How to Make a Book. How to make a book

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How to Make a Book: Binding a Hardback in 5 Simple Steps

When we talk about how to make a book in 2018, we often talk about exporting files to Kindles and other e-book readers. But what about the old-fashioned art of hand-making a book? Some people argue that bookbinding is a dying art, but we believe it has to make a comeback.

In this post, we’ll show you how to make a beautiful book. Not just any blank volume, but a beautiful novel, diary or non-fiction book – formatted to a professional standard and hardcover. Best of all, it shouldn’t cost you more than fifteen or twenty dollars!

So if you’ve written fiction or non-fiction and want to know how to make a copy that you can gift to someone special (or keep as a souvenir), just follow all the steps below. And if you want to create a blank notebook, you can skip ahead to step three.

You will learn how:

What you will need

Here’s what you need:

  • Printing paper (A4 or Letter size), uncoated 70-80 g / m
  • 2 sheets of decorated paper (A4 or Letter size), 90-100 g / m
  • Elmera glue (or PVA glue)
  • Hot glue gun (they cost like ten bucks)
  • Carving knife
  • Large bulldog clips
  • Good quality material or paper (for the cover)
  • Thin fabric (perhaps a large handkerchief or a special book)
  • Metal ruler
  • A felt pen
  • Stapler
  • High-quality cardboard

Once you have these “ingredients”, you are ready to learn how to make a book.

Take a deep breath (but no more coffee, you’ve had enough). Remember that all authors were exactly where you are now. Every successful writer – from William Shakespeare to Walt Whitman to Stephen King – began by staring at a blank page.

How to Make a Book – Materials

For this project you will need:

  • blank paper (30-100 sheets, depending on the thickness of the book)
  • cardboard or mounting plate – 2 sheets, for the front and back covers
  • nice paper * – 2 types, for inside and outside covers
  • ribbon – a few feet long, 6 mm wide
  • punch (or drill: optional)
  • glue stick
  • shears
  • line
  • bull clips

That’s it! This is much easier than with traditional book binding as you don’t need any special adhesives.

* I usually use scrapbooking paper, but reader Hannah wrote that wrapping paper works too – thanks for the tip Hannah!

How to Make a Book – Instructions

Step 1

Unfold blank paper. Here I use 30 sheets of high quality 6 by 8 inch writing paper. You can use as many or several sheets as you like. I think 30 sheets is a good size for a photo album. For a journal, you probably want 50 or more.

how to make a book step 1

Step 2

Cut two sheets of cardboard exactly the same size as the blank paper, eg 6 “by 8” in my case. Take one of the cardboard pieces and draw two vertical lines on it. The first line should be 1 “(2.5 cm) from the left edge and the second line should be slightly less than 1” (exactly 3.5 cm) from the left edge.

Repeat for the second piece of cardboard.

how to make a book step 2

Step 3

Using scissors or a craft knife, cut along the lines you drew in the previous step. Basically, you finish removing a thin (less than ½ inch, or exactly 1 cm) strip from each piece of cardboard.

how to make a book step 3

Step 4

Cut two pieces of nice paper for the outside of the covers. Each piece should be 1 ½ “longer and 1 ½” wider than blank paper. For example, my blank paper is 6 “by 8”, so I trimmed my nice paper to a size of 7 “by 9.

how to make a book step 4

Step 5

Place one of your pretty sheets of paper face down and draw a ¾ “border around it with a pencil.

how to make a book step 5

Step 6

Use the glue stick to stick the cardboard to the nice paper so that it is flush with the edge you drew in the previous step. Make sure you cover the entire surface of the cardboard with glue, not just the edges.

This will be the back cover. The slot in the carton will act as a “hinge” to facilitate opening of the book.

