Twitter, you can add a description to let your followers know what your livestream will be about.

adding description to Twitter live video in

This will be a tweet that serves as an announcement of your Twitter livestream, so make sure it counts with relevant keywords, mentions, and hashtags.

Step 6. Add a location to get your local community involved

For people or businesses looking to attract a local audience, add the location to your Twitter live stream.


Step 7. Invite guests to participate

To invite guests, tap Invite guests. It will allow you to send invitations via direct message to people you want to participate in your broadcast. When you live stream on Twitter, you can have up to three guests at once.

Tab Invite guests on Twitter with live video

Step 8. Go live

When you’re ready to start broadcasting to Twitter, tap Go Live. Live broadcast starts (based on your connection speed).

Broadcasting live on Twitter is easy. Open the app and tap the Create button in the lower right corner. Then tap the Photo icon and Live option next to Video & Capture. You will see new options appear on the screen. You can add your location, invite friends, and name your broadcast live.

How to Begin a Broadcast on Twitter

You can start livestreaming from the official Twitter app for iOS and Android devices. A cellular or Wi-Fi signal is required and your account must be public. If your Twitter account is set to protected, you won’t be able to live stream.

If there’s a padlock icon next to your username, go to Settings & Privacy> Privacy & Security in the Twitter app and make your account public by turning off the Protect Your Tweets switch.

Open the Twitter app on your iOS or Android device and tap Create (Pen and Plus Sign).

Tap the camera icon, then tap Live.

Create Tweet, Camera and LIVE icons in the Twitter app

To proceed, you’ll need to grant Twitter access to use your device’s camera and microphone.

Tap Add Location and select your preferred location for Twitter Live Streaming.

This location information is used to make your broadcast more discoverable by users on Twitter and Periscope.

Tap What’s going on? and enter the text you want to include in the live stream. This could be the title of your broadcast or a simple message to your followers encouraging them to join in.

Adding keywords and hashtags to your description will help your tweet appear in Twitter search results.

Tap Live Stream to start streaming live on Twitter immediately.

Add Location, What's Up and Broadcast Live in the Twitter app

While streaming on Twitter, you can use the three buttons in the top right corner to turn the flash on or off, change cameras, and mute or unmute the microphone accordingly. You can also tap the icons in the lower right corner to see who your viewers are.

When you’re ready to end your Twitter Live Stream, tap Stop in the top-left corner.

A confirmation option will appear. Tap Stop Broadcast to confirm ending live broadcast or Cancel to continue broadcasting.

Pause and stop broadcasting in the Twitter app

What Happens to Past Twitter Live Streams?

After you finish broadcasting via the Twitter app, your live stream recording will be saved to Twitter and will be available to watch again on demand from the tweet from the original stream.

You can edit the live broadcast you recorded by tapping the video in the tweet and then tapping Edit Broadcast. Here you can change the title of your stream and even edit the start and end points by selecting specific points in the video timeline.

After making all changes, tap Save Changes to lock them in. It can take about 15 minutes for the changes to be broadcasted on a recorded live stream on Twitter to a social network.

To remove the previous live stream from Twitter, simply delete the tweet that contains the video. This will remove the video from both Twitter and Periscope. Deleting a previous live stream from within the Periscope app will not delete it on Twitter.

The Edit, Save Changes, and Recycle Bin icons in the Twitter app

After your broadcast is complete, you can end it by touching the X in the top left corner of the screen. You will receive a confirmation message that you wish to end the broadcast.

How to go live on Twitter to stream audio or video content with your followers in real time


Live streaming on Twitter means sharing real-time audio or video content that will then be available for playback later.

This increases your connection with your followers not only because the live content is more exciting than a few static sentences, but also because your followers can comment on your channel in real time and even join live via audio.

Here’s how to start a Twitter Live Stream on your iPhone or Android device.

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To be able to start a live broadcast, you need to allow the Twitter app to access your camera and microphone, as requested by the app.

1. Log in to your Twitter account and open a new tweet.

2. Add any text you want to include in the video stream.

3. Tap the camera icon below the text field.

4. Tap the word “LIVE” then press “Go LIVE” to start streaming video to your followers.

  • To stream only audio, without displaying video on the camera, tap the microphone icon before clicking “Go Live.”

To end your live Twitter session, tap on the red X, then tap on “Stop Broadcast” to confirm.

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