If you are using thin paper (e.g kraft paper), it is better to apply glue to the paper than to the cardboard, otherwise the paper may wrinkle. Thin paper tends to swell due to the moisture in the glue. By applying the glue directly to the paper, you give it a chance to swell before it comes into contact with the cardboard.

how to make a book step 6

Step 7

Do the same with the front cover. Make sure you stick the paper right side up! There is a bird on my paper so I had to make sure it was in the right direction.

how to make a book step 7

If you had to tear almost every hardcover edition to shreds, you’ll see that they are actually made up of individual brochures held together by glue or thread. These are called folios and consist of composite “captions.’

Publish to an authentic audience

Writing a book is a fantastic way to connect in science. Students create the finished product by giving them a platform to share their learning with peers or others.

Each of my students is creating an asset that will be available for download worldwide. This is authentic science at its best. My students have a voice. Jane Ross, Digital Literacy trainer

Demonstrate understanding

Most textbooks simply do not cover all of the unusual ways and methods we use to learn. What better way to show that we are learning to write these manuals on our own?

Book Creator has provided such a user-friendly platform. The ability of students to create and share audio and visual content truly engages “the student’s voice and choice” in math lessons! Cathy Yenca, high school math teacher

I explained to the students that they would soon be authors published worldwide. They were so excited about their book that it was contagious. Jon Smith, Technology Integration Specialist

Step 2: Bind the Pages

easy method:

If you want to do it the easy way, use a stapler.

  1. Take one of your signatures and unfold it, leaving the sheets stacked.
  2. Grasp the Swingline stapler and pull the top from the bottom.
  3. Place the unfolded sheets on a hard surface that cannot be penetrated by the staple.
  4. Align the stapler on top of the center tab.
  5. Staple at the top, bottom and center of the fold.

Sewing method:

If you prefer the look of a sewn binding, grab the needle and thread.

  1. Cut off a large amount of thread as you will want to double it as you sew. Thread the needle and pull it all the way to the center of the string. Tie both ends together in a double knot.
  2. One of my mistakes was binding without order and composition. I’ll explain what I did, what worked, but I’ll also tell you how a real bookbinder does it!
  3. Start at the top of the first signature by drawing the thread from the back into the center tab. Continue this at the bottom of your caption, weaving approximately 1 inch apart. When you are at the bottom, grab the next signature and align it with the first. I did the same kind of stitching, but crossed the threads along the spine. It was my intention to keep it all together.
  4. I did the same until all the signatures were added. Then I tied the end and cut off the excess string.


My mom taught me how to make a book this way a few years ago and I recently came back to it. It’s pretty fun, and now I’d like to share the fun with you 🙂

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Top tip: If this sounds too complicated, you can go to your local copy shop (Kinkos, et al) and explain to the assistant what you are doing. They will be happy to help you.

Step 3: Schedule Your Book Writing Time

Here are 3 things you can do to create your own personalized book writing plan.

Without a plan, it’s too easy to let your book-writing goals relegate to the background, eventually disappearing into a soft haze of “sometime.”

Develop a writing habit and plan it out

Don’t let your book end up in the graveyard of dreams.

In order to achieve your end goal, you need workable steps to follow.

Assess what will happen in your life in the next 30 days, then block when you can write and when not. New writers often set unrealistic time goals, which in turn generate stress when these arbitrary deadlines cannot be met.

Avoid this and be realistic, because at this stage of learning to write a book, getting into the habit of writing is most important.

Thirty minutes (or even 5 minutes) spent writing is better than nothing, so decide to do so and make time for it.

schedule your writing time

Look at Laura Bennett, a student at the Self-Publishing School. She worked full time, ran a business, and did her Masters degree – busier than most people – and yet took the time to write her book, Live Your Dream: How to Cut the Crap and Prioritize Your Purpose in 2 months!

If Laura could have done it, then writing her book is surely a dream to be achieved.

Choose the time of day you plan to write

You may decide to get up early and write before the chores of the day fill your writing time. But if you want to win a gold medal in the Olympic sport of hitting the snooze button, choose a different time or go to bed early to be refreshed in the morning.

If you have your evenings off but your brain is mush and you’re only good at sagging deep into the cushions on the couch, choose a different time or change your schedule so you don’t get burned out so much in the evenings.

Alternatively, you can take some time for your lunch break or sneak small blocks of time into your work day, such as when moving between activities or waiting for a meeting to start.

Whatever time of day is convenient for you, stick to it to make it a predictable part of your day. This will perpetuate the writing habit.

writing method quote

Set a deadline for writing your book

Having an end date forces you to stick to your schedule and gives you the momentum to move forward. So consider setting a deadline for your book to be published.

You may be wondering: how to choose a date when you have no idea how long the process of writing a book will take?

One month is a good starting point. The Self-Publishing School recommends writing until you reach your daily word count of 500-1000 words, but ultimately it depends on how many words are in your book. If you can devote an hour a day, you should be able to achieve this goal. After 30 days of daily writing sessions, you will create an outline of 30,000 words.

If you are unsure what word count you should aim for, complete the calculator below to get the right word count for your audience and genre based on industry standards.

Step 4: Create Your Writing Space

The physical space in which you write your book is important. A dedicated writing space allows you to “flip the switch” and focus on writing. If you try to write in an environment that is too loud, too busy, or too cluttered, and you often get distracted. However, some do their best coffee shop job and love the ambient noise.

It is true that some authors can write in a disheveled environment…


.. but I suspect most of these writers would become even more focused and productive if they tidied up their writing space so that it was easier to focus on their writing. There is a common myth that a dedicated writing space can make a task robotic or take away “art” from creating your work. This may be true for some, but I’d say I came to this conclusion after having mastered the basics of successfully publishing several books.

top shot of a clean desk

However, that’s just my opinion. The truth is, the “best” writing environment will be personal for you. We all work well in a variety of settings, so with that in mind, consider these general tips to increase your productivity:

How to start writing a clue Execution
Minimize distractions – isolate yourself from family / friends / even family dog
– remind everyone it’s YOUR time
– Turn off the phone
– Close ALL internet browsers
– Close your e-mail
Make yourself comfortable – invest in a GOOD chair
– or use a standing desk for more energy
– fill the area with motivational quotes
– make sure you are physically comfortable for the next 30 minutes or an hour
Choose a favorable background noise – turn off all sounds if it distracts you
– play music without text to help you concentrate
– choose energizing music to help you focus

(For a coffee shop sound in the comfort of your home, check out Coffitivity.)

You may have to experiment to find a writing environment that allows you to focus and write freely.

Bottom line: Find a writing environment that makes you feel comfortable and go with it. When you find the best creative process for you, you’ll even be waiting to write!

Thanks a lot for sharing the manual! I made 13 souvenirs for Faith in Action volunteers from the Tri-City to show how much we appreciate their work. ~ Sarah

Make a book and quill

Minecraft Create a book and a pen

For this you will need additional ingredients. First, take the ink bag dropped by the fallen squid. You also need a feather dropped by fallen chickens and parrots. Tame cats will also provide feathers.

Step 1: Open your crafting table.

Step 2: Add one book to the left square in the top row of the crafting grid.

Step 3: Add one bag to the middle square in the top row.

Step 4: Add one feather to the right square on the top row.

Step 5: Drag the resulting book and pen down into your inventory.

Sign a book and quill

Minecraft Sign the book

Having a book full of blank pages just isn’t fun. Why not sign it?

Step 1: Make sure the book and pen are on the Hotbar. Select and open a book (right click, left trigger or long press).

Step 2: Enter your message on any page. Each book is 50 pages long, so leave plenty to read.

Step 3: To finish typing, click / select / tap on the Sign button – it will turn green when highlighted.

Minecraft The title of a signed book

Step 4: Enter a title and byline for the signed book.

Step 5: To “publish” a signed book, click / select / tap the Sign & Close button – it will turn green when highlighted.

The resulting signed book now resembles an enchanted book, although the only “enchantment” here is your enchanting news.

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